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A Slavic mythic-inspired sandbox adventure for Labyrinth Lord or other older edition rpg.
A Slavic mythic-inspired sandbox adventure for Labyrinth Lord or other older edition rpg.
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Day 18: Busy, Busy, Busy


It's been a good week in the Dunes. Midway through the Kickstarter campaign we continue to have the wind in our sails on both the pledge and work fronts. Big thanks to all the new backers and those of you upgrading your pledges (lots of that in the wake of the new stretch goal content being added.)

The editors have finished the latest round of edits, expect to see the new PDF draft in tomorrow's update. For new backers who don't want to wait you can download the last iteration here

I am cautiously confident that we will hit the next $4,500 goal, the Marlinko supplement. As I put together campaign notes and start adding flesh to the draft skeleton I am getting pretty dang excited about writing this up as some “gravy” for backers. 

First of all let me tell you about you NOT to expect from it. You won't be getting that kind of city product that is a bit too common in rpg supplements. You know the kind of deadly dull keyed map approach that tells you the utterly mundane potter at Building 21 has “3 hp.” 

What you can expect however is: 

  • A Chaos Index riffing off the Dunes system to create a dynamic city environment. Players actions may have an effect on the city's use as a home base and create/dampen the chances of truly off-the-hook events happening in town. 
  • Two whole in-town mini-dungeons. 
  • A host of local flavor, personalities and hooks. 
  • A sizable selection of unique equipment, weird items and luxury goods for players to spend their ill-begotten loot from the Dunes on. 
  • A new (and revised) player class: the huckster Mountebank. 
  • Tips on how to reskin the whole package for your own campaign.
--Chris Kutalik
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