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Crystal clear VR gaming & viewing experience. Universal transformable controller. Plug-and-play. Compatible with all games & movies!
Crystal clear VR gaming & viewing experience. Universal transformable controller. Plug-and-play. Compatible with all games & movies!
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    1. David S on August 27

      I am liking that latest design more (apparently fresnel lens!), though it isn't clear to me why they would go with dual displays over a single 4k display (which have readily available for awhile now).

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      Paul Baker on July 30

      The Antvr is crap. I threw mine away after zero help by the company. It's cheap which is what I guessed it would be.

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      Pascal Künzli on July 15

      Website update:…

      But page is only in chinese. But some texts are readable. Google Translation is useless because the page content are Images.

      Display: OLED @ 2160*1200
      Support (perhaps): Steam VR, OSVR, ANTVR Home

      Other website with old Version:

      Other pics of current developement:…

      But I don't think that we get this new version too...

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      suk w. yu on May 29

      i can't believe you guys still hoping for this 70 degree field of view vr headset. 100 degree is just a bull shit lying. i can't wait for my CV1 in June delivery!

    5. Missing avatar

      on May 23

      Wow hope I will get new replacement too :( cos the first one witless never work and zero use of it :(

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      on May 23

      Oneplus power by antvr

    7. Dave "Slimed+2" Wallingham on May 16

      Dwayne it was very difficult I had to go their Chinese website and just kept browsing til I found some kind of contact. I think I probably sent the same email to 10 people before I heard anything back.

    8. Dave "Slimed+2" Wallingham on May 16

      The quality seems pretty good and it is working well. I seem to be able to read text easier as well.

    9. Dave "Slimed+2" Wallingham on May 16

      I have finally received the replacement after some issues with shipping. The new one is designed much better. The head strap is a million times better and it is far more comfortable over all with much better padding. It has two actual larger buttons on the front instead of the just the two tiny circle buttons. The helmet itself has USB ports on either side and it comes with ear buds that plug into each side separately. The lenses have buttons that you can press to pop out for cleaning. It comes with side visors to block out light further. The USB plugs tthe hemselves are now color coded. That little light on the inside is no longer visible as the light is now on the outside of the unit.

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      suk w. yu on May 15

      @Dwayne by the way, you are not going to like Antvr since narrow field of view. it doesn't feel like vr experience, its more like big screen with headtracking experience.

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      suk w. yu on May 15

      @Dwayne Wilson You should just order CV1 or HTC Vive and use "My Dream Swift" software with Tridef. I use Vorpx software with my CV1 and its amazing!!

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      Dwayne Wilson on May 5

      How do you get word to the people that sold me the ANTVR???? Mine never has worked since I got it and can't get help from the company, they never even answer. I would like to get my money back, this is worthless to me. Please help.

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      Pascal Künzli on April 22

      @dave: Work the new kit much better then the first one? Calibrate software now at least in english or only still in chinese? Where do you living? Anyone get the new kit too?

    14. Daniel Kirchen on April 20

      Lucky you. I am still sitting here with a not working kit.
      At least I can have SOME VR with my Gear VR that I got with my new smartphone... damn, I want to play Skyrim and Elite Dangerous and not Temple Run...

    15. Dave "Slimed+2" Wallingham on April 13

      Took awhile but AntVR is finally sending me a replacement with their newest version.

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      Pascal Künzli on April 2

      That could be of interest to you (CES 2016):…… (not so interesting)

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      suk w. yu on February 12, 2016


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      suk w. yu on February 12, 2016

      Pascal Künzli@ walking movement of Virtualizer is not natural as Virtuix or Kat Walk.

    19. Missing avatar

      suk w. yu on February 12, 2016

      Pascal Künzli@ its possible that creator can cancel or give backer money back. if every backer can give 10% to cyberith, im sure he can do it without loss for himself. Kat Walk and Virtuix Omni is still cheaper than Virualizer after 10% to Cyberith. I think Cyberith want to wait until VR takes off which it won't happen anytime soon. They want to have big order so they can get cheaper deal but they want to make sure if VR becomes popular or not. Lot of people decide not to buy Oculus after they double the price of oculus dk2. its better to get a Virtuix or Kat Walk instead of waiting for unknown date product.

    20. Missing avatar

      suk w. yu on February 12, 2016

      Pascal Künzli@ It looks like you are a Virtualizer backer. i bought a Cyberith Virtualizer from one of the backer. I can't write a comment since im not a original backer. Im sure Cyberith will loose money if he give backers money back because he already process hardware parts. Do you mine if you can post this letter to Vitualizer kickstarter comment section? " WE LIKE TO GIVE 5% to10% OF OUR VIRTUALIZER PRICE IF WE CAN CANCEL IT. CAN YOU MAKE A SURVEY TO EVERY BACKER WHO CAN AGREE WITH?"

    21. Missing avatar

      Pascal Künzli on February 12, 2016

      Th new lenses do not find the way to my. But the headset does not work anymore, because that with new lenses does not matter. - 500 USD for nothing - my motivation to support projects here are now much conservative then before.

    22. Missing avatar

      suk w. yu on February 11, 2016

      Naim Bawar@ Are you kidding me? Antvr actually gave us manual book and also gave us even more detail downloadable manual how to connect the device. Anyway, Antvr is FUCK UP!!!

    23. Naim Bawar on February 4, 2016

      I will never buy anything from chines company! Got my kit and new lins but i have never could start the kit. There is no manual wich show how to connect to pc in corret way to watch movies and play games �

    24. Missing avatar

      on February 1, 2016

      Hope ANTVR will send out the new work that will work :(

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris Kemper on January 5, 2016

      Anyone heading to CES? I am curious regarding any product line updates, modifications, UPDATED FIRMWARE, Etc

    26. Missing avatar

      KydDynoMyte on December 30, 2015

      The best news we could hope for I think:

      "OSVR Closes 2015 With A Total of 300 Industry Partners, Now The Largest Open Source VR Ecosystem In The Industry."

      and AntVR is one of those companies.…

    27. Missing avatar

      Pascal Künzli on December 22, 2015

      @Damon Hooker Jr.: Since at least 3/7/2015 the website is reachable in english ( But also since this date no content updates anymore.

    28. Damon Hooker Jr. on December 12, 2015 is now in English!

    29. Missing avatar

      suk w. yu on November 20, 2015

      Pascal Künzli@ i see that you ordered Virtualizer. I think KATVR looks interesting or maybe better than Virtualizer.

    30. Missing avatar

      Pascal Künzli on November 19, 2015

      Today I have tried again my headset with some SBS Youtube movies; of course still with the first lenses because I don't received the new lenses. After around 20 minutes the headset display switching off (black screen). Reconnecting HDMI cable or USB cable solve the issue... for some seconds then the screen switch off again.

      Perfect! I have paid 500 USD for technical useless crap... and still no answers from AntVR.

      By the way: The demos under points to a chinese site ( where I can't read a word and can't download anything, because I don't know where to click for download.

    31. Missing avatar

      Chris Kemper on November 19, 2015

      @David Wallingham... I do not use mine (the Wireless version). Make an offer?

    32. Missing avatar

      Pascal Künzli on November 12, 2015

      Hm... last login of AntVR: today

      AntVR: No reaction to our comments?

    33. Missing avatar

      Pascal Künzli on November 5, 2015

      2 weeeks later - I still don't receive the new glases. :-(

    34. Dave "Slimed+2" Wallingham on November 3, 2015

      My headset completely stopped working this week. Black screen. Too bad too as it was working pretty good with the new lenses.

    35. Missing avatar

      Pascal Künzli on October 16, 2015

      > There is no activity on here because this project has completed and is fulfilled
      I expect here no reaction anymore. On the other hand I also get no response to my mails. What there still remains for me?

      By the international support (Kickstarter funding) I expect a communication at least on they own website in an internationally understandable language (english). Apparently this is unfortunately too much.

      My english is even lousy. but you understand me at least (hopefully :-D).

      By the way: Anyone DON'T received the new glases, too?

    36. Daniel on October 15, 2015

      There is no activity on here because this project has completed and is fulfilled. You'll need to contact them directly for any questions..

    37. Missing avatar

      Pascal Künzli on October 14, 2015

      > There does seem to be constant activity at
      Nice - But on this site I don't understand a word. In this case it is like "no news" to me and yes, I tried with Google Translate but then the site will be useless.

    38. Missing avatar

      KydDynoMyte on October 13, 2015

      The lack of communication is bad. There does seem to be constant activity at

    39. Missing avatar

      Pascal Künzli on October 13, 2015

      Looks like the product/development is dead? No updates here, no updates on your website, no live sign on any other channel.

      AntVR: What's going on?

    40. Missing avatar

      suk w. yu on October 6, 2015

      MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. Missing avatar

      suk w. yu on October 6, 2015

      IMU GUN SENSOR UPDATE PLEASE~~~~~~~~~~~ YOU SON OF BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    42. Missing avatar

      suk w. yu on October 6, 2015

      JUST LET EVERYBODY KNOW!!!!!! KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN IS FUCKING RIP OFF!!!! NOT JUST ANTVR!!! I'VE SEEN SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE KICKSTARTER PROJECTS AND THEY ALL COMPLAINED!!! FUCK YOU KICKSTARTER SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    43. Marco Benkens on September 29, 2015

      i got the same problem, antvr isnt working , only black screen on display, wrote also the antvr team.
      i got today the new lenses , thanx for that. but i need a working antvr hmd for installing it :)

    44. Daniel Kirchen on September 29, 2015

      Great... I just got new lenses... I WOULD be happy if it wasn't for the fact that my AntVR is not working anymore - like I told you (AntVR) on July 19th via Kickstarter message!

      Well... maybe you (the community) can help me solving the problem with my device. Here is the text I've sent to them:

      Hi Jason,

      I have a problem:
      I didn't use my kit for a couple of weeks and stored it a cupboard on our balcony.
      Today I wanted to play a bit Elite Dangerous with it but the display stays black. So I reloaded it since then (about 7 hours), but the display stays black although it seems to be a bit illuminated, but nothing shows up.
      I tried several times both in wired and wireless mode, but nothing changes.
      The last 2 weeks where pretty hot here (max temperature of 39°C), so I think it might have something to do with the temperature (?).

      Is there anything I can do to make the kit work again?

      Thank you in advance,

    45. Missing avatar

      Pascal Künzli on September 20, 2015

      Still waiting for new lenses (Switzerland). But where are the firmware updates anyway?

    46. Missing avatar

      JC Ma on September 16, 2015

      Just received the new lens, and was pleasantly surprised. Much better quality than the original set, and the images are finally sharp and clear. Kudos to AntVR for a much needed "upgrade", albeit one which has been rather delayed.. Hope that you'll keep up the hard work, and all the best!

    47. Denny The Backer on September 5, 2015

      No new lens at all here..

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