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Crystal clear VR gaming & viewing experience. Universal transformable controller. Plug-and-play. Compatible with all games & movies!
Crystal clear VR gaming & viewing experience. Universal transformable controller. Plug-and-play. Compatible with all games & movies!
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    1. ANTVR Creator 4 days ago

      @Pascal Künzli It is because of the broken package, so the forwarder send it back, we have shipped new one for you again on Sep 29th 2017, and it showes that you have receive it.

    2. ANTVR Creator 5 days ago

      Q: Have you shipped out the ANTVR kit II? When did you ship out?
      A: We have shipped out the ANTVR kit II on Aug 15th 2017, if there is any backers has not received it, please do not hesitate to let us know

    3. ANTVR Creator 5 days ago

      @ Pascal Künzli The english website is…

    4. ANTVR Creator 5 days ago

      Q: I do not know how to install antvr and set up headset?
      A: Please contact for installation instruction and English manual.

      Q: How to track my parcel?
      For EMS, the tracking website is
      For Aramex, the tracking website is
      For DHL, the tracking website is

    5. ANTVR Creator 5 days ago

      Q: What's the contact email?
      A: ANTVR service email address:, if you have any problems when you use the headset, please attached the photos which can show the problem, and describe your problem,we can remote control your PC and help to install and set up for you

    6. ANTVR Creator 5 days ago

      Q: How to change view mode in cyclops?
      A: Open ANTVR Hall-Click Mall-Video Store-On the bottom of the window, you can choose the view mode.

      Q: Where can I download ANTVR Hall?
      A: The download link is

      Q: What’s the recommended PC configuration?
      A: Recommended Minimum System Requirementsfor PC:
      GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970, AMD Radeon™ R9 290 equivalent or better
      CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-4590/AMD FX™ 8350 equivalent or better
      RAM: 8 GB or more
      Video output: 1x HDMI 1

    7. ANTVR Creator 5 days ago

      @Daniel Kirchen Please kindly let me know your PC configuration

    8. ANTVR Creator 5 days ago

      @Daniel Kirchen Thanks, we are happy that you like it

    9. ANTVR Creator 5 days ago

      @KydDynoMyte Generraly The AntVR Hall system is compatible with nvidia driver if your PC configuration could meet the requirement, please check whether your PC could meet or not, here below is the recommended PC configuration:
      GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970, AMD Radeon™ R9 290 equivalent or better
      CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-4590/AMD FX™ 8350 equivalent or better
      RAM: 8 GB or more
      Video output: 1x HDMI 1

    10. ANTVR Creator 5 days ago

      @Dave Wallingham We recommend you to use GTX 970 or better, the effect of GTX 960 is very poor

    11. ANTVR Creator 5 days ago

      @Emanuel Mineda Carneiro Thanks for your appreciation, when you play games, please make sure that the controllers are in the scope of the camera of the headset

    12. ANTVR Creator 5 days ago

      @Pascal Künzli Dear sir, please make sure that the blue USB 3.0 port of the headset connects to your PC's USB3.0 port, then restart ANTVR Hall and headset, please go to try, if there is still problem, please send us email to our email address

    13. ANTVR Creator 5 days ago

      @Luis Jorge Pérez Rebolleda Thanks for your appreciation, we are glad that you are satisfied with ANTVR products, if there is any problems when you use it, please feel free to contact us email

    14. Dave Wallingham on October 18

      Hi Dwayne, your name was on the list for the new headset. Email them at and they should be able to get you a new one. That is the email I used as well to get my original headset replaced with the newer version of the old one.

    15. Missing avatar

      Dwayne Wilson on October 15

      Every one is seeming to be getting the new unit they promised us. Do you have to do something special to get it or what??????
      The orginal one I got never worked from the start, but they said they would send a new one, how do you get it?????????????????????????

    16. Missing avatar

      Pascal Künzli on October 12

      Thanks to AntVR for the second delivery. I get now my headset too.

      I'm currently have issues after switching to another game or if the headset is some minutes not in use. Under USB devises in Windows 10 I can see all four components (display, cam and 2 controllers). but also AntVR Hall doesn't find the devices. Power off/on does also not solve the problem. Any ideas whats wrong?

      Btw.: I get a warning, that the cam is not connected to a USB 3.0 port. But I doesn't matter where the two USB cables of the connector box are connected. I got this message everytime in the usb devise overview. Any ideas?

    17. Missing avatar

      Luis Jorge Pérez Rebolleda on October 8

      New Cyclop kit2 is a great product. I'm very happy with it

    18. Emanuel Mineda Carneiro
      on October 6

      Received my Cyclops last week. It is really a nice VR headset! Compared to my PSVR it has a much better resolution.
      Controls are a little limited because they need to be always in front of you and I really couldn't make them work with bow and arrow mini-games (they get a little crazy when put too much close together).
      Overall, Cyclops surpassed my expectations.

    19. Dave Wallingham on September 21

      I am using a GTX 960. After using this though I can really see I am in dire need of an upgrade.

    20. Dave Wallingham on September 21

      I am using a GTX 960. After using this though I can really see I am in dire need of an upgrade.

    21. Missing avatar

      KydDynoMyte on September 20

      Does anyone have the new Cyclop working on an AMD GPU? The AntVR Hall system check seems to be complaining about wanting an nvidia driver.

    22. Daniel Kirchen on September 16

      It works! :)
      Oh my, that's a really sweet HMD! I played around for about an hour non-stop and I didn't feel dizzy once and my eyes don't hurt at all! :) I love it!

    23. Dave Wallingham on September 16

      I was not sure how much of a difference that box makes but mine does have the box plugged in so maybe that is it. Good luck.

    24. Daniel Kirchen on September 16

      Oh my god... I feel so dumb right now. I just discovered the box where I should plug the HMD in... I previously plugged the HMD right into my PC.
      Guess I will try ot again with this Box-Thing... ^^

    25. Dave Wallingham on September 15

      Unfortunately I don't know what could be causing that. I also use a two screen set up though when I use the HMD I unplug my monitor 2 and plug my HMD into that port. The only time I get an error is if I do not turn the headset on and make sure ANTVR Hall detects the headset first. As long ANTVR Hall detects it Steam seems to have no issues.

    26. Daniel Kirchen on September 15

      thank you for your answer.
      I decided to give it a go with my current setup (initially I wanted to wait until my new PC arrives in about 10 days).
      Unfortunately, whatever I do, I only get SteamVR errors... :(
      See here:
      The steam error says "SteamVR couldn't be launched due to unknown reasons.".
      The top SteamVR error window says: "Compositor not available - To start SteamVR properly, the Compositor must be launched. [link]Launch Compositor[/link]" (clicking the Launch Compositor Link doesn't do anything).
      The bottom SteamVR window says: "Not ready"

      I tried everything I found in the interwebs... rolled back drivers, changed main montor (I run a 2 screen setup with 1 graphics card (2x dvi, 1x hdmi), etc.
      Do you have any other tips I can try?

      @Mike Smith: Can you tell me exactly what you did to make it work, please?

    27. Dave Wallingham on September 15

      Daniel I have not tried Elite Dangerous yet but I plan to. I would assume reading the text would be no problem. Everything I tried to so far I had no issues reading text at all. Including some I could not really read on the old headset. In fact until you brought it up I completely forgot how hard it was to read on the old one but with the new one things have been almost just as easy to read as if I was playing without the HMD. I have tried probably 30-40 games/apps so far including a virtual desktop and movies with subtitles and have been easily able to read everything.

    28. Daniel Kirchen on September 15

      Did anyone try the new HMD with Elite Dangerous, yet?
      How is it? Especially for reading the texts (with the original AntVR HMD I could barely read anything).

    29. Missing avatar

      Pascal Künzli on September 15

      Come on! "HK, Returned item (returned to sender)" That's not funny - I don't know what's going wrong. :-( The delivery address was correct.

      And why takes this so long?! Strange supplier! :-(

      2017-09-14 16:23 HK, Arrived at delivery office
      2017-09-14 16:23 HK, Returned item (returned to sender)
      2017-08-22 21:10 HK, Arrived at processing centre
      2017-08-22 21:10 HK, Posted

    30. Dave Wallingham on September 11

      I am not sure Chan Chan. I only use windows myself. If you are asking AntVR you might want to try as it seems like they do not look here anymore. Usually just us backers chatting with each other. Some other backers may have tried with Mac though. Good luck.

    31. Chan Chan on September 11

      Any chance cyclops will work connecting to a mac or mobile in the future? I change form windows PC recently and no longer able to use the cyclops.

    32. Missing avatar

      Pascal Künzli on September 6

      @Dave: Many thanks for testing - sound good - I drive LFS with a steering wheel (G27) in a team since years.
      Thanks for the hint about delivery - I hope I get it in the next days too! Can't wait anymore. :)

    33. Dave Wallingham on September 6

      @Mike Smith, I found it a little small too but after playing with the straps for awhile it got pretty comfortable. I find it to be far more comfortable than the original headset and I have not had any issues with dizziness like on the last one. My only real complaint is the controllers, they are a little small, tracking goes off screen easily and they do not have enough buttons to mimic the vive controls they often try to copy so in some games and apps you cannot function. But for the headset itself I am pretty satisfied.

    34. Mike Smith on September 6

      Ok guys I got mine working tonight, looks like it was an issue with some script in the vr settings. ANTVR connected to my computer and got it to run on steam VR, wow this is a nice headset, other then it being alittle small for my head. Visuals are great, controllers are kinda glitch but head tracking is perfect. hopefully with some firmware updates that will correct the issues.

    35. Dave Wallingham on September 4

      @Pascal - Thanks for letting me know about "Live for Speed" it works perfectly. Under "options" and then "view" select "3d" and "VR Headset" there were 2 modes for VR one was Oculus and one was OpenVR. Oculus setting did not work but Open VR works and I selected "Double" for monitor view. The controllers did not work at all so I used keyboard but the headset and tracking worked great. Also the game ran very well.

    36. Dave Wallingham on September 4

      @Pascal, sure I will download it and see what happens. My tracking showed left China for about 2 weeks with no movement until it reached Canada and then I had it the next day.

    37. Missing avatar

      Pascal Künzli on September 4

      my package has been traveling for 2 weeks. The tracking link is (yet) completely useless. :-(

      @Dave: Can you try "Live for Speed" with your headset? The full featured demo version is available for free ( Support for Vive and Oculus is native implemented. But I don't know if AntVR II also work.

    38. Dave Wallingham on September 1

      That is frustrating. I really had no issues at all. KydDynoMyte I looked and I am using SteamVR version 1499136050. I am still having a lot of issues with the controllers just not staying calibrated but otherwise still working great. Mermaid VR has worked well as a video player with the ANTVR controls. For games I have played Accounting, Deady Hunter, Google Earth, The Lab, Loading Human, NVIDIA VR Funhouse, Pinball inside, Poly Runner VR, Project Cars, and Waltz of the Wizard and all have worked with various levels of control difficulties. Project Cars I could use a gamepad though so that worked great.

    39. Mike Smith on September 1

      This is Crazy, no Idea why its not working. I have done everything dave has, steam still gives errors. so frustrating

    40. Dave Wallingham on August 30

      I will have to take a look for version of steamVR but as far as I know it is most up to date regular version. As for the little bumps so far they seem to do nothing.

    41. Missing avatar

      KydDynoMyte on August 30

      Dave Wallingham, are you using SteamVR regular or beta and is it updated to the most recent version? Did the little bumps on the face of the controllers under the d-pad end up not being touch sensitive button areas? Now that there is your report of it working I will have to try it out some more.

    42. Dave Wallingham on August 30

      Also project cars ran great and looked good but couldn't get any controls to work. I will definitely need to play with the controls in general some more. Though another strange thing that happened was once I began using it with steam I could no longer get it to work as a 2d 3d viewer like the old one. But it did work that way prior to me setting it up with steam.

    43. Dave Wallingham on August 30

      I followed the instructions that Jos Peters linked. The basically I open antvr hall, turn on the headset and plug in controller's to headset. Then I went into settings and calibrated controllers and turned the carpet, or balls tracking to off. Then I opened steam and then steam vr and did the room setup. I think I selected sitting and went through the steps. Then the little green vr went green and said everything was good to go. I downloaded about 7 free steamVR games and everything has worked except the controllers seem to not work with certain games, you can see them but can't find the button you need to press to continue. For example google earth I can zoom and rotate but I can't go to street view as I can't seem to find the button it is telling me I need to push. But everything has at least opened and ran. The head tracking works great but the controllers are very hit and miss.

    44. Mike Smith on August 29

      @Dave Wallingham
      How is it working on steam. what steps did you do to set it up, I have followed the instructions. steam comes up with an error messages.

    45. Dave Wallingham on August 29

      I just got to test mine out. It is working great with SteamVR. Controllers take some getting use to but everything I have tried is working so far.

    46. Dave Wallingham on August 29

      I just got mine today. Haven't got to try it yet. The quality of the headset itself seems much much nicer and it's much more comfortable. I didn't expect it to have the transformers logo on the front though.

    47. Mike Smith on August 29

      Yeah i have tried that and all it does is turn the screen off. And when i do it again it comes back on in 3d.mode. i cant get it to go to 2d

    48. Missing avatar

      KydDynoMyte on August 29

      suk w. yu, I think so but I haven't tried it back to back with my vive to really notice the differences in fov and pixel density.

      Mike Smith, I have only gotten it working as a video viewer so far.

      I get that error message too when starting up AntVR Hall no matter which mode the headset is in when I open it.

      To change the view mode press and hold the brightness button under the mode button and then press & release the mode button once then release the brightness button. Takes a few seconds but should change it from 3D mode to 2D mode.

    49. Mike Smith on August 29

      Anyone Know how to change view mode in cyclops. cant seem to get it to change. I can turn screen off and on that's it

    50. Mike Smith on August 29

      Anyone else getting an error message is Antvr hall saying failed to switch display mode for headset please try rebooting system ?

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