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A Slavic mythic-inspired sandbox adventure for Labyrinth Lord or other older edition rpg.
265 backers pledged $8,152 to help bring this project to life.

The Day Draws Near

Posted by Hydra Collective (Creator)

Less than 24 hours now till the end of the Kickstarter. It's been a hell of a tiger ride for me and the rest of the project crew. I know there is an obligatory round of hat tips to backers, mine is deeply and sincerely meant, it's incredible to see the support of so many of you I know from the DIY roleplaying community and other communities.

We aim for the Hydra Collective to pay all this support forward by being an ethical publishing vehicle that promotes the creative, anarchic energy coming out of this side of the hobby. (Jason Sholtis's vividly-imagined and illustrated Operation Unfathomable just being the start.) 

The pledges and upgrades keep rolling in and we just may hit that last stretch goal yet—thereby unlocking a fourth whole other module: the Frog Demon Temple and the redneck-undercity of Bad Rajetz. All illustrated by Dungeon Dozen artist and creator Jason Sholtis again. 

So what's this?

This is from Cole Long, one of the longtime players in the campaign: 

“And if the final day keeps rolling the way the last week has been, it looks ever more likely to grow to include two of the more cruel and perplexing adventure sites Chris ever threw at us, a shifting, cannibal-guarded murdermaze called Bad Rajetz and the on-the-tin-but-worse Frog Demon Temple, illustrated by the peerless Jason Sholtis. I'd like to see that happen as both of those sites sent our party running home in defeat and and at least maybe some other reckless adventurers with no regard for their safety can finally defeat those two hellholes." 

There it is. Two timeless hellholes to torment your players with. What more could you want? 

 --Chris Kutalik

PS Here's the latest greatest interior piece from David Lewis Johnson, this time capturing the climatic “Barsoomian Ape Donkey Kong” encounter in the Golden Barge.

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    1. Humza K on

      I do wish to point out that we weren't *defeated* by Bad Rajetz - we wound up skipping it for other sites, certainly, but we were never forced to quit the field.