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Explore the meaning and joy of life with 100 fellow & famous atheists in this book of photos and commentary.
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July 2012

Hi Everyone!

Greetings from Boston! (where, thankfully there are no Chick-fil-A's)

Since my last update I've left NYC and been in Cranford, NJ, Seattle, WA, Kalispell, MT, and Montreal, QC where I've had some great photo shoots and interviews with wonderful people including: Massimo Pigliucci, David Silverman, AJ Johnson, Chantal Thomas-Yacavone & Robert Yacavone, Gad Saad, and Valerie Tarico (pictured below, from our shoot in Seattle).

I'm excited about my upcoming week here in Boston, where I'll be meeting with David Niose, Steven Pinker, and Rebecca Newberger Goldstein. Next on the itinerary is Rochester, NY (Aug. 5-9) and St. Paul, MN (Aug. 9-13). Speaking of St. Paul, I'll be attending the Minnesota Regional Atheist Conference while I'm in town. If anyone else is going, feel free to say hi!

After St. Paul, I'll be in Madison, WI (Aug. 13-16), Chicago, IL (Aug. 16-20), Covington, KY (Aug. 20-22), Grand Rapids, MI (Aug. 22-27), and Cleveland, OH (Aug. 27-31).

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