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Explore the meaning and joy of life with 100 fellow & famous atheists in this book of photos and commentary.
Explore the meaning and joy of life with 100 fellow & famous atheists in this book of photos and commentary.
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June 2012

Hi Everyone!

Things are coming along with the book!

Today I had the first photo shoot and interview for the book, with Nica Lalli, author of Nothing: Something to Believe In. It was a wonderful experience, and I'm looking forward to all the future shoots.

I've also been organizing all the travel arrangements and logistical issues for being away from New York City for the next seven months. You can find my current itinerary below. In addition, the project website now has a current list of all the subjects who will be featured in the project, with more names coming soon.

Thanks again for your support of this project! More updates along the way! Remember, if you'd like more up to the minute information, (and see a photo from today's shoot) check out the Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter.



Current Itinerary:

Seattle, WA: July 2-22
Montreal, QC: July 22-25
Boston, MA: July 25-28
Maine: July 28-31
Boston, MA: July 31-August 6
Rochester, NY: August 6-9
St. Paul, MN: August 9-12
Madison, WI: August 12-16
Chicago, IL: August 16-20
Covington, Kentucky: August 20-21
Grand Rapids, MI: August 21-27
Cleveland, OH: August 27-September 1
Houston, TX: September 1-11
Phoenix, AZ: September 11-14
Austin, TX: September 14-24
Houston, TX: September 24-30
San Francisco, CA: September 30-October 7
Yosemite National Park: October 7-14
Washington, DC: October 15-23
Virginia: October 23-25
North Carolina: October 25-28
Washington, DC/Maryland: October 28-31
Los Angeles, CA (and vicinity): October 31-November TBD
Seattle, WA: November TBD
Vancouver, BC: November TBD
Boulder, CO: December TBD
Ft. Lauderdale, FL: December TBD
United Kingdom: January TBD


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    1. Chris Johnson 2-time creator on

      David-I'd love to visit Atlanta, and it may end up happening, but I'm not sure at the moment.

      Michael-I'm photographing Dan Dennett in Maine, and I LOVE peanut butter cups, so I'll have to check that out while I'm up there!

    2. Missing avatar

      MichaelHartwell on

      I'm curious why you're visiting Maine for three days, as I am unable to figure out who you would interview from my home state. If you're in Lewiston, Waterville or Bangor, get a peanut butter cup from the Governor's restaurant chain, it's so delicious it's an affront to God.

    3. David Strube on

      Why no Atlanta GA? I know it's in the bible belt, but it's a big city, an international hub, and there are quite a few atheists here.