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A Slavic mythic-inspired sandbox adventure for Labyrinth Lord or other older edition rpg.
A Slavic mythic-inspired sandbox adventure for Labyrinth Lord or other older edition rpg.
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    1. Iain Murray on

      Great! Thanks!

    2. Hydra Collective 2-time creator on

      @Iain Murray: writing, editing, and initial layout are complete. Luka is working on finishing the art, but it is slow going at the moment (real life has kept him busy). Once the rest of the pieces are in, it will only require a final proofing pass before it is out the door (along with any curveballs the printers throw our way).


    3. Iain Murray on

      Any update on the Frog Demons?

    4. Oliver Korpilla on

      Hey, thanks! That really cleared it up for me. :)

    5. Hydra Collective 2-time creator on

      @Oliver Korpilla California Dunes and the Cantons Reimagined are the same product; both the California Dunes and Dunes Run Red are still in development—we intend to release them following What Ho, Frog Demons.

      Currently, we've released:

      Slumbering Ursine Dunes
      Fever-Dreaming Marlinko
      Misty Isles of the Eld

      Still in development:
      California Dunes
      Dunes Run Red
      1-page dungeon booklet


    6. Oliver Korpilla on

      Hmmmm. Did I miss anything regarding "California Dunes", "The Dunes Run Red", and the "Cantons Reimagined"? I lost track and find it hard to piece together what has been delivered...

    7. Hydra Collective 2-time creator on

      @Abba Elfman Thanks! We're pretty proud of them ourselves. (And we're always happy to talk with our backers; none of this would've been possible without your support. Thank you!)

    8. Abba Elfman on

      These products are all great. Huge kudos for the support from Hydra Collective. I wish all Kickstarter creators were this responsive to their supporters.

    9. Jim McLaughlin

      I just received my print copy of Misty Isles of the Eld and it came out great! It's almost more of an art piece than a gaming book, but I love that. I just need to get a print copy of Marlinko and I'm complete. I must have forgotten earlier, but I still have the discount link.

    10. Oliver Korpilla on


      I checked on my list of backed projects to see if I could set the "all delivered" flag and noticed that there seem to be stretch goals for this project still in the works.

      Would be nice to hear a status update. :)

    11. Sean McCoy on

      Been reading my copy all this week - I LOVE it! Can't wait for the stretch goal content.

    12. Jim McLaughlin

      Mine came today! Thanks!

    13. Missing avatar

      Sam J on

      Congrats guys. Awesome content and compelling stretch goals made this one a must back. Looking forward to more great stuff. Hail Hydra!

    14. Ben Laurence on

      Congrats! You knocked it out of the park.

    15. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Armintor on

      ok, I'll round my donation up. For the good of TX TTRPGs. Good luck on the final push.

    16. Steven Danielson on

      We are closing in on the last goal !

    17. Hydra Collective 2-time creator on

      You rock, Forrest.

    18. Missing avatar

      Forrest Hudspeth on

      There we go, nice round number.

    19. Keegan Fink

      The draft looks really cool!

    20. Matthew on

      Been reading the Hill Cantons for the last year or so, so I'm super excited to get my hands on this!

    21. Sean McCoy on

      HNGGG! This looks crazy awesome.

    22. Max on

      @Hydra: Thanks for clearing that up.

    23. Hydra Collective 2-time creator on

      @Johnny. It's a 50-plus page adventure written for a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game (specifically Labyrinth Lord, a retro-clone that emulates Basic D&D). Happy to answer more if you have further questions.

    24. Max on

      @Hydra Collective: I pledged to ask what this is, I've read through the main page, but still don't understand. Can you please explain?

    25. Danna Schneider on

      How exciting! Go SUD!

    26. Hydra Collective 2-time creator on

      Thanks James appreciate your support. Will try less hard to kill your character in the future.

    27. James A on

      Having gotten to play in this setting at NTRPGcon last june i cant wait to be able to read all of it in it final draft. It was a blast to play and these are some really smart guys putting it together