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Uniquely stylish wireless earphones with premium sound and automated features for ultimate convenience.
Uniquely stylish wireless earphones with premium sound and automated features for ultimate convenience.
555 backers pledged $85,889 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on

      So happy to hear you're enjoying your Rozebuds Jasmine and that people are asking you about them – that’s encouraging for us! We’re currently working on a replacement pair which will have improved audio and sleeker controls so feel free to spread that info when someone else asks 😉 Sorry to hear the microphone is giving you issues though. We’ll follow up with a separate email and let you know your replacement options. Many thanks for loving your Rozebuds and posting about it!

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      Jasmine lawton on

      I love my rozebuds and use them every day. I’m not going to say they are the best earbuds I have ever used in terms of sound quality because they aren’t. When I first put them on there was quite a lot of static in with the music but after the first few times listening I no longer have this issue. The biggest issue for me is the microphone when I try to use it for calls every one says they can’t hear me. What I love about them is what you where trying to achieve. I have been told that they look cool asked where I got them. I like that when Someone comes to ask me a question at work I can quickly remove the earphone and don’t lose my place in my audiobook or podcast and I don’t have a tail as I walk around the office

    3. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on

      Hi Peter - just wanted to make sure you saw our response to your post on the Comments page. Happy New Year!

    4. Missing avatar

      Peter Tham on

      Happy New Year Team Rozebuds. Just get back to work and received my Early Bird Party Pack of 4x Rozebuds.

      First off, packaging is great and the items did look fine.
      However, to my dismay, all 4 Rozebuds I received suffered from incredibly bad audio quality.
      Bass is non-existence and the audio output is simply not acceptable for a basic modern headset. Clarity is very bad and obvious noise in it's output at all volume level.

      Also tested the microphone, the result is not good and it sounded like someone talking from a distance in a noisy places while we tested in a quiet office environment.

      Overall build quality is decent with great packaging but all 4 Rozebuds I received seems to suffered from the same audio quality defects.

      Kindly advice what else can be done?

    5. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on

      Hi Joseph,
      Many thanks for your enthusiasm and good wishes! We are so happy to hear how much enjoyment and pleasure the Rozebuds are bringing you.
      Thank you for taking the time to send through your feedback and for being part of the Rozebuds project!

    6. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on

      Hi Barbara,
      Thank you for your message.
      We have a remediation plan to address manufacturing defects from our first production run. We are working with a team of engineers, production and sourcing professionals to ensure that all issues are resolved. Addressing the faults from the first production run includes changes to sourcing, manufacturing processes, and more detailed quality assurance processes on the production line. When we are confident that all faults are addressed, we will arrange for a second production run of the first generation Rozebuds. We will post more information in January.
      In addition, we are receiving valuable feedback from backers regarding their Rozebuds experience. As with any new start up, it is the user experience that will guide our further development. Our Kickstarter community will be an important part of determining the style and features of the second generation Rozebuds. We hope that you will be part of this too. As an early supporter of Rozebuds, we are keen to hear of your Rozebuds experience and thoughts.
      We greatly appreciate your support and ongoing interest in the Rozebuds journey.

    7. Missing avatar

      Joseph Jimenez on

      This is great! Congratulations! You guys Did It!!!����
      I was surprised that I didn’t notice I was wearing the necklace. I popped them back in to listen to some New Order (Blue Monday and Temptation) and I’m hearing things on tracks I never noticed before. My Wife thinks they are very cool in her rose gold.
      They fit me perfectly (don’t fall out) and I’m happy.
      I wish you The Very Best! Tremendous success.

    8. Missing avatar

      Barbara Hinke on

      Well team, I'm a bit bummed. I waited for these 'rare' earfones and expected that they be exceptional, however after reading other owners along with others who put our money and trust into your project, we really did expect the best. I'm not even opening mine up, as 100% say there are a few issues consistently and I really don't want to be disappointed, and it certainly looks that way by other comments. I'd like to know (not needing to hear you 'hear our pain')how this is going to be remedied. What steps are you going to take to fix these issues....???

    9. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on

      Hi Christina,
      Many thanks for letting us know.
      As you are aware, we have identified that the audio has an unexpected manufacturing defect. We are working with our factory to rectify the problem and calibrate improvements for our next production run. We will provide you with a replacement pair then. We cannot yet commit to a timeframe, but will keep you updated as to the progress.
      There is no need to return them.

    10. Christina Dymond on

      I also have issues with the audio quality. Should I return or wait to hear. I don't want to keep using them if I then won't be able to return.

    11. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on

      Hi Nicola,
      Thanks so much for sending through the feedback. Backer inputs are so important to us as we work to remedy the production problems. The sound quality and length issues are being addressed ahead of the upcoming production run. We will keep you informed as to developments and timeline. We will of course provide you with a quality replacement. Many thanks for your support and patience as we work through these issues; and sincere apologies for the disappointment and inconvenience.

    12. Nicola McBlane

      I'd been wanting to to give them a fair shot, but had them for a week now, and unfortunately mine look to be affected by the sound quality issue . I'd noticed right away they were much shorter than I was expecting which I would have normally wanted to exchange them for anyway but since I already had to pay extra in customs charges , I was really hoping they would work out somehow. They otherwise seem really well made - hoping it was simply an error on the length and some sort of manufacturing issue with the sound quality

    13. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on

      Thanks for the feedback Doug! We certainly didn't intend this to be a frustrating or disappointing experience for any of our backers, just the opposite actually. We apologize for the unexpected quality issues with your Rozebuds and are working to ensure the replacement pair is in line with what we envisioned. Thanks for still supporting us through this situation!

    14. Doug Collins

      I love the idea of the Rozebuds, but I agree that the audio quality is marginal. I've tried repositioning them in my ears and still get very weak bass and the sound is tinny. I am also finding that the magnets aren't strong enough to keep them together - or the cord needs to be longer. I don't have a huge neck, but they keep coming apart. Frustrating. But I love the form factor and I am looking forward to Rozebuds 2.0 :)

    15. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on

      Hi Erin! We feel your pain, trust us. Our prototypes consistently received good reviews so something had to have gone wrong in the manufacturing and/or shipping process. Either way, we're looking into it and have every intention of remedying the issues. We're sorry to have disappointed you but will make it up to you in 2018!

    16. Erin O'Toole on

      Absolutely loved the look as soon as I put them on. I was really expecting the audio to be of the same quality but was so sorely disappointed. It was very tinny and did not sound good at all. I'm hoping (as I see in the other comments) that this is just a manufacturing problem.

    17. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on

      To Frank, Tristian, Chris, Larissa, Jeancarlo and Marsha, so sorry for the slow response and for the challenges you're having with your product. We do appreciate so much all the feedback and advice and have been engaged in numerous conversations on how to remediate the issues for future production. We have added each of you to our replacement list for the next run. We don't yet have timing for this as we are still looking at various solutions to address all the issues. We will communicate as soon as we know more. Our utmost thanks once again for all your support and your patience as we work to getting you the quality product you desire and that we aspire to.

    18. Marsha Tyszler

      I will hopefully be able to try my pair in the next few days and will report back. If there’s any positive note, Team Rozebuds clearly is listening to backers, taking feedback to heart, and is voicing their intentions to make things right somehow.

      It may pay for Team Rozebuds to recall the entire lot, insist that the manufacturer refund all costs associated with their shoddy work and find another one that’ll take more care in building Rozebuds — after all, if the current manufacturer didn’t get most of the order with the quality and specs that were agreed upon via the Golden Sample, who is to say it won’t happen again? I’ve seen other campaigns go through a similar scenario and the best resolution was finding a new manufacturer. It’s not normal to have so many defects from various stages of the assembly line (ie: audio issues, Bluetooth connection dropping, casing irregularities, etc.), and it never should have happened. That’s why responsible manufacturers slowly scale production until they produce at least less than 10% of units with defects.

      Anyway, I have no doubt that we won’t all get satisfaction somehow. This campaign has been stellar at every stage. Things like lousy manufacturers happen and shouldn’t tarnish Rozebuds good name. :-)

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeancarlo Gonzalez

      Hello rosebud team. I helped fund rosebuds I got two one for me and one for my girlfriend and we are having some issues. The audio quality isnt how we expected a lot of the times I have trouble hearing her and vise versa. She sounds like she is distant a lot of the time dispute speaking into the microphone on the rose buds and I do the same. I dont know if its an issue with the microphone or the hearing quality though but its not the results we expected. Is there something that can be done?

    20. Richard Medema on

      Dear Rosebud team,

      After the bad update you described, another issue came along even before I can try the rozebuds. My package is at a pickup point, waiting for me to pay €30,69 for customs clearance costs....That would make the, probably not zo good as expected earphones, very expensive. Can you please tell me what to do now?

      Kind regards, Richard

    21. Missing avatar

      Larissa Way on

      Mine have paint chips and the audio quality is poor at best. It’s very difficult to take or make a call and hear anything other than crackling on either end. It’s disappointing to say the least. :-(

    22. Chris

      Given them a chance to burn in but still not the greatest sound. I think if I could get them to stay put and well into the ear the sound would be better, pushing them in and holding them there certainly helps. But the tips are quite large and do not stay in place well. The concept is great and as a necklace I forget they are there but I haven't been using them for listening to music. Also phone calls were reported as being "crackly".

    23. Tristian on

      My partner was using his for only a few hours before the sound volume dropped out in one ear. He can't use them now.
      Thank you for putting so much work into these, but obviously the manufacturer didn't take the same level of care. I hope you're able to figure out replacements/repairs at some point soon.

    24. Missing avatar

      Franck Tatto on

      I just received mu earphones and I went from excitement to total disappointment in 1/2 hour.
      1) ergonomie : no matter what position I put it inside my ear, it will fall. Plus, the cable is pulling one side or the other on every movement (never happened with my other bt earphones).

      2) extremely poor audio quality with a total lack of bass.

      3) microphone transmit all the sounds around, the person on the other side of the line can barely understand what you say.

      Very nice packaging.
      Hopefully it is possible to return it or I’ll sell it.

    25. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on

      Hi Irving...We feel your pain, we really do. The only explanation we have at this point is that it is a manufacturing defect that they will have to rectify. We know it's no consolation in the immediate but we will do everything we can to make this right.

    26. Missing avatar

      Irving Milgrom on

      Sound quality leaves a lot to be desired.
      Very tinny with no depth
      Not really happy