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Fight for Gotham City as the heroes or work alone as the villain in a miniatures boardgame for 2 to 4 players exclusive to Kickstarter.
Fight for Gotham City as the heroes or work alone as the villain in a miniatures boardgame for 2 to 4 players exclusive to Kickstarter.
19,303 backers pledged $4,403,197 to help bring this project to life.

The Dark Knight Conquers Olympus!

Posted by Monolith Board Games LLC (Creator)


Greetings citizens of Gotham,

After only 8 days, Batman: GCG has surpassed the entire final funding tally of Mythic Battles: Pantheon.

And we've still got weeks to go! Monolith is blown away by the response from our backers, and we want to express our gratitude in the form of a special and unexpected stretch goal. How about an alternate sculpt for The Riddler which seems perfect to replace the one from the unlocked scenario Deadly Riddles?!

Sculpted by Edgar Ramos
Sculpted by Edgar Ramos


Batman - Zero Year - Dark City
Batman - Zero Year - Dark City


Sculpted by Edgar Ramos
Sculpted by Edgar Ramos


Sculpted by Edgar Ramos
Sculpted by Edgar Ramos




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    1. Francois on

      It's an addition

    2. Billy

      Hang on... Is this a replacement sculpt or in addition to? I don't want to sound ungrateful, but i quite liked the original one.

      Maybe an optional purchase?

    3. Francois on

      Surprise stretch goal ar 3,327,000$ ? I bet it's talia !

    4. Eduardo Guimarães on

      Resume of the controversy: Belly button

    5. The King of Average on

      What was the controversy around bat woman? O.o

      As for this update, I appreciate the comic panel as always!

    6. Clint Lee Werner

      Mxie Zeus would have been exceedingly appropriate for this update :(

    7. Missing avatar

      John Breckenridge

      I think I'll paint this Riddler to look like Matthew Lesko.

    8. David

      Nice !

    9. Eduardo Guimarães on

      Monolith said a few days ago that they are not redoing Batwoman, but are making a few tweaks in the mini, slightly changing a few details...

    10. Homere on

      bravo a toutes l'équipe mythic fut mythic, bat-man sera gothamesque ....

      jolie début d'une jeune entreprise... :), ( bon okay y a quand même de vieux briscard !! )

      un plaisir de pleedger pour vous , un travail magnifique certes la licence DC apporte sa patte , mais vous la magnifier avec brio ...

      j'attends avec hâte avril 2019, mais aussi vos prochaines idées

    11. Hellikin on

      There was a lot of controversy with the revealed Bat Woman mini. I'm guessing they're redoing it.

    12. Tasty Pixels

      Where is bat woman!?

    13. Josh Breckenridge on

      An unexpected surprise, but a welcome one. All we need is zero year/ new 52 doctor death. :)

    14. DeadInkPen on

      Max Zues would have been an awesome unlock instead of an alternate pose for the Riddler. Also where is Batwoman?

    15. Missing avatar

      Scott Mathis on

      This is a nice sculpt. But what happened to Batwoman? I’m pretty sure I remember seeing a sculpt of the new Batwoman character online but there’s no mention of her anywhere.

      I was thinking she would be unlocked by now.

    16. Hound of Tindalos

      I guess we all thought Maxie Zeus

    17. Michael Edward Espinoza on

      I also thought that Max Zeus was showing up at first.

    18. Elliot Williams

      @Peter T posted it first, but I got all excited when I saw "The Dark Knight Conquers Olympus!" thinking Maxie Zeus was showing up.

    19. Michael Edward Espinoza on

      Awesome!!! Any chance of a Terry McGinnis or Thomas Wayne Batman?

    20. Missing avatar


      So what's the answer to the riddle ?
      Spiderweb ?

    21. Missing avatar

      Pentxo Cervantes on

      Looks awesome... thanks Monolith! <3

    22. Missing avatar

      Lucas Werda on

      For all you losers out there complaining...SHAME ON YOU. This stretch goal WAS NOT anticipated by any of you as this was a gift for surpassing MBP...had nothing to do with reaching a monetary point in this campaign.
      Thanks for the free mini Monolith! It looks great!

    23. Ed Erdelac on's got the same stats as the original? What's the point then? In Conan there were four or five Conans but each one had different abilities....

    24. Ed Erdelac on

      Yeah I gotta agree Maxi Zeus should have been a no-brainer need for another Riddler when too many other villains aren't represented yet.

    25. Zhanama on

      J'adore cette miniature alternative! J'ai toujours trouvé son concept de year zero super alors c'est probablement avec cette version que je vais jouer le plus souvent! Continuer votre superbe travail! Plusieurs personnes vous soutienne et j'espère que vous allez rester vrai à votre vision!

    26. David Pridige on

      Love this sculpt...what am I saying ...I love them all . Thanks Monolith 👍🏼

    27. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      Yupp, thought also Maxi Zeus, but only because the gods themselve would not be possible like Superman.

    28. Neolarthytep on

      And here I thought we were getting a Maxi Zues mini

    29. Dondon

      Great!! Thanks!!

    30. Mark Taraba on

      I wouldn't be worried that the cane breaks, I'd be worried that the part where the cane and the finger meet is what will snap since the cane itself it going to act like a lever arm when people bump it as they pick up the figure.

    31. Plumyoen Benjamin on

      Thank you Monolith !

    32. Ross

      Great update, love the model. Looks so damn cocky!

      And if memory serves me well, the answer Batman gives to the riddle is Louse...........

    33. Missing avatar

      Edward on

      @Monolith. Looks good. Thanks!

      Any chance this model could have very slightly different stats to the other Riddler to increase game play variety ... even if just a small modification to skills. It would improve replayability having a slightly different Riddler option

    34. Marc Civit on

      Wooooohoooo!!! Wonderful surprise to have a secret SG, so THANKS MONOLITH!!
      And yeah! Conan, watch your back back because the Bat is coming for you.

    35. Peraiotan on

      Dears, a great miniature indeed but alternate poses do not add to the worth value of the game..... I don't care to have 5 Batman figures, 4 Joker and 2 Riddler.
      Ras and Azrael will be more than enough regarding the vilain miniatures which are already plenty!!
      The game lacks in tiles variety and token quality.
      More tiles, replace cartboard tokens and extra scenarios will add value and revenues to the project.
      Thank you again Monolith for this great project!!

    36. Spazzfist on

      @Alexander Lucard- YES! Frank Gorshin is the one who inspired my love for the Riddler! An homage to him would be most awesome! :D

    37. Spazzfist on

      This makes me so happy! The Riddler has always been my favourite of the Batman rogue's gallery, and even though I was hoping for a Year Zero Riddler, I did not say anything, because I figured more villains not represented might be better. But I am so happy to see this one come out!

    38. kenneth white on

      can we see some the bat- gadget cards we not seen before up close? in clouding the Batrang that gives you two red dice please. can we also get more goons?

    39. Peter T on

      Aww! With that title I was hoping for Maxie Zeus.

    40. Daniel Rosini on

      Wow...thats on nice sculpt!

    41. Nathan Beitler on

      Looks comic accurate to me! Nice!

    42. Alexander Lucard

      I’d have preferred a Frank Gorshin, but hey!


      great sculpt! :)

    44. Nick on

      We're coming for you Conan!

    45. Telgar on

      WOW. Great surprise !
      I guess the next SECRET stretch goal is when the bat punch defeats our beloved Cimmerian ^^