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Help us print Flapjacks & Sasquatches 2nd Edition now including the expansion A Side of Bacon and receive great rewards!

Welcome to our Flapjacks & Sasquatches Kickstarter page! Two years ago, a new game was born. It was fast, it was funny, and it worked. It sold well at every store that carried it, and convention business was great. People of all ages loved the game. We were even nominated for Best New Family Card Game by Games Magazine!

So why come to Kickstarter?

Because we printed the first-run by ourselves at a local printer. We had to assemble it all by hand. While the local stores we were able to reach and the friends we made at conventions loved us, distributors were another story.

We want this game to succeed, and we need to be able to distribute beyond the local stores we can drive to and the conventions we can occasionally reach. So we need a higher quality card and better margins in order to use national distribution.

Why should you help?

Because we're ready to make a good product great. We've found a way to get a better card at a lower price. We've added in the long-awaited Side of Bacon Expansion set to give you new and more awesome cards for more fun and more lumberjacking goodness. We want you and everyone else to be able to have Flapjacks & Sasquatches for your home, and with support from the Kickstarter Program, we can make it happen.

We're a small company (it's just us, supported by our family & friends!), but we want our customers to get the best product possible: a great game at a great price. We want the people who are putting their faith in us to be rewarded with the best incentives around, so we're investing our money in dice, t-shirts, and promo cards to give our customers a gaming experience that is unique and fun.

Thank you for your time and support.

Bill Sininger & John Harris


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    A Thank You email from Prolific Games and if we ever meet at a con or game store you can have a Hug! About all shipping: NON-USA SHIPPING You can get shipping to Canada for $10 additional dollars and anywhere else for $20 additional dollars. Also, please note that you may have taxes and or tariffs for importing games. Prolific Games will not be responsible for these costs.A NOTE ON USA SHIPPING All support includes shipping within the United States!

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    "I'm Thirsty, Eh!" - Limited Edition Promo Card! For those with the original game, looking to support Prolific Games! Card starts in the hand of the game owner. When played on another player, they lose their turn until they serve the game owner a cold beverage. (laughing at them encouraged!)

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    Current Print of Flapjacks & Sasquatches Game! Get the original now, and start playing! Quantities are limited and when they are gone, they're gone!

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    Loss of Limb T-Shirt - This classy t-shirt gets right to the heart of the game. Front side text: "It's all fun & games until someone loses a limb..." Back side text: "Then it's Flapjacks & Sasquatches!" Back of shirt will also have the Axe Slip Card image (check out the video and see!)

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    2nd Edition Flapjacks & Sasquatches! Now with the long-awaited "Side of Bacon" expansion. Better quality! More cards! More fun! Free shipping on this pre-order! What a deal!

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    Custom-made Flapjacks Dice! 5 high-quality dice specially designed to show chops, misses, and breaks! Now you won't need to look at the card to see when your axe shatters...the breaks will be right in front of you!

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    2nd Edition game Plus "Loss of Limb" T-Shirt! Save $5 by ordering them both together!

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    2nd Edition Game AND Custom Dice! Save money! Be more awesome! make your friends jealous of you, the true Iron Jack!

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    2nd Edition game! T-Shirt! Custom Dice! All in one package! But wait, there's more! (just not in this offer)

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    Same offer as the $70, but with the "I'm Thirsty" promo card AND a 1st edition game (while supplies last) get yourself a travel copy of the game to use with your friends who can't have nice things

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    TWO T-Shirts! TWO 2nd Edition Games! Two Sets of Dice! Buy with a friend and save money! It's crazy, I tell ya!

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    Special International Bundle Reward (By Request); Can you not stop at just one stack of Flapjacks? Are you trying to reintroduce the Sasquatch to your country? If so this is the offer for you! 5 copies of the 2nd Edition Flapjacks & Sasquatches! Now with the long-awaited "Side of Bacon" expansion and Shipping any where in the world! You do not have to add the additional $10 for Canadian or $20 for anywhere else in the world. Our lawyer has insisted that we state "Prolific Games is not responsible for any population explosions of Sasquatches that may occur". Wait, didn't we fire that guy? Why are we still doing what he says...?

    Estimated delivery:
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    We will hand-deliver your copy of the 2nd Edition game, T-shirt, Custom Dice and teach you how to play. Offer good anywhere in the continental United States and subject to schedule restrictions. Company representative of your choice available on request. Be warned, John is banned from several states. Bill is afraid to fly. Our lawyer has just been fired.

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    Same as above but we will let you win! (Don't tell Bill. It's a surprise. He'll love it.)

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