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Showpaper, BAM, Swill Children, and Printed Matter bring a year-long public installation exploring post-Internet print publication.

Showpaper, BAM, Swill Children, and Printed Matter bring a year-long public installation exploring post-Internet print publication. Read More
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BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC  has commissioned Showpaper to build five specifically crafted sculptural news boxes by paired artists, placed in front of BAM on Lafayette Avenue and Ashland Place in Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Andrew H. Shirley, the artists Adam Void & Gaia, Cassius Fouler & Faust, Leon Reid IV & Noah Sparkes, Ryan C. Doyle & Swoon, and UFO 907 & William Thomas Porter created beautiful sculpture-type news boxes pieces. They will contain a periodically rotating series of independently printed work, curated by Jesse Hlebo of SWILL CHILDREN along with SHOWPAPER and PRINTED MATTER.

Once launched, these boxes will house new work by 48 different publishers and artists, along with SHOWPAPER, over the span of the year. Rotating every month, the launch round will include Sumi Ink Club, W/— Projects, Felicia Atkinson, and Asher Penn. 

Showpaper is a free bi-weekly print-only publication which lists and promotes every all-ages & DIY show in the NYC / tri-state area.  Each issue also features a full color piece of art by a contemporary artist.

We're trying to raise $3,000 which covers the printing costs for participating publishers. Above that, we have budgeted in an additional 3% for Amazon, 5% for Kickstarter, 8% for New York Foundation for the Arts, and then an additional 10% to cover the mailing for the reward packages. Just putting it out there. If you guys have a better idea of how to do this, lets make it.

If you donate directly to our fiscal sponsor page, you can help us avoid the 8% fee... Every penny counts!

Any money raised over the goal will be spent on increasing artist fees, and broadening the scope of the project.

As a bi-weekly newsprint publication with readership spread across the city, our biggest challenge has always been (and still is) distribution. We’re constantly brainstorming ways to make this process more streamlined. In the summer of 2010, on the way back from a show in Baltimore, Todd Patrick was given access to 20 unused newsboxes, a casualty of the failing newspaper industry. We gave them a new home, with the hopes that we could fix them up and use them to distribute Showpaper. Early plans involved wheatpasting old cover artists’ work to their exterior, but when Andrew H. Shirley approached us about community service possibilities with our organization, the whole project bloomed. Excited about his many collaborations with New York street artists, we brought him in as curator for the project. Community Serviced was born, and we had about 14 newsracks for city-wide sidewalk-level distribution.

Showpaper and Babycastles hosted the opening for the series at our 42nd Street pop-up gallery in Midtown. Artists included: Amy Smalls and Dennis Franklin; Maggie Lee and Jennifer Shear; Oliva Katz and Keith Pavia; Peter and Andrew Sutherland; ADAM COST; DARKCLOUDS and SADUE; FARO, GROSER, and COOLCAT; GEN 2 and OZE 108; GOYA and NSK; NET and DROID; VUDU and INFINITY; WOLFTITS and CAHBASM

We got everything sorted with the DOT, and put these up on the streets for Showpaper distribution.

The COST box was stolen and placed on eBay, but was recovered. COST was then invited to participate in Jeffery Deitch’s flagship show, Art In The Streets at MoCA in Los Angeles, and, as the only surviving example of COST’s work in almost a decade, the newsbox was brought to LA to sit as part of its’ definitive historical timeline.

Having these first round of boxes on the street made our distro lives a lot easier. So, we started contacting NYC-based newspapers to see if we could get our hands on another batch of newsracks. Korea Times generously donated the next round of newsracks, and Andrew started reaching out to artists for another round. Community Serviced Too was born.

This time, the reception was hosted at 285 Kent and showcased 16 newsboxes. Artists included: Adam Void & Chris Stain, BAK & VIL, CELSO & SKEWVILLE, CLAW & JESSE, Dennis McNett, Doyle Huge & Mikey 907, FAUST, GAIA & HEIDI TULLMAN, HELLBENT w/Alison & Garrison Buxton, Leon Reid IV & POSTERBOY, MINT & SERF, MOODYMUTZ & AAMOBB, Poneros & SPAM, Sto & Kelie Bowman, SWOON & Noah Sparkes, and UFO 907.

The kind folks over at Printed Matter took a liking to one of the Community Serviced newsracks that was created by Leon Reid IV & POSTERBOY. We dubbed this one ‘Melty Box’ and we loaned in out to Printed Matter to put inside their store.  

After about 6 months inside Printed Matter, we decided to bring the box outside to the sidewalk so it could enjoy some of the lovely NYC sunshine.

After the second round of newsracks, we heard back from NY Daily News who said they might be interested in donating their entire fleet of ~200 newsracks. Our brains started buzzing with the possibility of having a city littered with sidewalk-level distribution hubs for Showpaper. We expanded our horizons, and started thinking that we could contact other independent print publishers who might also want to utilize this new distribution network. Unfortunately, NY Daily News didn’t come through with the newsracks, but we still wanted to experiment with widely circulated print as a medium in this post-Internet cityscape.

When we found out about BAMart’s Public Art Comission program, we set about laying out all these pieces have done both as service to the community by helping us distribute independent print, as well help stimulate public space by playing with perceptions of service items and public artworks.


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