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A young mother with a troubled past must defend her two children and do battle with a legendary pre-historic Spider Goddess.
A young mother with a troubled past must defend her two children and do battle with a legendary pre-historic Spider Goddess.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Stephen Apicco
      on February 8

      Do we have an idea of when the blu rays are shipping?

    2. Bul on February 7

      Hey Micah, hope you are alright? Any news from the "Itsy Bitsy"-front? ;-) We would love to hear how production is going on so far. Any news... even struggle with VFX etc... We appreciate any news. ;-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Joseph Del Toro
      on January 26

      January is almost over, we need an update.

    4. Missing avatar

      Stephen Apicco
      on December 31

      Are rewards still shipping in January?

    5. Missing avatar

      Joseph Del Toro
      on December 30

      Can we get an update?

    6. Micah Gallo Creator on November 28

      Hey Joseph, I'll get an update out soon. Just been working hard to lock in agreements for Sound, Music, VFX etc and getting them started before end of year. Thanks for your patience. Hope you're doing well. Micah

    7. Missing avatar

      Joseph Del Toro
      on November 28

      can we get an update?

    8. Missing avatar

      Sherrie spendlove on October 11

      Congratulations Micah!
      Great director, great movie, great kickstarted campaign!
      I knew you could do it!

    9. Nathan Erickson
      on October 11

      Oh yeaah! Congrats! Can't wait for Itsy Bitsy to release. I echo all of Bul's sentiments and mentions.

    10. Bul on October 11

      Wohoooo! Congratulations. Campaign is over and funded! Awesome! Thank you Micah and the rest of the team. This movie will be great. Unfortunately the SG was not unlocked but still I am happy that it's funded. Now let's finish the movie and share cool stuff with us. ;-)
      And don't forget - please:
      - Region free BluRays and DVDs for the backers
      - Poster rolled and not folded
      That would be super cool. :-D
      I am just happy to be part of it. :-)

    11. Bul on October 11

      Final hour and only 5k till SG! We can do it! :-D

    12. Bul on October 10

      @Mike: I know. For me it is the same. I think the reason for the cheap shipping in other Kickstarter campaigns is the amount of backers but that is just a guess. Might also be the toll/taxes charge for goods added.
      That is true! Would be very bad to have a BluRay which is not playable. But I am confident and promise you that Micah will let us know beforehand if it will be region free or not before we decide. ;-) Till then I just hope he can make it region free at least for the backers and maybe also make sure the poster is rolled in a tube not folded like Nathan already mentioned. Would be a shame to have this awesome poster folded! ;-)

    13. Missing avatar

      Mike Hansford
      on October 10

      @Bul: Yes, I'm getting multiple things, but even just the DVD is $25 shipping, which is quite high. Most projects I've backed have been in the $10-$15 range.

      The region question was more about timing. Like you I'd prefer Blu Ray, but I don't want to choose that and then find out later that it isn't region free.

    14. Bul on October 10

      BTW: Awesome to see that the unlocking of the SG is getting nearer and nearer in the last day! :-D

    15. Bul on October 10

      @Mike: Same for me but Micah told me that the shipping is so high because of the seperate shipping of the items. He tries to do what he can to improve that! Did you choose a pledge with more than the movie like book or Tshirt?
      Unfortunately it's unclear if the DVD / BluRay will be region free. But Micah promised he is doing what he can to make it region free. Maybe Kickstarter exclusive region free would be an option. ;-) But I guess there are so many thinks that influences this... we need to wait and see. But I am confident that Micah tries to do his best!!! :-D
      And regarding your question. I bet you can decide after campaign ends via pledge/backer manager or e-mail questioning which one you want... DVD or BluRay. Same for me DVD player is region free... BluRay not. :-( But I also want the whole glory of BluRay of this gem! ;-)

    16. Missing avatar

      Mike Hansford
      on October 9

      Ouch, shipping to Australia is pretty obscene, but this looks really cool.

      With the region coding, will we know before we select Blu Ray/DVD?
      I have a DVD player that will play any region, but not a Blu Ray player.

    17. Bul on October 8

      55k SG! No problem we can do it! ;-) Want to see that spider and more visual and audio effects! :-D

    18. Bul on October 8

      Hopefully the awesome poster will be the DVD/BluRay cover or maybe alternative cover? ;-) What do you think Micah? :-D

    19. Bul on October 8

      @James: High Five!!! :-D
      So cool to see that an independent movie with heart power is still possible in this hollywood money business. The movie will be great for sure! You can see it in every piece from the cool poster which is not a cheap white poster with two persons like all romcoms or comedies, to all the effort the actors, creature effects and the whole team puts into the project! Can't stop writing because I am so happy for them! :-D

    20. James Smart on October 8

      Totally echo Julian's sentiments. A fantastic response. Well done Micah and colleagues!
      And a big high five to all fellow supporters!

    21. Bul on October 8

      Finally!!!! Congratulations Micah and the whole Team!!!! So awesome! I am so happy that this campaign finally reached it's goal. Totally worth for this awesome movie. :-D

    22. Sam Kurd on October 8

      Creeping closer!

    23. James Smart on October 8

      @Julian: I know....we're almost there!!!

    24. Bul on October 8

      I can't wait to see that we reached the goal... go go go! :-D

    25. Bul on October 7

      @James: Yes it is!!! So close! Can't wait to celebrate the reach of the goal with you guys!!! :-D
      @Katy: Good choice! ;-) It will be so cool!

    26. James Smart on October 7

      @Julian: I know...exciting isn't it! Keep checking back to see the tally.

    27. Katy Costello on October 7

      Brrrr... I'm TERRIFIED of spiders. So of course I HAD to back this movie as soon as I saw it! ���

    28. Bul on October 7

      Sooo cool to see that the campaign got a big boost! Not far from reaching its goal. Cmon! We can do it!!! :-D

    29. Bul on October 5

      @Nathan: Same for me. I saw the poster on bloody disgusting and was totally blown away. Some really nice artwork done and should be presented more! So cool! :-D

    30. Nathan Erickson
      on October 5

      So I saw the social media posts showcasing your glorious poster today, one from Bloody Disgusting, no less. That should be highlighted and shown here more prominently. It's a thing of beauty and drew a lot of online interest. We saw it for the tshirt design but not in its full color glory. Mr Peak did another phenomenal job and it seems to be best, most unique reward available.

      Anyhow, any way to get the poster shipped rolled at the $60 tier of the campaign succeeds? Unfortunately can't pledge at $250 right now for the signed poster shipped rolled in a tube. Have had a couple bad experiences here from posters that were shipped folded, in a box, in bubble mailers, carelessly, etc. yet the tubed ones have had no damage from transit. Would be willing to add a little for shipping if that could be done. Want to take no chances as far as that poster goes. One last quick q-Is the poster standard poster /one sheet size? Thanks and best of luck with the rest of the campaign!

    31. Bul on October 2

      @Micah: One site from Germany even did mention your movie and the campaign:
      :-D I am confident we can do it!

    32. Bul on September 27

      @Micah: Thank you! We know you do your best! Fingers crossed that you can make it happen!

    33. Micah Gallo Creator on September 26

      Hey guys I can't guarantee it right now it will be region free but I PROMISE if it's within my control I'll have it be region free. Thanks guys!

    34. Bul on September 26

      @James: I also asked Micah regarding region codes! I also hope it will cover all of them so we can watch it too! ;-) Would be also an argument for some unsure backers I guess!

    35. James Smart on September 26

      Many thanks for the update. As Julian said, you all seem very committed to bring all monster fans a film that they can really look forward to...and we certainly are! The quality looks so high across all aspects of production.

      Mentioning Arachnophobia reminds me that I had to import the Blu-ray of the film (as we don't have it at present in the UK) and luckily it was A/B/C regions. With that in mind, will the blu ray be all regions too? Many thanks.

    36. James Smart on September 26

      Yes, the spiders in Arachnophobia were very scary.....and BIG! This spider looks awesome. From what we've seen thus far it definitely gives me the the right way. Plus, the added bonus of being a spider goddess. Makes me think of the D&D episode called 'Hall of Bones' featuring Lolth, Demon Queen of spiders!

    37. Bul on September 26

      @Micah: Wohoooo. New update! Thank you very much! :-D Like you described in your video you are so connected to a movie when you work so long on it and I think the connection is even stronger when you make an independent movie. The way you make this awesome movie and taking care of the story and the characters is very important. Can't wait to see the final product! Also I am very excited to see behind the scenes footage and more details on making of the spider if this doesn't spoil anything? Next update... I am ready when you are! :-D

    38. Bul on September 26

      @James: Same for me. I cannot wait to see this gem! :-D And the good thing is that the spider looks very creepy like a real spider. That was the scary thing about "Arachnophobia" where you cannot see the spider all the time but you have the feeling that it is here watching you when they showed just the eyes... Awesome! :-D

    39. Micah Gallo Creator on September 25

      Thanks James! Really appreciate your support. Julian new update coming soon!

    40. James Smart on September 24, 2017

      Really looking forward to Itsy Bitsy. Any film in which children do battle with a prehistoric spider goddess is automatically a work of genius in my mind. Each time I revisit the campaign page and read about the film it excites me.

    41. Bul on September 22, 2017

      Micah: How is production going? Anything to share at the moment. ;-)

    42. Bul on September 17, 2017

      @Micah: No worries. The 3 J's are here to support you. ;-) We will share it with as many people as possible! Keep up the good work and looking forward for the next updates on the project! ;-)

    43. Micah Gallo Creator on September 15, 2017

      Hey James, Jared and Julian! Thanks so much guys. Yes we're hoping to premiere early 2018 but we need support from people in order to finish the movie. So fingers crossed we'll get there with the support of good people like you! Please share with everyone possible and thanks again for your support

    44. Bul on September 14, 2017

      @James: Welcome to the club! Yeah, I agree. Even if you are not a spider-fan you still can enjoy this movie because of the level of detail and heart Micah puts into this movie. We need more practical effects movies... I think it will be so scary and fun to watch this and this is all we need! :-D

    45. James Smart on September 13, 2017

      Must admit, I'm not too fond of spiders....but I simply had to back this film. I'm a huge fan of monster films and creature features so this is right up my street. Love the use of practical effects. The trailer looks absolutely amazing. It looks beautifully produced and filmed too. Excited and proud to be a backer.

    46. Jared Wayne Raun on September 11, 2017

      Glad to see you are so deep into the process on this one!

      Looking forward to seeing the finished product and many more to come.

    47. Bul on September 11, 2017

      @Micah: Already curious about your "top secret" plans! Can't wait! ;-)

      - Will the spider be more like a real spider just bigger, so no super natural spider? The reason why I ask is that I think a more realistic spider like creature is more frightening. If you can't tell that yet to not spoil anything, then it is totally fine. Don't spoil! That is priority. ;-)

      - I watched the clips on Youtube and I think it is a great thing that you have a new fresh cast, also love the idea that you have a female sherrif which brings a new fresh way into the story. Cast is really good!

      - The premiere of the movie will be in January, correct? Or will the premiere be earlier and the release of the Blu-Ray in January?

      Looking forward for the next updates! "Top Secret" surprises! :-D

    48. Micah Gallo Creator on September 9, 2017

      Thanks Julian! Exceeding our goal would be amazing! We do have some still "top secret" plans haha but great supporters like you will be in the loop on what we're doing

    49. Bul on September 7, 2017

      Wohoooo. First comment! ;-)
      It was absolutely necessary to back this project! Finally a good quality, scary spider creature feature with practical effects!
      The trailer already looked awesome!
      Any plans for a sequel already if the campaign reaches more than necessary? ;-)