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A Lawrence Tech University sculpture class is creating a free to play urban miniature golf course at the Imagination Station in Detroit

Update 11/8/12: Great news! After 2 days, 70 backers have signed up to play and sponsor, covering the material costs for us to begin construction! Please don't let that stop you from backing the project and signing up to play or sponsor. A foundation has stepped up to match every dollar donated until the end of this Kickstarter round, and all funds go directly towards improving the course, so let's keep it going and shoot for the stars! The number of backers and players is as important as the funds. Can we hit 200 participants in the first Polar Bear Put-Put Tournament this year? How fun would that be? That number might actually have to be our limit, so get in while you can and read updates here.

From a hole in the roof to a hole-in-one

Urban Put-Put supports the rebirth of Detroit, embraces urban culture and provides a shared space to play by revitalizing a vacant lot with sculpture and recycled materials for the interaction and enjoyment of the community.  

Urban Put-Put will be an eighteen hole miniature golf course located on the Imagination Station campus on Roosevelt Park facing the iconic Michigan Central Station in Detroit's downtown Corktown neighborhood. Each hole has been designed and is being created by artists using recycled materials from all around the city.  Urban Put-Put believes that a fun and happy place can exist in any space, using any materials, and all you need is a little creativity and imagination. 

Construction is already underway so it won't be long before you can hit the links.  We invite you support and sponsor the project and secure a place at first annual Detroit Polar Bear Put-Put Tournaments coming this fall and winter.

Here are just a couple of the hole designs we're installing. We'll post more and invite you to drop by the course right next to Michigan Central Station:

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The main challenge of this phase is finishing in November. Currently we are doing the real work right now for the course, because we believe in this project so much that we are willing to use our own capital to support this at the moment. The major problem with trying to support this with student money is that students do not have that much money to spare. On weather and sustainability, the fall and winter may seem an unusual time to open a mini-golf course, but it will make for good polar bear fun and beta testing so things can be updated and perfected in the spring, and unusual will fit right in around Roosevelt Park.


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