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Uniquely stylish wireless earphones with premium sound and automated features for ultimate convenience.
Uniquely stylish wireless earphones with premium sound and automated features for ultimate convenience.
Uniquely stylish wireless earphones with premium sound and automated features for ultimate convenience.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Karsten Specht 4 days ago

      Great news. Really looking forward to have it on my neck. Best - Karsten

    2. Rozebuds, Inc Creator 6 days ago

      @Karsten Thanks for reaching out! All signs point to go for shipping before December - we're receiving our last round of samples this week before we go into mass production in, fingers crossed, October. At this point, we have every reason to believe we can deliver a little early - let's hope that stays the case!

    3. Missing avatar

      Karsten Specht on September 18

      Guys, how are things with production? Could you please share a short note where you are in your plans? Thanks

    4. Missing avatar

      Mary on August 9

      Could we please have an update?

    5. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on June 28

      Thanks Brandon! We're pretty excited over here :)

    6. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on June 25

      ahhh, thanks Rochelle! We're excited to get them to you!

    7. Rochelle Denman Kyniston on June 24

      Can't wait to be the first one on my block to have a set of Rozebuds!

    8. Daniel Apolinario on June 23

      Good day, I have sent you a private message. Hope you can help me out. Thanks

    9. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on June 22

      No problem!! Thanks for letting us know the reason. Always good to get to get constructive feedback! Cheers!

    10. Missing avatar

      Cecilian Lee on June 22

      I see! Great concept and design but due to limited funds and this project not meeting all my demands, I'm sorry to say I am pulling out. I'll keep an eye out for future projects from you guys and if you manage to implement the features I mentioned, I'll be one of the first to back you!

      Cheers and good luck!

    11. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on June 20

      Hi Cecilian! Sorry for not getting back to you faster! The first edition RB won't be able to alert you to texts or other notifications and there's no ability to listen to them either. Great idea for the next round though!

    12. Missing avatar

      Cecilian Lee on June 20

      Hi not sure if this has been answered yet but the necklace picks up phone calls, but will it alert you to text/whatsapp/other notifications and can you listen to those notifications?

    13. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on June 14

      @ChemaDelBarco - thanks for the appreciation! and the app idea! We'll absolutely consider it for a future release. For now though, we've reached a stable state with our prototypes and are going to focus on the features that are currently included to avoid any risk of destabilizing Rozebuds. As shown in the vid, the travel time really is negligible so we can't see it being a major concern for the first release.

    14. Chema Del Barco on June 14

      Hi guys,

      First of all thanks for doing this. It looks really awesome!

      Looking at your last post about the delay between necklace to ears, wouldn't it make sense to add at least a 1 second delay between detaching the earplugs in necklace mode and resume/start playing music? Ideally you would have an app to set the time up by yourself but I understand it would delay everything... But at least 1 second delay makes sense, because you're gonna take at least that to get the headphones to the ear.


    15. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on June 9

      Thanks Hilary! One of the reasons we chose this manufacturer was they seemed almost as dedicated to bringing Rozebuds to life as we were/are. Fingers crossed our Dreamy Timeline comes true!

    16. Missing avatar

      Hilary Satz on June 9

      Very impressed to read that you may be able to deliver earlier than anticipated.

    17. Moose Man on May 27


      Thanks and I understand completely. I'll enjoy watching this develop.

    18. Shawn McGinnis on May 27

      Yah :) many lost expensive chords to my kitty too. My favs were the latest jaybirds. Onboard sound profile (app controlled) and fit so nice. But nope kitty thought they where tasty.

      Thanks for looking into braided chords.

    19. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on May 27

      @Joerg - thanks for the great feedback. Love that you enjoyed them!

    20. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on May 27

      @Moose Man - I totally get it as my partner has a pretty big neck size as well. For our first release we were trying to get two cord lengths that would suit as many people as possible. In the future we will definitely aim to broaden our range.

    21. Moose Man on May 26

      I love the concept but must state that I have a 20 inch neck so there is no way that I'd actually fully support. I'd like to see 24 inches.

      Granted I'm in the minority but if you fully look at the USA demographics, am I?

    22. Missing avatar

      Joerg Tillmann on May 22

      I had the opportunity to try a prototype over the weekend. The sound quality is excellent and they actually look as good as they appear in the images. The auto play feature works really well (this is going to be SO convenient) and the magnets click in and are strong enough to hold the necklace in place. I've always had trouble getting earbuds to stay in and be comfortable, but these buds were different. Great fit and comfort. In full disclosure, I am close to the founders, but I was very happy with my first touch & feel and the sound check of the actual prototype.

    23. Collaborator on May 21

      @Jayme - ohh bad kitty! We're going to look into the braided cord suggestion which will hopefully deter any future chews. and we promise not to coat them in cat nip ;)

    24. TalkNerdyToMe
      on May 20

      It would be good if they were chew resistant too. I lost my favorite pair of Bose earbuds to one of my cats . . .

    25. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on May 20

      @Nicola @Shawn - We're happy to look into using a braided cord for Rozebuds. We'll let you know what we find out!

    26. Nicola McBlane
      on May 20

      I like Shawn's suggestion for the braided cord, that would really help it last.

    27. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on May 19

      @Screecheth - thanks! We're pretty excited over here about it! and yes, Rozebuds definitely pairs with Android. We'll update our campaign with an Android GIF just so there's no wondering. Thanks for the idea!

    28. Missing avatar

      Sreecheth on May 19

      Hi, congrats on being funded. Just wanted to know if the Rozebuds are compatible for Android phones as well?

    29. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on May 18

      @Richard @Falah the buds are plastic with a vacuum metalizing finish. We have targeted a diameter in the middle of the overall range of ear canal sizes, specifically 4mm. The buds will fit snugly inside the ear canal, achieving two things: Firstly, this obtains optimum sound flow and secondly reduces the likelihood of the buds falling out. As far as comfort goes, we have used Rozebuds for 4 hours straight on a long air plane ride with minimal discomfort, even with the long use.

      As far as working out goes, we have tested these during workouts and the buds did not fall out. But @Richard - in total transparency, for high impact activities like sprinting and cross-fit, the pendant will bounce on the neck.

      As far as the magnets go, they are strong enough so that when you separate the buds, you actually feel a pull. They don't have a habit of coming apart when being worn as a necklace, but just by the nature of our lives it may happen occasionally.

    30. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on May 18

      @Falah Thanks for the suggestion of the 10K tiers but it's just not feasible. We want to ensure we are focused on the product at hand and to deliver a high quality pair of earphones with the awesome features we've been working on. The combination of quality audio with the various electronics and technology to achieve the automation is already quite challenging and should remain our primary focus.

    31. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on May 18

      @SK thanks for reaching out again. We've been so blown away by the response that we wanted to give back to our supporters by extending the crazy early bird.

    32. Falah Al Sukaiti on May 18

      Another thing more technical info regarding the ear buds and how it is going to be prevented from falling of the ears ones worn

    33. Falah Al Sukaiti on May 18

      I am disappointed at the stretch goal it should be teired in away to get early early packers more benefits as the campaign progresses. the goal of the project is 35k and I believe the stretch goals should be in folds of 10ks. Just a thought

    34. SK
      on May 18

      @Creator, Please explain why extended the CRAZY EARLY BIRD price to 200. How can you call something an "CRAZY EARLY BIRD" price when you're still offering it to people after you've reached 233+ backers and are 120% (as of this posting) funded? Isn't fair to early backers. By continuing to charge everyone the same price, it makes your project page act more like a store, which is against the principle of what Kickstarter is supposed to be about.

    35. Richard Pangilinan
      on May 18

      Are the actual buds that go inside the ear surrounded in metal, plastic or some rubber or memory foam type coating? Are there different sizes to fit different ears? What will keep it comfortable in the ear as well as what allows it to grip the inner ear so that it does not fall out in a sweaty ear or during high activity (i.e.: jogging, running, HIIT, cross-training, exercises, etc.)?

      How strong are the magnets? Will it come apart from any slight tug such as pulling off a shirt while still wearing it as a necklace?

    36. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on May 18

      @Alaa - Many thanks for the back! Waterproofing is definitely on our radar but for the first edition Rozebuds it's just not realistic for several reasons. We are going to focus on manufacturing a solid pair of Rozebuds with the features we've been perfecting before branching out and it would delay shipping considerably. We hear you though, we know waterproofing is a desired feature and we'll look into it for future editions.

    37. Missing avatar

      Alaa Badreddine on May 17

      Hello @Creator,

      I am a new backer, I am really happy to be part of the crazy early birds for this project. I just want to ask a question, are you considering making Rozebuds waterproof in the future if you get lots of backers ? That would be an amazing stretch goal in my opinion. Thanks !

    38. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on May 17

      @Falah yes, they can be paired to two devices.

    39. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on May 17

      @Shawn Thanks for the great feedback! We'll definitely look into your suggestions.

    40. Falah Al Sukaiti on May 17

      Can it be paired to two devices

    41. Shawn McGinnis on May 17

      Looks awesome.

      Feature requests:
      braided chord covers (added protection for chords. I've lost multiple headphones due to breakage)
      Direct microphone to ear piece sound routinf for the hearing impaired. (A feature i find would be welcome for many)

    42. TalkNerdyToMe
      on May 17

      @Rozebuds, fantastic! I'm looking forward to if! Congrats on getting funded!

    43. Rozebuds, Inc Creator on May 17

      @Jayme - Thanks for the reach out. Yes, definitely. We're stoked to be funded and we'll be making an announcement on the stretch goal later today.

    44. TalkNerdyToMe
      on May 17

      Any stretch goals ideas? More colors?

    45. Collaborator on May 16

      @Tiffany - Thanks for your question! We focused more on the audio quality and fit this go around than on making them noise cancelling. That being said, we think it's fair to say sound is muffled.

    46. Tiffany June Lin
      on May 16

      Hi, was wondering if these had any noise cancellation.

    47. Collaborator on May 16

      @Nicola What a great comment - thank you!! Bummer about your lost headphones though. Thankfully that's a thing of a past now - nearly impossible to lose your Rozebuds!

    48. Collaborator on May 16

      @Susan We can't wait to get them to you! Thanks for your continued support!

    49. Nicola McBlane
      on May 16

      Been looking forward to the Kickstarter for these starting - I'd promised myself I would calm down on backing stuff, but there's no way I was going to miss these. I just lost another pair of bluetooth headphones today because I'd forgotten I'd left them round my neck while I was in a shop and they'd fallen off sometime before I got home. Brilliant idea, and I like the dainty earbuds themselves - the extra bits some others have don't really seem needed to help them stay in my ears.

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