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Uniquely stylish wireless earphones with premium sound and automated features for ultimate convenience.
Uniquely stylish wireless earphones with premium sound and automated features for ultimate convenience.
Uniquely stylish wireless earphones with premium sound and automated features for ultimate convenience.
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    1. Rozebuds, Inc Creator 2 days ago

      Hi Jen - No need to apologize for letting us know your Rozebuds don't work as intended - you should definitely let us know. We're just sorry they didn't work properly! We'll reach out with a separate email to let you know your options on receiving a new pair of Rozebuds. Sorry again!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jen Schlegel
      3 days ago

      Hello! I’m sorry to complain; however, only one of my earbuds works? What I mean is that audio only comes through one ear. Help, please.

    3. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on February 13

      Hi Jessica - Hate to hear they're unusable as we'd hoped you'd be able to use them all the time. So sorry you aren't able to use them! We'll follow up with an email going over your options for a new pair of Rozebuds. Thank you for your two cents - it all helps!

    4. Jessica Hu on February 13

      Hi, I thought I'd let you guys know that I pretty much never use them since they kept falling out of my ears (I wasn't even moving) and the sound quality wasn't the quality I expected. I feel like the earbuds would fit better if the mould was was a bit more flexible as everybody's ears have different sizes (heck, it's not unusual to have different ear sizes even in one individual), though I do understand that it might be hard considering how they magnetise. But that's just my 2 cents.

    5. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on February 12

      Hi Nick - So sorry the fit is an issue for your Rozebuds but thanks for letting us know. We're in the very early stages of re-designing the earbuds to allow for an easier fit. We'll follow up with a separate email and let you know your options for receiving new Rozebuds. Sorry for any frustration your Rozebuds have caused!

    6. Missing avatar

      Nick on February 11

      I ordered 2 sets of Rosebudz, one for my wife and one for myself. We both have problems with the smooth ear pieces coming easily out of the ears. Any movement whatsoever causes them to fall out. It almost seems like there needs to be a different material around the ear pieces to help them stay put. Unfortunately we do not use them because of this. Hopefully you can fix.

    7. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on February 8

      Hi Susan – We’re sorry to hear your Rozebuds weren’t a total success. Thank you for taking the time to let us know though and for your project compliments. Funny timing on your second point – we were just emailing with our manufacturer about it earlier this week. Our new project manager is eager to fix unexpected quality issues from the first production run; we’re hopeful that he can. We’ll reach out in a follow-up email to let you know your options on receiving improved Rozebuds.

    8. Missing avatar

      Susan B Harty on February 8

      I ordered four sets of earbuds and I have a mixed review. Your work has been excellent in handling unforeseen problems with production and in communicating to backers. My husband looked at the campaign but was surprised at the size of the battery pack, but I don't consider this a flaw since it was clear in the campaign and more his expectation that was off. The product we received has the following issues:

      1. One white/rose gold 17" set have a fit issue. One bud is too big to fit in my ear canal. I sometimes need to use one medium and one small silicone bud in each ear so I was prepared for a different "feel" in each ear, but because the buds are smooth metal instead of silicone, they do not stay in the ear very well. Turning my head often results in the bud in the smaller canal falling out.

      2. Two of the sets (one 17" white/rose gold and one 20" black/silver) have the ear buds set 180-degrees apart on the cord. The result is that when they are angled to insert in the ears, there is a slight twist in the cord and I believe this is adding to the pull that is causing them to slip out of the ear canals.

      Two of the sets were gifts and are very well-received. They are getting frequent use and are being enjoyed. One user said he sometimes accidentally hangs up calls when he pulls the magnet apart because they slip out of his hand and reconnect but says that's a "user error" and not a problem with the product.

      Overall, I am really happy with these. I would suggest that you make the buds with a more matte and therefore "grippy" finish in future models.

    9. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on February 6

      Hi Pat – Let us first apologize for the sub-par experience you’re having with your Rozebuds. We wish you would have had an entirely different, wholly enjoyable experience – so sorry that was not the case. Thank you for taking the time to share your constructive feedback; it genuinely goes a long way in helping us improve.

      We are currently working with our manufacturing company to address the issues you mentioned. Given changes within their company, we are hopeful the next production run can be successful. We will follow up with a separate email to go over your options for a new pair of Rozebuds. Thank you for your encouragement and understanding!

      Hey Aiden – Apologies for not seeing this post before we responded to your Kickstarter message. Let us know if you have any additional questions and sorry again for your disappointing Rozebuds experience! Thanks for the compliment too!

    10. Missing avatar

      Aiden Quinn on February 6

      Hey there;

      Initially I didn’t want to submit a ‘complaint’, because I figured I would be the only one having an issue. But I will say that I used my Rozebuds once, and only once, for the following reasons:

      1. The buds kept falling out of my ears
      2. The magnetic closure was not strong enough and kept coming undone. I kept having to retrieve the buds from down my shirt or off the floor. I stopped wearing them because I was afraid I would lose them, which I felt was the exact opposite of the intent behind this product.

      I didn’t realize there was a replacement project happening, and was wondering how I could become a part of it.

      Thanks for all the transparency and communication. Ive has some bad experiences with Kickstarter, but y’all have been great.

    11. Missing avatar

      Napat Karnchanachari on February 6

      Dear Rozebuds,

      I have just got around to using my Rozebuds a week ago. I have been giving it the benefit of the doubt and patience to see if I would get used to it. It comes to me as a surprise as I read the comments about your product as I thought I would be only one having audio issues and a sub-par experience. I will try to be as constructive as possible.

      Firstly, I just wanted to mention that I really admire what you guys are doing and trying to add new ideas to an otherwise stagnant technology. There are things that went well. The auto stop/play feature for me worked very well and was fairly happy with it. The magnetic connection was acceptable but can be stronger.

      However, there were more disappointments than successes, unfortunately. As I said before the audio quality is not acceptable. I understand that the main feature of this product is automating the earphone experience but this should not mean that the audio quality diminishes.

      The earpiece keeps falling out of my ear. I think this is due to the shape and the material. Moreover, since it is made out of metal it is a very unpleasant experience to put on the Rozebuds in cold weather.

      Lastly, the main housing of the Rozebuds - the cylindrical component in the middle that I assume houses most of the electronics - is large and clunky. It does not sit well when you wear it as a necklace. It is very light and I feel like there is a lot of empty space that can go into reducing the size of this particular component.

      I hope you take all of this into consideration. Work hard and I really think you can get this right. I will be eagerly waiting.


    12. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on February 5

      Hi J sha – Many apologies for all the issues you’re having with your Rozebuds. We certainly did not intend our first production run to go so haywire. Unfortunately, it sounds as if you received a particularly defective pair as the battery life is up to 6 hours and oftentimes longer. We are currently working with our manufacturer to address the quality issues you mentioned and hope to have an improved version available this Spring. We’ll send a follow-up email to go over your options on receiving a new pair of Rozebuds in the future.

      As far as the taxes go, we understand your frustration but there was no legal way around it for the initial production run. During our campaign, we should have done a better job informing potential backers of possible taxes instead of just writing it once in the shipping section. Lesson learned! We are looking into how best to get future pairs to our backers. Sorry for your disappointment and frustration!

    13. Missing avatar

      js on February 5

      Forgot to mention I have to pay £45 for import tax...
      J sha

    14. Missing avatar

      js on February 5

      Hi, after trying out my long awaited rozebuds for a week I have to said I'm rather disappointed with the quality of the sound and it keeps switching off while I'm having a conversation. Sometimes it doesn't even connect, which lead me to think the battery runs out quite quickly, the control button to switch on and off isn't that responsive... on top of this while I'm wear it on the neck it keeps coming loose, the magnetic ear piece doesn't seems strong enough to hold them together...
      Please kindly advise...
      J sha

    15. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on February 5

      Hi Michele - We hoped you would receive a pair that worked as well! We hoped everyone would. So very sorry that it didn't turn out that way. If you get a chance, please check out our update we posted this morning regarding how we plan to make things right with our backers that received less-than-desirable Rozebuds. We'll follow up with a separate email as well to go over your options on how to receive an improved pair of Rozebuds in the future. Sorry again for letting you down!

    16. Michele J. Budd on February 5

      I have waited until now to post my review, the product has NOT lived up to the expectation I had of it. I am on the phone a lot, and the quality is very poor. After a few days of using these just while sitting at my desk, and not moving around, I had to go back to my over the ear bluetooth for phone calls. Part of the issues I had in addition to the garble sound was the fact that the earbuds would not stay in my ears. Please advise me as to what to do with this defective product? I had hoped that the one I received would be one of the ones that worked. Alas I was just not that lucky.

    17. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on February 5

      Hi Franco – We absolutely hear you and are working to fix the reported issues. We’re so sorry your first experience with Rozebuds was a disappointing one. We’ll send a follow up email to let you know your options to receive improved Rozebuds in the future.

      Hi Christopher – Your post definitely sums up the frustration some of our backers are experiencing. Genuinely so sorry you ended up being so annoyed with them that you threw them away. Our goal is definitely not to have Rozebuds end up in the trash! So sorry!! Not sure if you saw our update posted this morning but we outlined our plans to rectify the manufacturing issues and set things right with our backers who had an unfortunate first Rozebuds experience. We’ll follow up with a separate email to let you know your options to receive an improved pair of Rozebuds in the future. Hopefully the next round can stay out of the trash. Also, thanks for letting us know you didn’t see the information on our campaign page regarding backers having to pay import costs. We’ll definitely make it more prominent if we go the Kickstarter route again.

      Hi Linda – Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and, unrelated, for the work you do in your community. We’re so sorry for the disappointing experience you had. We had no intention of creating a shoddy pair of earphones and we’re working hard to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Thank you for sticking by us though and giving us another chance! We’ll follow up with a separate email to get things squared away for your next pair of improved Rozebuds.

      Hi Jennifer – So sorry you aren’t able to scooter around with your Rozebuds. It’s a cute visual that we hope we can make a reality with our Version 2 Rozebuds. We’ll follow up with a separate email to go over your options on receiving a pair of improved Rozebuds in the future. Sorry again they didn’t work out for you!

    18. Missing avatar

      Jennifer brown on February 5

      I am disappointed in the general design of the buds. The magnet seems not very strong and there isn’t any way to custom fit the buds in different size ears. Additionally since a majority of the components are located in the middle of the teather connecting the ear pieces, it pulls the bud out of my ears and falls off of me very easily. I want these to ride my bike and scooters but that will not be possible if they fall out of my ears while riding.

    19. Missing avatar

      Linda Diaz on February 5

      Hello Rozebuds,

      I was happy to receive my Rozebuds and to properly test them, I have waited until now to provide my feed back.

      I do a lot of Suicide and Anti-Bullying Events/Speaking engagements which means, I am constantly on my phone speaking with families in crisis. While the the style is most appealing, the below are the issues that I have, when it comes to the Rozebuds:

      1. The design of the microphone often causes me to have to disconnect from my Rozebuds because the quality is not good. Either the person sounds faded to me or the person on the other can hardly hear me. I would have both buds in each ear.

      2. The weather also has an effect on the metal ear buds. If hot or cold, this is what I feel when I attempt to use them. I need to make the buds comfortable before placing them in to be used.

      3. The communication is not great. If I happen to walk away from my phone and go into another room, sometimes I get a single vibration and sometimes I do not. None the less, I had no idea what that single vibration indicated as the Rozbud had no data to provide me. I discovered this after multiple times of having to reconnect my Rozebuds.

      3. The design could use more work as far as magnetic hold. The buds can be pulled apart and away from my neck, should another metal object be near.

      4. It is very difficult to understand how much batter life is left as there is no indicator when low or fully charged.

      5. Although the control information was provided, the style makes it difficult to properly to ensure which side had the controls, if removed by other metal objects( when kneeling etc... ) and quickly put back on.

      6. The buds are very difficult to remain in my ear

      7. At times the buds do not respond when I attempt to answer or end a call.

      The above are the issues that I have and although I appreciate supporting you, I am disappointed in the over all product but I am sure that you will absolutely reach your goal as there is no greater foundation made, unless there are some fractures to fix.

      Best regards,

    20. Missing avatar

      Christopher Malin on February 5

      I was very excited to receive my Rozebuds, but am sorry to say that I was really disappointed...

      Firstly, I had to pay an extra £30 or so in tax charges to receive them; not really your fault, but frustrating to say the least as I was neither forwarned not prepared for that extra cost.

      Secondly the sound and manufacturing quality is very poor, and I noted they were a huge step back on the quality of the earphones they were to replace that came with my phone.

      Finally, they simply don't stay in. In fact, having used them for three days hoping I would get used to the sound and how to put them in my ears, they fell out on to the floor outside a cafe. I picked them up for the six hundredth time and right there and then threw them in the bin. It was the most satisfying moment of my three days with the Rozebuds ☺️

    21. Missing avatar

      Franco Torpoco on February 5

      I've bought 3 pairs, 2 worked fine except if the phones were in our pockets, so we had to walk with our phones in our hands or the sound would be cut-off every 4-5 seconds. Which makes it annoying and kind of pointless for a bluetooth earphones.
      The other one had audio issues, that were just not worth using them.
      I hope to hear back from you to solve these issues, since they were not cheap.

    22. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on January 29

      Hi Dejric - Our apologies for the horrible sound quality of your Rozebuds. Unfortunately, the audio issue appears to be a general problem that we are working to fix. We're sorry that your first experience with Rozebuds has been such a disappointing one but we are working hard to make sure that doesn't happen again. We'll follow up in a separate email to go over your replacement options.

    23. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on January 29

      Hi Jayme - We're so sorry for the terrible experience you're having with your Rozebuds. We understand and empathize with your frustration completely. Our first production run did not turn out as we expected and we are working with the manufacturer to fix the issues. Please know that we did not set out to create a sub-par product; our manufacturer was not able to deliver the consistent high quality that was expected. We'll follow up in a separate email to go over your replacement options. Our sincere apologies for the defective pairs you received.

    24. Missing avatar

      Dejric on January 29

      i revceived a set of rozebuds but i'm disappointed. First the Sound is terrible, and after 1 week only one speaker works. Fact is, in this case the rozebuds is usless to me....... is this a general problem or what can I do?

    25. Missing avatar

      Jayme Flores on January 27

      I purchased 2 sets of rozebuds and was beyond excited to be receiving them.... what a HUGE disappointment. I've had then for about 2 months now and upon receiving them, one pair didn't work. One ear piece had no sound. The second set worked But The sound quality was horrible. I figured i just use them for books on tape instead of music. I've tried on several different occasions to use them(even laying in bed not moving) and they won't stay in my ears for more then 30 seconds. Even if i push them in very had, they just slip right out. There's no grip to help them stay in and they are also too large for my ear canal. My $30 was buds off Amazon sound AMAZING compared to these and come with small interchangeable ear pieces. I have NEVER left a bad review on something but I figured I'd warn anyone else who hasn't received theirs yet.
      Rozebuds, I'd like a full refund. These are completely useless to me.

    26. Missing avatar

      Mary on January 26

      Sorry the email got away from me before I finished....I received your follow up email. The solution although not immediate, demonstrated that you care and valued me as a customer. This will certainly go a long way in branding and customer loyalty. Thanks again, it is refreshing to receive such exemplary customer service

    27. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on January 26

      Our pleasure and thank you Mary!

    28. Missing avatar

      Mary on January 26

      I received tour follow up email. Thank you again for the levell of care you show your customers which will certainly help to build your brand and customer loyalty base. Pmease

    29. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on January 26

      @Erin - We hear you, we totally do. We're so sorry that the audio in your Rozebuds is abominable. To our shame, we had no idea our manufacturer would not be able to consistently replicate the audio quality of our prototypes. Our genuine apologies. Sorry the fit isn't working out for you either - what a total disappointment for you all around. We'll follow up with a separate email to go over your replacement options. Sorry again!!

    30. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on January 26

      @Mary - We deeply apologize that your Rozebuds were a total disappointment. We did not set out to disappoint any of our backers and absolutely hate that our manufacturer let us down so tremendously. We'll follow up with a separate email to go over your replacement options. Thank you for your confidence in our customer service!

    31. Missing avatar

      Erin on January 26

      I purchased two Rosebuds. The sound quality is so horrible that I cannot tolerate using them. My $30 And $50 bluetooth ear buds blow these away. On top of the horrible sound quality the metal Earle pieces do not make a good fit and also the metal is cold And uncomfortable on your ear. These headphones need tips to help with for and comfort. I wasted $200 on the Rosebuds and will not be using them. I would like a refund. Poorly designed and rank below my cheapest pair of Bluetooth headphones.

    32. Missing avatar

      Mary on January 26

      I am very disappointed in the Rosebuds. I am unable to use them. They are too big. Regardless of how they are positioned , I am unable to get a snug fit. They fall out or are pulled out by the weigh of the battery housing. The improper fit diminishes the sound quality. My Rozebuds are sitting on my dresser as I have returned to my previous earbuds. Based on upon my customer experience with you, I am confident that the dissatisfaction that I and others have expressed will be resolved.

    33. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on January 23

      @Jeancarlo - Our apologies for the issues you and your girlfriend are having with your Rozebuds. We'll follow up with an email to go over your replacement options. Thank you for backing us during the campaign!

    34. Missing avatar

      Jeancarlo Gonzalez on January 23

      I bought two rose buds during the campaign and my girlfriend and I have been trying our best to deal with the lack of hearing each other but we are having a harder and harder time standing it.

    35. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on January 22

      Hi Rebecca,
      So sorry to hear the fit isn't working out for you and your friends/family. We're currently working on a Version 2 Rozebuds that will have a more mainstream fit. We'll send you a follow up email to give you a bit more info and go over your replacement options. Thank you for your generous support though and sorry again they were a bust for you.

    36. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on January 22

      Hi Jeanette,
      Bizarrely they seem to have been returned to New York when they weren't picked up at your local post office. We'll email you with more info and figure out the best way to get this sorted. Sorry for the annoyance!

    37. Missing avatar

      Rebecca on January 22

      I purchased three Rozebuds. All of us are unable to wear them due to their inability to stay in our ears. We have tried everything, and aside from propping them up and remaining absolutely immobile, they just will not stay put. The way they are, I am afraid that none of us are able to use them.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jeanette Hilliger on January 21

      When can expect delevery?

    39. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on January 20

      Dear Kumar, sorry for the delayed response. We’re so glad to hear that your Rozebuds are working great, but very sorry to learn about your issues with customs and the aesthetic. As far as the customs fee goes, we state under the rewards section that "Shipping and other costs of import such as tariffs are not included in the prices" and this is also repeated within each of the pledge options with the note “that additional fees may apply to cover local tariffs, duties and taxes.”

      For the color confusion, if you look at the section on our campaign labelled “Two options to start with” we show how the option for silver buds with black cord would appear when it is worn. This is the same image we showed for the survey at the end of the campaign. The black buds product is shown under the stretch goal section, which was not achieved and has not yet been manufactured for this reason. For the product you have, you can elect to wear the necklace with the black battery housing as the pendant and that should remove your concern. Again, we’re sorry for the confusion and if you wish to follow up with any further questions, please email as at

    40. Missing avatar

      Kumar Mangalam Lamboria on January 18

      hi, i have just received the rozebuds 2-3 days back, and though they are working great, i have had a few issues with them. First of all i had to pay extra for customs i.e. around 50 dollars which was a surprise as this should be covered and nowhere it was mentioned that ill have to pay the customs. It was marked customs to be paid, i believe i had already paid extra inclusive of everything to be delivered to india. Also though the earphones are a bit slippery the biggest issue im having with them is that when you wear them, it looks like something a locket which moslems wear. It woudnt have mattered except im not one and feels awkward to me and everyone around me when i wear it. This woudnt have happened if the if earbuds were of black colour has shown in your promotional video. Since its silver it has become totally unusable for me. I hope you understand the problem. It would be great if you can refund the money, if not please do send the next pair with the proper aesthetics as i have paid a considerable amount of money and would still love to use it. Under the present circumstance im not able to use it at all. Seeing that i had to pay 50 dollars extra,im sure you can manage it either ways. Lastly i didnt know how to pm you so have to post it here. Can send you the receipt for the 50 dollars if you like on your email. Thanks

    41. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on January 17

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Thank you for taking the time to post your thoughtful and encouraging feedback. It’s always nice to hear our backers like the aesthetics and design, so thank you! So sorry about the volume control issue though. That’s no good at all! You definitely received a faulty pair – our apologies for that. We’ll send a follow up email to go over your replacement options. Thank you again for appreciating our design and being a loyal Kickstarter supporter. Rozebuds could not have come to life without people like you!

    42. Missing avatar

      Kathy on January 17

      I just want to say that they did get in touch with me by email about my concerns and gave me different resolution options. Thank you for being a great Creator and following up on your promises.

    43. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on January 17

      Hey Arrrrr32 – Love your ingenuity and the reusing of eartips! Just sorry your Rozebuds didn’t fit properly in the first place. We’re in the very early design stages of a Version 2 Rozebuds where we will be addressing the earbud fit issue. We’ll definitely consider your o-ring suggestion – thanks! Happy to hear your Bluetooth is performing as intended – ours also works way better than other products out there so we were surprised to hear some backers were having issues. Thanks for the support!

    44. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on January 17

      Hi Kathy,
      Thanks for enjoying the overall design concept but sorry to hear they aren't really working out for you :( I'll follow up with a separate email to go over options to replace your current pair. Sorry for the disappointment!

    45. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Beverly on January 17

      I received mine about four weeks ago but have only been using them for a few days. They look great, and the tips fit my small ear canals perfectly and comfortably--which is unusual. As for the sound quality, they are just fine. The big drawback is that my pair has no ability to change the volume. The +/- buttons change nothing, so I'm grateful that the permanent volume is moderate. Of course, I would never knowingly buy earphones with no volume control, but I want you to receive this feedback. I really admire innovators, and enjoy supporting Kickstarter projects that I find artful, useful, or inspiring. I felt ROZEBUDS combined a desire to balance aesthetics, comfort, and functionality in a really interesting manner--it's hard to be original with something as "common" as earbuds. I too would have been more than willing to wait for your team to be perfectly satisfied with your product before receiving a pair. The concept is sweet and really almost there! Congratulations on that. But are there any suggestions about the volume issue? Thanks so much. And here's to your continued success.

    46. Missing avatar

      Arrrrr32 on January 17

      I received mine about a six weeks ago. I also have the problem of them falling out of my ear, the ear tip is just too small for my ear canal. The sound quality was good when it was pushed tight in my ear but was not so good as soon as they slipped out a bit. I did find a solution to both problems. I have many eartips lying around from all the headphones I've had over the years. I found a pair thatwere thin and flexible with a relatively large center hole. I was able to stretch them enough to fit over the end of the Rozebuds. They are basically a robber gasket on the end of the Rosebud and they provide just enough of a soft seal to hold tightly in my ear, and to seal to provide better sound.
      For future versions I would suggest making a little groove a millimeter or so from the end of the earbud, and provide a set of varying size soft o-rings that fit very tightly around the tip. maybe something as wide as 1.5mm or so to have a large enough surface to hold in the ear. This would provide the grip to hold and the seal to keep the sound in.
      I am not a fan of bluetooth headsets, the performance is often pretty poor, but as far as signal strength and overall performance these have been much better than others I have tried. Overall I'm happy, now that I have solved the fit problem. I also just purchased a phone without a headphone jack so these will get much more use than they would have otherwise

    47. Missing avatar

      Kathy on January 16

      Hi --
      I'm also disappointed with the sound quality :(
      In addition, the buds don't stay in my ear -- I think the back of the item is to heavy/bulky and therefore causes the buds to be more likely to fall out.
      I think the idea is wonderful, just needs a little more work. The way it is currently, I'm not sure if I will use them.


    48. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on January 15

      Hi Chema ! Sending you many thanks - Thank you for understanding what it is like to try to bring a product to market, pitfalls and all! Thank you for sharing your reasoning behind supporting us as we work through these issues - it helps build a tighter knit backer community. Thank you for your ongoing encouragement as we work through fixing the issues. Thank you!!

    49. Chema Del Barco on January 15

      Hi again,

      Thanks for your replies, both in the comments board and by mail. If there is one thing both my partner and I agree about your product is that the idea is conceptually great and that if you're able to fix the problems in V1 it can become a great product. I am a professional software test manager, so I do understand the concept of failure and how it can bring us to real success if we can own it and learn from it. I also understand how many things can go wrong when trying to deliver such an ambitious product with a small amount of people involved. That is why, despite the initial frustrations, thanks to your commitment to make it right to your backers I am willing to wait for your V2 whenever it's ready. I believe in what you can achieve with a bit more time.

      I wanted also to say that I am backing several projects in Kickstarter (mostly videogames and gagdets) and I personally would rather wait longer for a polished product than receiving something that is clearly not at the level either you or your backers were expecting. I have backed videogames that are taking 2-3 years to be completed but have delivered amazingly well afterwards, and then everything else is forgiven. I do believe that it's perfectly fine because your true backers understand the complexity of these products and that it takes many try and error to get it right.

      So yes, I would be happy to receive a pair of V2's at the end of this year or in 2019, and your commitment to make it right is so important to me that I wanted to write this here as well, so that people also realizes that you're owning your mistakes -even if they might not be directly yours-, and that you will make it right in the V2. I hope more people backs you in the upcoming versions, and don't get discouraged by making mistakes.


      Chema del Barco

    50. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on January 15

      Hi Chema,
      We are so sorry to have missed your Facebook messages last week! Not sure how we missed them but we definitely did, otherwise we would have responded in a much quicker fashion. Customer service is our priority and we never would have purposefully ignored your message. Again, our apologies!

      As for the shipping, we paid $55.44 to ensure your Rozebuds would arrive 6-10 days after shipping and could be tracked (yours shipped December 13th). We’ll reach out to USPS to see why it took a month for you to receive them. We definitely understand your frustration over the customs charges as well. Unfortunately, those costs are out of our hands unless until we can arrange for a European satellite office. We’re currently working on that but as you can imagine, it takes a bit of time to set up.

      Now to the Rozebuds issues – let us start with sincere apologies there as well for letting you and a lot of our other backers down. It was certainly not our intention to ship a defective product. We worked endlessly for three years to bring Rozebuds to market and to have it tarnished by inconsistent quality standards from our manufacturer, it’s hard to describe our disappointment. We say this not to engender pity but to simply let you know we understand, we also aren’t at all pleased with how this first production run turned out.

      We are currently working to resolve all the issues you’ve raised with priorities being the sound quality and fit. The sound quality of the prototypes and of the ones we tested on the production floor genuinely sounded great. Smiles went ear to ear on anyone that tested them! Such a tremendous let down for mass production though. As evidenced by the feedback, our manufacturer was not able to consistently produce good quality sound. We’ve been working since the first negative review came in to fix this issue and we're making headway.

      Thank you for giving us the chance to redeem ourselves. We’ll follow up with a separate email to go over which future Rozebuds you and your significant other would like to receive.

      Thank you also very much for your continued support, especially after such a disappointing first experience. We greatly appreciate it!

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