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Fight for Gotham City as the heroes or work alone as the villain in a miniatures boardgame for 2 to 4 players exclusive to Kickstarter.
Fight for Gotham City as the heroes or work alone as the villain in a miniatures boardgame for 2 to 4 players exclusive to Kickstarter.
Fight for Gotham City as the heroes or work alone as the villain in a miniatures boardgame for 2 to 4 players exclusive to Kickstarter.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Alan Bowie 18 minutes ago

      This is so frustrating. I hope the lack of people not completing the pledge manager won't hold up delivery off the the game. If they no longer want the game they should just let them know.

    2. Kelly Smith about 8 hours ago

      Jorge the survey is the pledge manager where you put in your address, so it affects you getting the game a lot

    3. Missing avatar

      Jorge Macias about 8 hours ago

      What the hell does a survey have to do with us getting our game?

    4. Dwight S. about 11 hours ago

      Scratch that comment - that’s for the Nemesis backers who haven’t paid yet. The Batman backers need to pay up too...

    5. Dwight S. about 11 hours ago

      All you people who haven’t paid need to pay up - you’re probably the ones who voted for the horrible CEO sculpt and certainly the primary reason why the model bases were changed.

    6. Matthew Degele
      about 16 hours ago

      Has anyone completed a pledge of 3+ items? I have been working with the support team on completing this. Does the update deadline count for me?

    7. Kenneth Lundevold
      about 16 hours ago

      Maybe they still call it a survey to have some fun lol

    8. donnbobhardy
      about 18 hours ago

      @Bryan - I believe that Joshua's exasperation is directed at Monolith, not at you. This confusion has been going around since the last update, and apparently Monolith has not paid attention to the confusion.

    9. Missing avatar

      Bryan Nelson about 18 hours ago

      Nowhere in the PM do they call it "the survey", so don't act like it's a stupid question. When you get an email saying you won't receive your pledge unless you complete the survey, it's a legitimate concern. Especially when there is a link on the PM called "Survey" that does nothing when you click on it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Joshua Kennedy about 18 hours ago

      Oh dear lord...yes, “Survey” = pledge manager

    11. Missing avatar

      Bryan Nelson about 18 hours ago

      When they talk about completing the "survey" are they simply talking about completing the pledge manager? I don't see a separate "survey" link or anything on Fluent that actually works, so this is confusing.

    12. DaveTypo about 19 hours ago

      As @kenneth said you got one email for the update which is true regardless of what’s in that update. The update was a general reminder and specifically said you will get a second email if you haven’t completed the pm along.

    13. Matt John Collaborator about 21 hours ago

      Almighty, the Overlord gets a lot of use for Conan and Mythic Battles. The French site is a bit more active, but English is picking up steam. We're in the process of finishing a Conan Campaign created by the community with my involvement.

      I've asked about those who are recovering reminder emails. I'll let you know what I find out.

    14. Kenneth Lundevold
      about 21 hours ago

      They made a general update to remind people to fulfill it. Or did you recieve one from fluent? I would just double check the pm and see if things were ok. They probably are, if not, send them a message

    15. Missing avatar

      Rudolf Monos about 23 hours ago

      Stephen Gibbons the same here. I completed (and paid) everything when the Pledge Manager opened at may.

    16. Missing avatar

      Stephen Gibbons about 23 hours ago

      And if I try to activate the account, it says it's already activated. (Which is correct; I completed the survey weeks ago.)

      Now I'm just confused. Is my pledge valid or not?

    17. Missing avatar

      Stephen Gibbons about 23 hours ago

      Why am I getting a reminder to complete my pledge in Fluent when I have already done so, weeks ago?

    18. Missing avatar

      Rudolf Monos about 23 hours ago

      I just got an e-mail tells me I have to have to complete the survey on Fluent. But how? I already paid everything and I have got the conf. e-mail for that. Where do I taka this survey?! There is no clue on the fluent page... only a survey sign but that is inactive...

    19. Missing avatar

      Wassim Saati
      about 24 hours ago

      please check ur inbox i sent a message three weeks ago

    20. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      I just received an email telling me I have yet to fulfill my PM, but I have already done it and got the email of confirmation.

      Is this reminder a mistake?

    21. Missing avatar

      Dave Save 1 day ago

      Yes WGT = Who Goes There?

    22. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      Ah - it is Who Goes There?.

    23. GrandKhan44 1 day ago

      @DaveTypo thanks, I won‘t read it if it is not so good.

    24. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      What is WGT?

    25. Missing avatar

      Dave Save 1 day ago

      Discord is the place to be if you’re missing more convo...but I won’t post a link here...don’t want to break a few pretty nails.

    26. donnbobhardy
      1 day ago

      There are people talking over there, but I wasn't really planning on being there much until the game was actually live.

    27. AlmghtyMuffn 1 day ago

      Or whatever the fan community webpage they made for this game

    28. AlmghtyMuffn 1 day ago

      Does anyone actually use the

    29. Kenneth Lundevold
      1 day ago

      @AlmghtyMuffn - You need to do it, they probably jump on you while I eat popcorn

    30. Kenneth Lundevold
      1 day ago

      @Mark-Ders - Lol mate. You actually are a fool to back their project so blindly. It was mentioned here so I jumped in. And yes I raised question and awareness that it is a high gamble to back the game in their comment section. People can do what they want with their money sure, so why do I care? I dont really do, yet somehow I wrote on Overturn to try to let people understand what they really are gambling their money on.

    31. DaveTypo 1 day ago

      I believe the firefly story in new 53 popped up in the 1st “eternal” volume. It wasn’t anything special.

    32. GrandKhan44 1 day ago

      So I started reading a bunch of Batman Comics. Any recommendations for a Firefly or Renee Montoya story?

    33. AlmghtyMuffn 1 day ago

      I will say. Foxtale studios has an attractive website. Looks like a lot of the funding they will get will go towards paying for that.

    34. AlmghtyMuffn 1 day ago

      Donbob doesn't joke. He has no humor receptors.

    35. donnbobhardy
      1 day ago

      And no, I was definitely not joking. We definitely badmouth games here. It's not our fault that they ask for it. We don't badmouth the ones that are behaving well. And by behaving well, I mean the creators, not the campaigns.

    36. donnbobhardy
      1 day ago

      Tempting. Some interesting ideas in WGT. I don't remember seeing it when it was on KS, and the MM price is pretty much the same.

    37. Missing avatar

      Felipe Martins 1 day ago

      @Monolith - I know you care about people with issues to finish the pledge (access, browser, etc). We know that probably 1$ pledges not completed will never be completed.

      Why not stabilish a final date and move forward? I know end of june was mentioned.

      I don´t know if you got many pledges higher than $1 were done but no completed yet...

    38. DaveTypo 1 day ago

      Weird sure. Cardhaus too!! Cue the twilight zone music

    39. Missing avatar

      Dave Save 1 day ago

      OMG yes go with SK! So much depth with that IP and Mythic makes amazing sculpts, but the art in SK is out of this world too. The landscapes and scenery is interwoven into it all and it gives a great feel for the time/setting. I think it's going to be an experience that really draws you in.

    40. Kelly Smith 1 day ago

      So overturn has 65 different sculpts. Buildings and very large creatures and six double sided boards. The masters that they’ve shown look like they came out of a 3D printer. I’d go with Solomon Kane if I was on the fence on who to choose

    41. Kelly Smith 1 day ago

      @Dave that’s just weird.

    42. Kelly Smith 1 day ago

      Both games are suffering from poor market awareness. Most gamers between Batman, Street Fighter, Hellboy, Zombicide, Mythic Battles, Legion, New editions of AOS and Xwing are pretty tapped out right now. I know I’m not really buying anything else major till Ragnarock

    43. Kelly Smith 1 day ago

      Solomon Kane, I’d say is medium risk, they definitely have a plan, they definitely want to deliver, will the make enough to turn a profit? I think it’ll be close

    44. Kelly Smith 1 day ago

      I think Kenneth is right. Overturn doesn’t turn a profit for under a mil for what they are offering. That said I wouldn’t call them fraudulent, I’d call them extremely high risk. Like worse than RiverRun high risk.

    45. Michel Godbout 1 day ago

      I get it Barry.

      Since I am not backing that project, and since I have not tried to communicate with them I hesistate to take comments of fraud at face value. And since I am not a backer I don't think it would be right for me to comment on that project designer. But I could say, well, I like/don't like that product.

      But everybody has a right to their opinion.....

    46. Missing avatar

      Dave Save 1 day ago

      @Michel Yeah KS comments gets a little awkward and overly serious sometimes. This campaign is one of the worst offenders actually lol, especially when the campaign was live.

    47. Missing avatar

      Dave Save 1 day ago

      @donnbobhardy The deluxe box includes the core+all expansion/SGs from the KS. There is a limited amount of them that will be sold. Once they are out of those they will not be sold anymore, core and expansions will be separate.

    48. AlmghtyMuffn 1 day ago

      Almost want to throw a dollar in just to muck up the board. Show them what real trolling is like.

    49. Missing avatar

      Barry Duran 1 day ago

      Here's the very big thing about all of this - it's just as bad if ORS delivers without issue as they ARE employing deceptive sales tactics. This will put more people at ease when a real fraud comes around. So either they're a fraud or they're not but validating fraudulent-type behavior. People have been burned, lost money and been driven crazy by some of the game Kickstarters. Due diligence is NOT trolling, thuggery, negative. It is prudence. Mark Ders and Idonthavemoneyforthis**** are acting like shills for ORS. If you 2 are so confident, let us inside, who are these people, where are they located, what process/companies are they going to leverage to deliver. And enough of the video, they were clearly told to have one 3 months ago on BGG, but failed to come up with one. EVERYTHING about this KS shouts fraud - so it doesn't matter if it is or isn't, we should be tutoring our fellow man to avoid doing business with people displaying these behaviors, the legitimacy is another issue entirely ( it's a guess, we don't know these people and they ARE hiding ).

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