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Crystal clear VR gaming & viewing experience. Universal transformable controller. Plug-and-play. Compatible with all games & movies!
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681 backers pledged $260,834 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator greenspann 5 days ago


      What about your announcement from 28th January?

      "Finally, new lenses that improve the display and experience will be tested in a few weeks. Once the production is finished, we will send a new pair to all of you. As we’ve said since the very beginning of the campaign, we do hope everyone can share in the progress we’ve made (even after we’ve already shipped all the kits)."

    2. Creator Seyha 5 days ago

      Thanks for comment updated

    3. Creator ANTVR 5 days ago

      @All . New lens for better display quality are ready for shipment, it's the same size with the old. the bigger lens will only work with new kit. You will receive them in less than a month.
      During last several months, we were working on modifying the kit, and failed to keep in touch with you backers. That's our fault. Those backers who are still keep eyes on us, thanks for all the suggestion and patience. We have a list of those who had ever gived us useful suggestion, although we can not reply to each one of you. When the new kit is ready, we will sent it to all the listed backers for free.
      And also for those backers whose kit is already out of order, you don't have to mail it back to us for maintenance, because the postage is so expensive. You will also have a new kit for replacement.
      Thanks for your support and patience.
      yours, Qin

    4. Creator Robert Mowels 6 days ago

      HI I sent am email ages ago and I've just remembered that I should probably follow it up at first I didn't receive the ir receiver when I eventually did the headtracking wouldn't work and the gun seemed to be calibrated totally random including the buttons

    5. Creator Seyha 6 days ago

      Nice new version. I just waste 470$ and they stop support thanks :)

    6. Creator Seyha on May 12

      hope to hear good new soon

    7. Creator Seyha on May 12

      all silent hmm :(

    8. Creator suk w. yu on May 10

      IMU FOR GUN SENSOR PLEASE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    9. Creator KydDynoMyte on May 9

      After reading what I just said below, I guess you could still get the HMD mouse emulation by using the AntVR U2B module on the PC instead of plugging the HMD USB into the PC and also Map the AntVR gun controller buttons to the Titan One. Then everything but the gun tracker would work on the console.

    10. Creator KydDynoMyte on May 9

      Tired of waiting for the console tracking support? I tried Crysis 3 in SBS 3D on Xbox 360 with the AntVR HMD and used a Titan One ( ) to convert the HMD mouse emulation into the right joystick. It works great. The Titan one works on Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, & PC. To use it on a console like this you need the Titan One plugged into the console between a wired controller and the console and also have the Titan One connected to a Windows PC that has the HMD USB plugged into it.

    11. Creator Pascal Künzli on April 14

      @Daniel I have already write e-mail to - but since at least one week I don't receive an answer. Any other contact channels?

    12. Creator Daniel on April 10

      @Pascal They have already delivered and completed this campaign. If you need support, you should go to their website and contact them. (

    13. Creator Pascal Künzli on April 8

      Is AntVR still alive?

      Since 2 months no updates, no reaction to emails, no reactions to comments here. This is really bad support from the manufacturer for such an expensive product!

      So far only empty promises. Also for firmware updates: still not available

    14. Creator suk w. yu on March 31

      IMU for gun sensor please~~~~~~

    15. Creator Nadim Alam on March 23

      Can someone please give me some english instructions on how to update the firmware of the headset and gun? The AntVR website is obviously useless to everyone since its in Chinese.

    16. Creator David S on March 19

      I've also tried downloading a few of the 'Hasbro My3D' apps from 'Apple's app store, which if they work at all (one seems to have problems rotating on the current OS), appear to work about as well on the 'TAWVR' too...

    17. Creator Salem Salem on March 16

      So a question here, have there been any firmware updates since this thing came out? I'm... kinda disappointed by the lack of support from @ANTVR. I expected them to be more active than this to their backers.

    18. Creator Emanuel Mineda Carneiro on March 13

      Hi @ANTVR, I got a message on January about some problem with my address, that I promptly answered, but got no response since then. Were you guys able to post my kit?

    19. Creator Pascal Künzli on March 7

      Hm... registration/login is offline (database error!)

    20. Creator Pascal Künzli on March 7

      Where are the firmware updates? Last update here was 1 month ago.

      After many times of calibrating (gun and headset), I wasn't aible to make the gun and the headset look in the same direction. I still need to aim in a horizontal angle of around 90 degree to right!

      By the way: English website is online now! :-)…

    21. Creator TSE CHI CHIU on March 6

      AK will support SteamVR API ?

    22. Creator Luis Jorge Pérez Rebolleda on February 28

      I disassembled headset and i deeply cleaned the lcd screen. Pixels dead were dust particles on the screen. Now i have 0 pixels dead

    23. Creator Es fih on February 27


      I'm waiting for the update that will make the headset working with ps3 3d games. For now it don't work the sreen shut off when i activate 3d mode in game and when switch the headset to 3d.

      Is there good news about this issue ?

    24. Creator Chris Kemper on February 25

      anyone interested in picking up the wireless unit?

    25. Creator Marco Benkens on February 19


    26. Creator suk w. yu on February 13

      did anybody try IMU for gun on other games besides demo? antvr demo works but other first person shooter games don't work.

    27. Creator suk w. yu on February 10

      IMU update for gun? when?

    28. Creator Luis Jorge Pérez Rebolleda on February 10

      it works!!! thanks for handle update guys

    29. Creator Daniel Kirchen on February 9

      @Luis Jorge Pérez Rebolleda
      Do you have the handle connected both wireless and via cable? Of course that results in two characters ;-)
      One character per connection.

    30. Creator Luis Jorge Pérez Rebolleda on February 9

      hi, connecting handle alone on pc windows (wired or rf) it moves cursor like headset?
      In my kit, sensor handle is ONLY detected by calibrate utility via wired. Via rf, sensor handle is not detected by calibrate utility. Testing keys of handle on a text file, each key results two or more caracters¿? I think handle of my kit is broken.

    31. Creator Marco Benkens on February 6

      i installed it like in the instruction! its not my fist HMD - i have also DK2 , so i know what to do ;) but thanx for your help. The ANTVR is out of order. So i need Help from ANTVR service

    32. Creator Daniel on February 5

      @Marco Benkens, Did you connect both USB ports to the PC and HMDI cable to the graphic card HDMI port? (just double checking) Did you check your screen resolution setting? Is it showing up there as another monitor?

    33. Creator Marco Benkens on February 5

      hello, i have a problem with my antvr set, if i connected it , there is no funktion of the antvr. only a black screen and win 7 dident find it as a "monitor" or something like that, i tried different software monitor configuration on my system , but the antvr will not be identified as an there a service from your side, to have a look at it and can maybe fix it please? i connected all with the instruction, maybe a production error?

    34. Creator Seyha on February 4

      thanks guy will do that and check out site :)

    35. Creator suk w. yu on February 2

      @seyha if you want text to be readable go to you will find the anwer and also every vr headset or 3d tv you will get a headach for the first time. you will get used to 3 to 5 attempt days. by the way, thanks for telling me how to charge the gun. thanks shusharin andrey!

    36. Creator Shusharin Andrey on February 1

      Seyha, Power button should be in the ON position. I only under this condition the battery has become charged. The battery is charged more than a day.

    37. Creator Seyha on January 31

      Thanks, for comment. I press that left side but still not work :( hmm not sure what to do now. I can see it power but no image come to lens.
      @Shusharin yes for the top gun yes i can charge but for the handle (the one with controller part I charge with power on and off over 3 or 4 hours but still no power :(

    38. Creator Daniel Kirchen on January 31

      I have the wireless version, too, but I don't have any problems using it.
      I've set it up like stated in the manual. The only thing is: I don't get any image on the Headset.
      Solution: press the button on the left side near the HDMI output on the gun.
      It takes a few seconds after the button was pressed but then the image appears on the the HMD.
      I got headache in the beginning, too. But after using it 3 or 4 times I got used to it and now I can play without getting headache or getting dizzy. I had the same using NVidia 3D Vision for the first time.
      You should try adjusting the lenses if you always get a headache.

    39. Creator Shusharin Andrey on January 31

      I have a wireless version. And I also can not make it work. Charging the battery can be only when the power button. First, the battery is not charged but the indicator showed that the battery goes. When I turned on the power button battery has become charged. Finally, the battery is fully charged.

    40. Creator Seyha on January 30

      Anyone have wireless version? I can't get wireless to work :( and my handle guy can't even charge too. when use wire picture not clear hard to read text. email zero respond :( email kickstarter also no respond. using it about 5 min getting supper headache. sound like i wast 470$ for nothing :(. hmmm any help please. can I return it???

    41. Creator Pascal Künzli on January 30

      Where we will found firmware updates? The current website should be also in english. Currently I do not understand a word. :-( At least the register page should be in english too.

      Do you plan to translate the calibration tool in english? If I do not connect the headset directly to the PC (USB connector) I can not calibrate the headset; on the other side I can not read/understand the error message which is displayed in this case.

      Because this IS a international distributed product, an english versions (website and software) should be readable by all peoples/backers.

    42. Creator suk w. yu on January 29

      The rest of you come join us, let's build up that user knowledge base.

    43. Creator David Wallingham on January 28

      Went to launch Tridef today and there was an update. Now all of my steam games are working. For anyone that was having issues with Tridef and steam I would suggest downloading the latest version. The Forest and Ethan Carter were two that I really wanted to try but could not get to work and now I have tried both and can say both work great as long as your computer can handle them.

    44. Creator ANTVR on January 28

      @Es fih
      Thanks for your and other backers' valuable suggestions! Actually, our team does not stop improving the Kit. During the evolution of AK, your feedback is the key to better version.

    45. Creator Daniel Cavin on January 28

      I got my kit already but my only concern is I didn't get the controller, I got the display adapter but no convertible controller.

    46. Creator Es fih on January 28

      @thanks for the great update.

      I hope the new lens you'll send to us will fix the display image ratio and will let us viewing the wole screen in order to achieve less screen door so better redolution.
      That's the most important issue to fix in my point of view.

    47. Creator Pascal Künzli on January 25

      @Grant Baxter
      Thanks - Display cleaning is now done :-)

    48. Creator Pascal Künzli on January 24

      What improvements are planned in the next firmware update (in January); apart from the IMU one-step control?

    49. Creator KydDynoMyte on January 23

      In my opinion they should get the trackers added to OpenTrack so we get many supported game protocols.

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