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The original modular, expandable, versatile, wet and dry erase gaming surface for miniatures and role-playing games.
The original modular, expandable, versatile, wet and dry erase gaming surface for miniatures and role-playing games.
The original modular, expandable, versatile, wet and dry erase gaming surface for miniatures and role-playing games.
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    1. Thes - ALL THE THINGS - Hunter
      on October 29, 2017

      Sooo.... I love these, and I bought some, but not as many as I would have wanted. Any hope you will do a re-run?

    2. Missing avatar

      John Slaughter on November 8, 2015

      Thanks for quick follow-up and providing 16 instead of 12 tact-tiles!

    3. Missing avatar

      John Slaughter on November 3, 2015

      I backed a deluxe set of 12 tact-tiles at $150, but still have not received it, nor received any communication in 6 months, how can I get this?

    4. Missing avatar

      some random nut on October 2, 2015

      I'm not complaining but I was surprised that the tacttiles I received were a tannish color instead of the white pictured here.

    5. Mike McConnell 3-time creator on July 20, 2015

      Hey Captain,
      If you still want the Premium case, we still have some available on our website.

    6. Missing avatar

      The Captain on July 20, 2015

      Finally had a chance to use the tact-tiles. They are great.

      I really regret not getting a premium case though. When fully loaded that cardboard case at the handle does not look like it will last too long, those things are heavy. It looks like I'll have to eventually find a better carrying solution when the cardboard starts wearing out.

    7. Becky Glenn
      on July 15, 2015

      I have yet to receive anything. Are you still shipping?

    8. Missing avatar

      dickjordan on June 13, 2015

      Are you still in the process of shipping Kickstarter rewards? I am asking because I don't know if I have been missed or if I should continue to be patient.

    9. Missing avatar

      CFScholz on June 5, 2015

      I got my 2 sets of tiles several months ago, but have not yet received my premium cases. Could you please check and see what happened?

    10. Dave Peters on May 28, 2015

      My group has been using tact-tiles for the past few months. We are impressed. They clean up very well, and the light grey surface shows great contrast with every marker we have used. I am surprised how much better they are than a roll mat; we don't have to clear the table for a small battle, we can accommodate movement "off the map" by adding a tile, we can finally do chase scenes justice. Thanks for delivering a really useful, high-quality product.

    11. Missing avatar

      Adam M
      on May 4, 2015

      Hi Steve. Thanks for the reply. The marks aren't anything major, although I do have one of those white foam erasers if I need it, so thanks for the suggestion. I was mainly replying for the benefit of other backers so they know what markers I tried and don't repeat my mistake. I'm in Australia, so Quartet Dry Erase markers are a bit hard to come by. I'll have another look around and see if I can find some.

    12. Missing avatar

      Steve Townsley on April 30, 2015

      @Adam We've been using Quartet Dry Erase on ours since getting them from the plastics guy back in January as well as Vis a vis wet erase. We haven't had any ghosting issues with either of them. We tested Expo markers and found that the Low Odor dry erase worked as good as the Quartet, but the regular and Bold Color Expo's left marks. We've also heard from others that very old Expo's will leave marks as well. Thankfully, due to some experimenting from a backer, we also found that a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will take just about any marks off the tiles without damaging them. Give that a try on your ghost marks if you have any left and let us know your results and thanks again for backing us.

    13. Missing avatar

      Adam M
      on April 29, 2015

      Just a bit of a follow up on the dry erase markers I've been using with my Tact-Tiles.

      I've been using Staedler dry erase markers on my Tact-Tiles since I got them. I tested the markers beforehand, putting a single black, blue, red and green line on one of the Tact-Tiles and left it there for 24 hours. All 4 colours came off with just a tissue (i.e. I didn't use marker fluid cleaner). There was a very slight ghosting from all 4 lines, but it was barely noticeable (and I could only see it because I was looking hard to try and find it).

      However, last session I had a bit more trouble cleaning the black Staedler dry erase marker off my Tact-Tiles. I got all the marks off eventually with a bit of elbow grease and some marker cleaner fluid, but it was a lot harder to clean off than it should have been.

      So I think I'll be trying out another brand of dry erase markers next session. The last thing I want to do is ruin my Tact-Tiles after waiting years for them to be made again. I'll post here with how I go.

    14. Mike McConnell 3-time creator on April 25, 2015

      Hi Kirk,
      All of the Premium Cases have shipped. If you have not received any notice, please send an email to to request confirmation.

    15. Kirk Swanson on April 24, 2015

      It's been almost 4 weeks since the announcement of cases shipping. I see at least one person has already received theirs. Can we get an update on these?

    16. Mike McConnell 3-time creator on April 23, 2015

      @ Steven: I'm so sorry! I communicated with shipping about your missing tile and the last I heard he is waiting on shipping supplies to arrive. I'll get with him and see if there's any way he can get your tile out ASAP!
      Have a great day!
      Team Member
      Void Star Studios

    17. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters on April 22, 2015

      I've emailed you guys twice with no response, about my missing tile...

    18. SamuraiJack
      on April 16, 2015

      If anyone is interested in another 12 tile set, let me know.. I haven't fully decided if I want to keep mine or not..

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael Bryan on April 16, 2015

      Received my order of two premium cases today. They are absolutely fantastic! I love them. The cases are very durable and hold the Tact-Tile squares in the main slot and have two additional smaller slots for my set of four Quartet markers in one slot (could hold several more), and my Quartet cleaning solution and eraser in the other slot. I just want to say the Tact-Tiles are amazing and the cases equally so. I am so happy I ordered these and this completes my Kick Starter order. Thank you so very much.

    20. Missing avatar

      Steven Waters on April 16, 2015

      Anyone else missing tiles?

    21. Cartigan on April 15, 2015

      I think a few too many compromises were made to work with wet erase markers where prioritizing markers that worked with the old tact tiles would have been better

    22. Tom-B-WAT-3
      on April 11, 2015

      Magic Eraser is amazing what it will help remove!

    23. Michael Magliocca
      on April 10, 2015

      I received my tiles, but the package was used in a full contact sport and my storage box was damaged. I will hopefully be inspecting the tiles on Sunday for damage.

    24. Colin Foster on April 7, 2015

      Tiles arrived in Ascot, UK today. Will give them their first outing on Saturday.

    25. Missing avatar

      Steve Townsley on April 7, 2015

      @Dave Webb. I don't know if your set came with a flyer called "Use and Care of your Tiles". We shipped so many, it's possible it was missed in a few sets.
      Do not use regular or bold color expo markers. And now we know old expo markers are a no no as well. Only use low odor expo or Quartet markers. There are some others out there I've heard mentioned, but the low odor and Quartet markers are ones we know will work properly.

    26. Mike McConnell 3-time creator on April 6, 2015

      Good to hear Dave. And thanks for the tip about the Magic Eraser!

    27. Dave Webb on April 6, 2015

      Firstly Mike, thank you for your quick response. Now that my anger over a handful of ruined tiles has passed, I am going to replace my old markers and try again. And yes, they are very old.
      I was fortunate to stumble upon a solution that may help others to salvage any tiles that they used an old marker on. Magic Eraser. With a little elbow grease these removed all un-erasable marks without harming the grid. My tiles are good as new. I will try again with new markers. Secondly Mike, thank you for offering a refund. I will not take you up on it. Regards.

    28. Mike McConnell 3-time creator on April 4, 2015

      Hi Dave,

      We tested the tiles with a range of markers or different types and different ages. As stated in Update #28, some old Expo markers sometimes left a mark.

      What is "old"?

      It's hard to say when the Expos go bad. There are a number of variables. I had some that were 3+ years old that worked fine. But some 5+ year old ones certainly left marks. Also keep in mind how long the markers may have sat on a shelf or in warehouse before you got them. And the environment the markers were stored in could certainly have an impact.

      That's why we always recommend you test a new marker, of any type, on a small section of your tiles before committing to their use.

      That said, if you believe your tiles are unusable in their current condition, send an email to with the subject line "Refund Request".

    29. Dave Webb on April 4, 2015

      Houston, we have a problem!
      I received my tiles in good order. However, my Expo dry erase markers will not erase. I have used all manner of wipes, liquids and erasers, without success. The markers I used are not brand new but I have been using them for years on slabs of white dry erase board without any issues. It seems to me that the creators have been testing with brand new markers. White to grey I can live with, but these tiles are a complete failure. As your markers start to lose their fresh wet sheen, they will not erase!!! The resin used in this project does not create a dry erase surface. It is the newness of the markers that allow them to be erased. Try your new markers on some Lego. They will erase. Try your old markers on the Tact-tiles. They will not. Please arrange for a refund of my payment. This is a fail !!!

    30. Ershaun Harris on April 3, 2015

      Just got my tiles today. Words can't describe how amazing they are.

    31. Missing avatar

      david wile` on April 3, 2015

      Awesome sauce! Got my tiles today and they are great! They interlock perfectly with my old tiles, and just look awesome. I can't wait to use them. I think I like the darker grey much better the the white style, and completely understand the change. Great job guys! Thank you!

    32. Jon Lamkin on April 3, 2015

      John Kaminar, The gray was CLEARLY advertised not the white you thought. It looks white a little in the video but you can clearly see that when they were on a white table that they WERE gray and not the white you thought.

      AS far as the markers showing up on them They show up just fine. I have plenty of pictures showing that they do. The gray actually cuts down on the glare that you might have seen with the white too. So with the gray the marker should actually show up better! :)

    33. Cartigan on April 2, 2015

      I keep meaning to take a picture with these next to the originals and forgetting.

    34. Tim Nightengale on April 2, 2015

      Got my notification, and received my $92 set yesterday. These are awesome. Regarding the color, I play with a group that has the original TactTiles, and these are only a tad shade darker. The gray seems to cut down on the glare a bit, too. No complaints about the gray though. Very happy with these! Thanks!

    35. Missing avatar

      John Kaminar
      on April 1, 2015

      I too am very confused. I have received a box full of GREY tact-tiles. You can barely see the highlighters on them. Terrible! How do I get the white tact-tiles that were clearly advertised. I do not want these at all.

    36. Cartigan on March 31, 2015

      Got mine just in time for my game. Which was cancelled due to no one being able to make it.

    37. Justin P. Sluder on March 31, 2015

      I haven't received notification of mine shipping. I pledged at the $114 level. Should I be concerned?

    38. Lee Langston on March 31, 2015

      Yay! Shipping confirmation this morning. Very happy to be getting these.

    39. Mike McConnell 3-time creator on March 30, 2015


      Regarding the Premium cases; we have the cases in hand and are waiting on the shipping supplies. With any luck, we'll start shipping them early next week.

      Very sorry it has taken this long, and we appreciate your patience.

      Many thanks everyone!

    40. Missing avatar

      Steve Townsley on March 30, 2015

      FINAL Shipping Update.......The last of the $68 tier will ship tomorrow morning 3/31/15 which means ALL of the backer levels have been fulfilled thus ending this Tact Tile KickStarter.

      Thank you everyone for backing our KickStarter and your patience on waiting for your order.

      Please don't hesitate to keep commenting; we'd love to hear from you.

    41. Dra8er on March 30, 2015

      Alright I know I read this several places but I can't find it.

      Expo low odor dry erase?

    42. Kyle Turner on March 29, 2015

      Can we please get regular updates on which backer levels are shipping when?

    43. George Anderson
      on March 28, 2015

      Arrived here - look nice...but they are....GREY ... they looked white in the pictures....oh well.

    44. Lee Langston on March 28, 2015

      Never mind... Figured out what the package is... it is not my Tac-tiles. WANT THESE SO BAD!!!

    45. Lee Langston on March 28, 2015

      Are they shipping from CHANDLER, AZ? I just got a shipping notice, but have no damn clue who it is from or what is in it...

    46. Missing avatar

      Steve Townsley on March 27, 2015

      Shipping update: We only have part of the $92+ tier and all of the $68+ tier left to ship. All of the tiles have been printed and are ready to be packed and shipped, so everyone that backed the KickStarter should have their tiles within the next couple of weeks.

    47. David Frank on March 27, 2015

      I got my tiles yesterday - reading the comments and seeing a friend's tiles (he had the expedited shipping) I knew that they'd be grey - I am very pleased that they are grey - much prefer it over the off white I initially expected - will probably order some more from the website soon!

    48. Missing avatar

      Richard Whitney on March 27, 2015

      Received my shipment yesterday. Happy to have them, however I have to say I was very disappointed in the color of the tiles. What's with the medium grey color?
      The pictures in the kickstarter and the original tiles I have are white or slightly off-white. That is what I was expecting.
      I'll still use them, but I'm disappointed.

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