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No more crazy airline baggage fees, carrying your surfgear or being dependant of surfshops? Rent from the locals through Shurfing now! Read more

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No more crazy airline baggage fees, carrying your surfgear or being dependant of surfshops? Rent from the locals through Shurfing now!

About this project

Shurfing is an online peer-2-peer sharing surfing platform which allows all surfers (kitesurfing/windsurfing/wavesurfing/stand-up-paddleboarding) to share their surfgear online and rent it out to others worldwide.

Surfers all over the world experience the same problem when travelling; major airline baggage costs for their surfgear and the hassle of carrying heavy equipment all over the world. Once decided not to take your surf gear an extensive search will start for surfshops who are willing to rent you surf equipment on your desired location. If they are willing to rent out, it is most of the time a ridiculous high price due to their monopoly in the area. 

No more carrying
No more carrying

We from Shurfing are kitesurfers and love to travel and are experiencing above frustrations over and over again. We believe that using a product is getting more important than owning a product and started this sharing surfing revolution to give the ability to surf everywhere in the world by renting from the locals.

On the 1st of January the minimum viable product (MVP) has been launched to create as much feedback from our first users. Within 10 days Shurfing counted 58 users from 13 different countries.

Users after 10 days online
Users after 10 days online

Momentarily Shurfing has over 120 users from 23 different countries using the MVP. Their feedback will be used for the second version that will be finished once the Kickstarter project has been succesfully funded. Once the second version has been launched Shurfing will focus on developing a mobile app for the “a la carte” campaign. Shurfing "a la carte" allows users not only to focus on the far destinations but also using the platform locally. This way local kitesurfers can try wavesurfing and vice versa. After launching our App we will have another big feedback round from our target group (14-60 year old surfers) to make the platform in line with the demand before copying the concept to other sports like bicycles, golfing and scuba diving.

With 5.000 euro we can finish the development of the second version of the webbased platform. Through Kickstarter we try to get backup from the crowd to finish this project so everyone can enjoy the freedom of surfing! If there will be over 100% of funding, the money will be used to start the development of our mobile application for Iphone and Android. Shurfing is expected to become the main surfing platform before the year 2015, the only thing we need is a little support and generosity from you to stimulate this green initiative! Help all the surfers in the world to make their life easier or start surfing yourself and leave that 15kg bag at home with your next holiday to reduce the CO2 emissions now!

See it, Share it, Surf it!

Risks and challenges

Development risks:
Shurfing is developing the whole platform from scratch. This could bring unexpected delays. From the start our developers have managed to make the announced deadlines for the MVP. The platform is getting more and more complex by the day and there might be deadlines in the future where the deadlines are in danger of being met. We have an extra standby team which can assist the development team when in need, this way we can address this team and ask to step in at any moment of time for a reasonable rate.

Product risks:
The products, which are shared on the platform, can be of high risk due to their users. If there are too many accidents in the first year where users crash each other’s gear and will not arrange compensation in a respectable manner this can do great harm to the reputation of the company. In our terms and conditions we mention several times that Shurfing is not responsible for any harm done to or by the shared gear by users. However we do advice to use a deposit and not rent out to people if the users do not trust the situation.
Mitigate the risk of damage is impossible due to the use of the users and accidents always happen. To mitigate the risk of reputational damage to the company we are currently working on a contract with an insurance company to implement insurance options for the gear of our users.

The risk always remains that another company will take Shurfings' concept and will compete with Shurfing. The problem they will face is that Shurfing is not charging our users any money for the "bastard" plan. Importantly Shurfing has the first mover advantage and a great response from the surfers’ community about the concept including media attention on big surfplatforms.

Marketing risks:
Shurfing’s targetgroup are the surfers who like to travel and surf ad-hoc. This includes windsurfing, kitesurfing, wavesurfing and SUP. At this point Shurfing aims at all these surfers, there is a chance that some surfers will be more interested in Shurfing than others. For example; it could be that SUP surfers are way more excited about the sharing thought due to their travelling than wave surfers. If it seems that wave surfers do not travel a lot and prefer to use their own gear this will be a major loss of time and money if Shurfing continues to market to a certain micro target group if it doesn’t bring us more users.
To mitigate this risk Shurfing will keep track of the amount of users from every sub target group. Shurfing will never exclude one of our target groups but might decide in a later stage to not market to these surfers if user numbers stay behind.

Growth risk:
Once launched the second version a growth of users within 6 months to 1000 is expected. The platform is being built for a massive amount of users from all parts of the world. The risk of growth is in getting our team together in a short time must Shurfing grow exponentially in a short time. The part time marketing staff will be no problem; the financial department can be easily covered due to the the founders' network in the financial industry. The main risk will be in the development part where maintenance of the platform is of great importance. Getting extra proper developers in a short time period is very difficult. To lower this risk the development team is already setting some lines to people who might be interested in helping out on a full time term.

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