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PixelPrint Studio allows you to build anything you can imagine then share your creation or have it 3D printed & shipped straight to you Read more

Perth, AU Software
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PixelPrint Studio allows you to build anything you can imagine then share your creation or have it 3D printed & shipped straight to you

Perth, AU Software
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About this project

The concept of 3D printing is great! It’s amazing how technology allows us to do new things that previously were just not possible. Unfortunately, 3D printing also comes with a lot of hurdles. First of all, you have to buy the printer itself which can cost thousands of dollars on its own and usually does not come assembled. Then the plastic for the printer to use. Even if you have all that, creating a 3D model to print can be a long and complicated task if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Not to mention frustrating if your model collapses halfway through the print or if something else goes wrong.

Luckily we are here to tell you that there is a better way.

Introducing Pixel Print Studio

PixelPrint Studio will be easy to use, FREE to download (Yes, that's right. If we get funded, we won't charge you anything at all to download the finished product) and allows anyone to make AMAZING 3D block-based creations right from their iPhone or iPad to share with their friends, or have 3D-printed and delivered, straight to their home!

If you've ever had fun building something with Lego (We're big fans!), you already know how to use PixelPrint Studio! Simply choose a colour and start placing cubes on top of each other until they resemble what you'd like to build. Once you have built something you're happy with, you can save an image of it to your camera roll, share it on Facebook or Twitter, email it to friends or upload it through the app to have it professionally 3D printed and then delivered straight to your house! It's as simple as that!

Left: The build screen in 3D mode with the 4 most recently used colours on the left. Right: The Colour-picker interface
Left: The build screen in 3D mode with the 4 most recently used colours on the left. Right: The Colour-picker interface

PixelPrint Studio will be built as a universal app which means that it will work for both iPhone and iPad and the iPad version will of course take advantage of the extra screen-space that the device provides.

The iPad modelling screen provides a bigger workspace, perfect for more complicated models
The iPad modelling screen provides a bigger workspace, perfect for more complicated models

We have chosen to base the UI design on iOS7, keeping with the latest Apple trends and as such, have gone for a minimalistic, distraction-free interface that is designed to be unobtrusive so that you can focus on building instead of accidentally hitting buttons.

That being said, the screens provided are still a work in progress and will evolve over time to become even better. We'd love to hear what you think so we can make the best app possible.

We originally decided to build PixelPrint Studio because it’s something that we ourselves would love to use and we think that you will love it as well, so now we need your help to get funded and get the fun started!

Creating a piece of software that not only works, but is also visually pleasing and user friendly is not a cheap task. Mockups have to be made, ideas explored, implemented and improved and every element has to be tested time and time again to make sure that the end result is absolutely perfect and bug-free.

Up until now, Phill and I have been funding everything ourselves, and as the project has grown we are hitting the limits of what we can do without outside help. That’s where you come in! With the support from Kickstarters like yourself, we’ll be able to afford to focus purely on Pixel Print Studio as well as hire full time programmers, testers and the likes. If we reach our stretch goals as well, this will mean that we will be able to bring Pixel Print studio to even more people on different platforms such as Windows and Mac OSX (see stretch goals beneath).

As a thank you for backing, we have a range of different awards available for you to choose between. 

Any person that pledges $5 or above, will have the option of being credited in the app as a backer. 

THE BUILDER ($15) -  A digital copy of sample creations that we will make using PixelPrint Studio as we are developing it. You can then build these models yourself or alter them in any way you see fit.

THE ART AFICIONADO ($25) - We will create a design using PixelPrint Studio and have it printed on glossy paper and shipped out to you. A great way to show that you were a backer and a must have item for any true art lover. Also Includes the digital scrapbook

THE PIXEL POSSE ($35) - A custom printed T shirt with a design made exclusively for backers of PixelPrint Studios Kickstarter campaign. The final design will be voted on and selected by the backers of this pledge at the end of the campaign, but we’ve included a few options below already.

A few mockups of the T-shirt designs that backers will be able to choose from
A few mockups of the T-shirt designs that backers will be able to choose from

THE BETA TESTER ($50) -  Backers at this level will get to experience PixelPrint Studio before anyone else and help to shape the final product through suggestions and feedback. Also includes the digital scrapbook.

THE MASCOT ($300) - We will create a character in your likeness based on a photo you send us (as long as it is PG rated) and use that character on the loading screen of the PixelPrint Studio app. You will be credited as a Mascot and will also receive the digital scrapbook. This reward is limited to 10 backers and the mascot will randomly change between the ten on each open of the app.

Undead Jacob, the stretch goal zombie is starving! Help the poor guy reach the stretch goals and celebrate by gorging on delicious brai...uh.. rewards

Duration of the Kickstarter:

  • Keep working on the UI to improve ease of use and design. User friendliness is the key here!

Mid December-Mid February:

  • Completely functional offline version of iPhone version. 
  • Based on the former, create a version optimised for iPad. Start preparing for beta

Mid February - Early March:

  • Implement upload API to enable users to order 3D printing directly from their device. 

Early March-Late March:

  • Beta testing with the help of Kickstarters who have backed at the Beta level. Implementing feedback from Kickstarters

Early April-Late April:

  • Finish v1.0 and submit to the app store for approval from Apple.

Late April & Onwards:

  • If stretch goals are met, we will then be able to create PixelPrint Studio for Mac and windows as well as implement additional functionality further down the track.

Risks and challenges

When a user decides to have one of their creations 3D printed, the model is converted to a format that the printing company can understand, then uploaded through the app to their server after which it gets 3D printed and delivered. Since this is an external company, though well established, there is the risk that they might change the way to interface with their servers in which case the app needs to be updated. This is very unlikely, and even more unlikely that it will be changed without giving developers time to prepare, but if it happens iOS updates are quick to deploy and we will send out a free update to fix it as soon as possible. If we surpass our funding goal by enough, we may even be able to give the user a choice of multiple printing companies, which would negate this issue entirely.

Another risk is that the development process could take longer than expected through things like beta testing, bug squashing and implementing user suggested features, but having developed several apps before, we are confident in the time-frame we have set and we’ve added a little bit of padding time to the estimated delivery, just to be on the safe side. However, we are committed to being transparent about the development process throughout the project and if any problems arise, you will be the first to know. Rest assured, we will do our best and keep our backers informed with regular updates.

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    THE ART AFFICIONADO - A Kickstarter exclusive glossy print of a Pixelprint studio design to prove you are a backer and to show off to your friends. Includes all previous rewards

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    Be one of the first to try out Pixel Print Studio as it is being developed and help influence the final product + get the Digital Scrapbook + Listing in the app as a Beta Tester

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    Become one of the mascots of Pixel Print Studio. We will make a character of you, based on a photo you provide us (as long as it’s PG-rated) and use that character on the loading screen in the app for everyone to see when the app is opened. You will also be listed in the credits as a Mascot

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