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Be the CATALYST.  Spread MY REINCARNATION, an epic documentary about spirituality, family and destiny...
Be the CATALYST. Spread MY REINCARNATION, an epic documentary about spirituality, family and destiny...
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MY REINCARNATION Breaks Kickstarter Records

Dear Catalysts,

For once I am going to be short and sweet (as you might have noticed, not exactly my strong suit). I am sitting on my bed post Krakow Film Festival in another hotel room – now in Amsterdam – where I come regularly to teach. The whirlwind KICKSTARTER campaign is over, yet the dust is still flying around, making it hard to catch my breath, see straight, and recover.

I have now experienced that illusive state called the “tipping point” that we all read about, that I dreamed about. Watching the last two days of the MY REINCARNATION campaign from Krakow, I finally understood. I saw our campaign “tip” and become a mass movement.  Afterwards, I discovered that MY REINCARNATION broke all Kickstarter records. It is already in the Kickstarter Hall of Fame! We even had to put out a Press Release! You can read about it in IndieWIRE and SCREEN International.


#1 Top Raising Finished Film on Kickstarter;
#2 Highest Raising Documentary at Any Stage of Production;
#4 Highest Earning of All films on Kickstarter at Any Stage
#9 Highest Earning of Any Project on Kickstarter.

I want to hug all of you who supported the campaign and say a big THANK YOU! Every donation, small and large, built a web of support that carried us here. Your patronage sends a muscular message that there is an audience who wants to see MY REINCARNATION. It tells the world that this is a crucial story for our times that must be made available everywhere…

And what does it all mean concretely towards our financial goals?  The film’s completion costs are now completely covered. The extra funds go to the first steps of hiring a booker/distributor to release the film theatrically/educationally in the US market – with a tour by protagonist Khyentse Yeshe. (For the US campaign we will still have to augment the fundraising a little more.) It also goes to begin the process of translating the film in multiple languages for wider distribution abroad.

In case you were worried that all contact with me will stop now that the Kickstarter campaign is over, don’t think of it! We are just now sending you “Questionnaires” to fill out and send back to us so we can begin to get you the wonderful incentives that your donations bought. (Please read carefully the instruction letters as each of the incentives has a different delivery schedule.)

While soon we will stop communicating through Kickstarter, you will soon become part of our MY REINCARNATION mailing list. There is tons of news coming, including more fabulous video morsels from the OUTAKES FROM THE FILM (O.F.F.) series on our website. Meanwhile, I will continue to give updates and tell stories as the film tours the world and prepares for each release, including the American roll out in the fall. Such an incredible movement has formed around MY REINCARNATION; we need you to continue spreading the word about this crucial story as it comes to your territory.  For starters, in just two weeks MY REINCARNATION will screen at the esteemed Sydney Film Festival on June 17th and 19th. So I will soon be flying there to support the screenings. And there are many more festivals to come…

Meanwhile, the journey continues to build the campaign. You can still support the film through the MY REINCARNATION website. The Limited Special Edition Pre-Release DVD will continue to be on sale until July 31st only. So hurry if you still would like to purchase one. We will soon be setting up a more extensive STORE on the site, where various fabulous items will be for sale. Check back in the next days to give Stefanie – our web extraordinaire – time to do her magic and create a new page with beautiful photos of the various goodies you can buy.

Thanks to all of you who have been the catalysts for getting MY REINCARNATION completed and into the world! Words do not describe our gratitude. Sometimes the world contains magic and it “tips”. You have all been part of creating the magical phenomenon of MY REINCARNATION. The journey is just beginning.

Oh well guess I wasn’t so short after all!


Jennifer and Team - Stefanie, Lisa, and Katherine


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