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Crystal clear VR gaming & viewing experience. Universal transformable controller. Plug-and-play. Compatible with all games & movies!
Crystal clear VR gaming & viewing experience. Universal transformable controller. Plug-and-play. Compatible with all games & movies!
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    1. Creator suk w. yu 4 days ago

      Pascal Künzli@ i see that you ordered Virtualizer. I think KATVR looks interesting or maybe better than Virtualizer.

    2. Creator Pascal Künzli 6 days ago

      Today I have tried again my headset with some SBS Youtube movies; of course still with the first lenses because I don't received the new lenses. After around 20 minutes the headset display switching off (black screen). Reconnecting HDMI cable or USB cable solve the issue... for some seconds then the screen switch off again.

      Perfect! I have paid 500 USD for technical useless crap... and still no answers from AntVR.

      By the way: The demos under points to a chinese site ( where I can't read a word and can't download anything, because I don't know where to click for download.

    3. Creator Chris Kemper 6 days ago

      @David Wallingham... I do not use mine (the Wireless version). Make an offer?

    4. Creator Pascal Künzli on November 12

      Hm... last login of AntVR: today

      AntVR: No reaction to our comments?

    5. Creator Pascal Künzli on November 5

      2 weeeks later - I still don't receive the new glases. :-(

    6. Creator David Wallingham on November 3

      My headset completely stopped working this week. Black screen. Too bad too as it was working pretty good with the new lenses.

    7. Creator Pascal Künzli on October 16

      > There is no activity on here because this project has completed and is fulfilled
      I expect here no reaction anymore. On the other hand I also get no response to my mails. What there still remains for me?

      By the international support (Kickstarter funding) I expect a communication at least on they own website in an internationally understandable language (english). Apparently this is unfortunately too much.

      My english is even lousy. but you understand me at least (hopefully :-D).

      By the way: Anyone DON'T received the new glases, too?

    8. Creator Daniel on October 15

      There is no activity on here because this project has completed and is fulfilled. You'll need to contact them directly for any questions..

    9. Creator Pascal Künzli on October 14

      > There does seem to be constant activity at
      Nice - But on this site I don't understand a word. In this case it is like "no news" to me and yes, I tried with Google Translate but then the site will be useless.

    10. Creator KydDynoMyte on October 13

      The lack of communication is bad. There does seem to be constant activity at

    11. Creator Pascal Künzli on October 13

      Looks like the product/development is dead? No updates here, no updates on your website, no live sign on any other channel.

      AntVR: What's going on?

    12. Creator suk w. yu on October 6

      MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Creator suk w. yu on October 6

      IMU GUN SENSOR UPDATE PLEASE~~~~~~~~~~~ YOU SON OF BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Creator suk w. yu on October 6

      JUST LET EVERYBODY KNOW!!!!!! KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN IS FUCKING RIP OFF!!!! NOT JUST ANTVR!!! I'VE SEEN SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE KICKSTARTER PROJECTS AND THEY ALL COMPLAINED!!! FUCK YOU KICKSTARTER SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. Creator Marco Benkens on September 29

      i got the same problem, antvr isnt working , only black screen on display, wrote also the antvr team.
      i got today the new lenses , thanx for that. but i need a working antvr hmd for installing it :)

    16. Creator Daniel Kirchen on September 29

      Great... I just got new lenses... I WOULD be happy if it wasn't for the fact that my AntVR is not working anymore - like I told you (AntVR) on July 19th via Kickstarter message!

      Well... maybe you (the community) can help me solving the problem with my device. Here is the text I've sent to them:

      Hi Jason,

      I have a problem:
      I didn't use my kit for a couple of weeks and stored it a cupboard on our balcony.
      Today I wanted to play a bit Elite Dangerous with it but the display stays black. So I reloaded it since then (about 7 hours), but the display stays black although it seems to be a bit illuminated, but nothing shows up.
      I tried several times both in wired and wireless mode, but nothing changes.
      The last 2 weeks where pretty hot here (max temperature of 39°C), so I think it might have something to do with the temperature (?).

      Is there anything I can do to make the kit work again?

      Thank you in advance,

    17. Creator Denny The Backer on September 23

      Just got my lenses..

    18. Creator Pascal Künzli on September 20

      Still waiting for new lenses (Switzerland). But where are the firmware updates anyway?

    19. Creator JC Ma on September 16

      Just received the new lens, and was pleasantly surprised. Much better quality than the original set, and the images are finally sharp and clear. Kudos to AntVR for a much needed "upgrade", albeit one which has been rather delayed.. Hope that you'll keep up the hard work, and all the best!

    20. Creator Denny The Backer on September 5

      No new lens at all here..

    21. Creator David Wallingham on September 2

      @Chris Keller I have pretty well had the exact same results that you mention. Some things that worked great before look a little better. Windlands for example looks fantastic, try it out if you haven't yet. Most first persons ran just fine just feels like playing on lower resolution. I found the corners far less blurry then my other lenses. Some other Ganges that seemed to me to work better than others are vanishing of Ethan Carter, portal, skyrim (though menus can be tough), bioshock infinity, euro truck simulator, project cars. To name a few that worked well.

    22. Creator Robo Durden on August 28

      Will the new lenses also fit into the TAW ?

    23. Creator Chris Kemper on August 27

      Post lens install update
      Overall the news lens is nicer than the old lens as the picture quality is improved (more clear, less fuzzy/oily quality).

      Original assessment remains sadly:
      At 1080x1920 text is just legible, the screen door is slightly better than DK2, and No pixel flares! – but the world is 90* The 2D screen looks VERY good like this - almost as good as DK2.
      At 1920x1080 text is NOT even close to legible, I notice terrible screen door effect worse than DK1 and massive pixel flare!
      At 1080x1920 with a couterclockwise rotation no pixel flare, text is nearly legible, the screen door is slightly better than DK2, and No pixel flares. Scalling to 200% in chrome allows for legible clear text! Moving to SBS -> Bioshock Infinite gameplay footage is doable - it just feels like playing at a low resolution. My entire vertical FOV is consumed with just a bit of black on either side.
      Still hoping that a software patch can allow normal 1080x1920 (with no counterclockwise rotation)
      Still waiting on software patch for a usable remote

    24. Creator Brad Haigh on August 21

      Thanks Mate

    25. Creator KydDynoMyte on August 21

      @Brad, The 4 screws in the corners of the lens plate was shown in the instructions. You can also look at the January 3rd update and look at the picture about how to open the headset for the dust blower. The yellow screwdriver is in one of the 4 screws you need to remove. One in each corner. On mine 2 screws are longer than the other 2, keep track of which goes where. The lens plate easily separates and then you can remove the wires from the sides of the lens plate as shown in the instructions. I would do this over a blanket with the lens side facing down so the lenses don't fall in on the display. I would hold it that way for reassembly and hold it together tight with one hand before flipping it lens side up to replace the screws. It is a little tricky to get the lenses seated and in the IPD adjuster slots. While it's all apart, try to get all the dust you can out of the headset. Good luck.

    26. Creator Brad Haigh on August 21

      @KydDynoMyte yeah but my Chinglish is not that good and the instructions just say, remove old one and put in new ones, nothing about which screws to remove or how to pry the case open without breaking it.

    27. Creator David Wallingham on August 20

      @KydDynoMyte thanks I got mine installed now and they seem like they will be better. I tried testing but I can't get Games to go landscape with the antvr using Windows 10. I will neryd to play around with it some more.

    28. Creator KydDynoMyte on August 20

      @David, depends on how bad your first set was. Both of mine looked fine with my eyes but you can tell a big difference when you try to look through the lenses with a camera. The newer ones look like they were handled and assembled better and seem to be much higher quality version of the same lenses.

    29. Creator David Wallingham on August 20

      I received my lenses today. Have not had a chance to install yet. How big of a difference are people seeing?

    30. Creator KydDynoMyte on August 20

      @Brad, were the installation instructions not wrapped around your new lenses?

    31. Creator Brad Haigh on August 19

      Great, now how do I install these new lenses? Parts have been falling off this thing for the last couple of months and still don't have any software updates.

    32. Creator KydDynoMyte on August 18

      Just got mine, they look a lot better even though my original set wasn't too bad.

    33. Creator Dwayne Wilson on August 17

      OK got my lenses,what good are they if I have a unit that has never worked. All I want to do is send it back and get my money back. Whats wrong with that?

    34. Creator Daniel on August 17

      It will come in a small bubble wrapped envelope (yellowish/orange) shipped from Minneapolis, MN.

    35. Creator suk w. yu on August 16

      any improvement with new lenses? give us review any backers?

    36. Creator Mike Smith on August 16

      No lenses here !!! Are they on route

    37. Creator KydDynoMyte on August 15

      I was going to say "pics or it didn't happen" but this is the 2nd report of receiving new lenses I have seen today. I had the kit shipped to work, guess I'll swing by there tomorrow and check.

    38. Creator Daniel on August 15

      Check your mail! I received the new lenses today.

    39. Creator Braldt on August 8


    40. Creator Braldt on August 8

      WHERE'S THE PROMISED UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. Creator Braldt on August 8


    42. Creator Braldt on August 8


    43. Creator Braldt on August 8

      UPDATE TIME >>>>>BETTER COMMUNICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    44. Creator David S on July 23

      Hmm... I hadn't been aware of that kit before participating with this one (or I might've tried building one myself instead). I think it looks like there're significant degrees of obviousness, as well as prior art, despite efforts to patent related areas (!?).

    45. Creator David S on July 22

      It appears to me as though a "Lionel Anton's InfinitEye" VR HMD, apparently publicly released as a kit back in 2010 [with component prices dropping!], with closer to "iMax" FOV (~180-210) & resolution,… was released, or at least demonstrated at the show as "StarVR", with a strangely similar color / scheme (!?).

    46. Creator suk w. yu on July 22


    47. Creator Sahey on July 21

      Is anyone been to E3 in June and how was it? @ANTVR maybe if you don't mind share with us of E3 :) thanks

    48. Creator Marco Benkens on July 13

      here is the post from 20th may :

      "@All . New lens for better display quality are ready for shipment, it's the same size with the old. the bigger lens will only work with new kit. You will receive them in less than a month.

      During last several months, we were working on modifying the kit, and failed to keep in touch with you backers. That's our fault. Those backers who are still keep eyes on us, thanks for all the suggestion and patience. We have a list of those who had ever gived us useful suggestion, although we can not reply to each one of you. When the new kit is ready, we will sent it to all the listed backers for free.

      And also for those backers whose kit is already out of order, you don't have to mail it back to us for maintenance, because the postage is so expensive. You will also have a new kit for replacement.

      Thanks for your support and patience.

      yours, Qin


    49. Creator Emanuel Mineda Carneiro on July 10

      @ANTVR Still waiting for my kit to arrive. Any news? :(

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