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Nuimo is a universal controller for the internet of things. Control your music, lights, locks and more.
Nuimo is a universal controller for the internet of things. Control your music, lights, locks and more.
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Posted by Senic (Creator)

Hey Guys!

In the last update, we mentioned that our team has been working hard on something new. There has been so much useful feedback from you guys over the last months that we decided to bring together our community and make sure the next evolution of Senic centered on giving you guys an amazing smart home experience. This new thing will solve a lot of the problems that you have discussed with us and also open up some exciting new functions which we will be describing in the next updates. We think it will be the next big step toward fulfilling our vision of a seamlessly, beautifully designed smart home that promotes well-being and the things you care about.

Today we want to tell you what we're working on. We've come really far but now is the time where we want your feedback to bring it to the next level.

First a Quick Recap:

In the last update, we said that your feedback on Nuimo raised a number of challenges we wanted to solve. These challenges included:

  • Nuimo has a long battery life thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), but the drawback with BLE is that you must use a phone or tablet as a bridge to connect to Wifi/Zigbee/Zwave and other devices. This is a big problem when other people in the home want to use the device if/when you’re not home with your phone. 
  •  Android has no defined standards for electronic components (e.g. WiFi or Bluetooth radios are different from phone to phone). This lack of standards makes it really hard to create a reliable connection across all Android phones using BLE (BLE is different than your normal Bluetooth). 
  • Building integrations for iOS and Android is twice the work and unsustainable for creating regular new device and service integrations. It takes up to several weeks to build an integration such as with Sonos - this time is doubled when we must build that integration separately for iOS and Android. 
  • Software changes and decisions from Apple or Google such as if Apple TV can have BLE running in the background make for slow or no progress when we must work around them.

The good news is that after taking stock of these issues, getting your feedback and discussing over the last months about how we can solve these problems, we have something new planned that does just that.

So What Is It?

Given the concerns you have raised, we have been working really hard to find a way to provide better connectivity, more integrations and technology that will not get bricked in a software update from corporations. We have discussed several ways to do this and have decided that in order to provide the best experience for your guys - we want to launch a smart home hub that is built on an open platform. With this hub we want to take the next step toward creating a system around Nuimo that allows for integration and interaction not only with the big brands that you love such as Sonos, SmartThings and Hue - but also with the more industrial providers such as KNX, Crestron and others. We will still need the support of other companies in some ways - but it will expand the capabilities of Nuimo and the next products from Senic significantly, delivering you guys the best possible experience.

render of the hub
render of the hub

This is a big part of our mission to design technology that is not designed to grab our attention but technology that is designed for our well-being. We will be including more details in our next update so that you can get a full picture of why and how we will be doing this and what benefits it has for Nuimo users. In short, this will be a way for us to open up hundreds of new integrations, be open for developers and companies to build on top of our platform and improve the connectivity of Nuimo without your phone or tablet in the middle. This hub will open up a lot of new possibilities for what Senic can become and lots of ways we can integrate, automate and interface with technology - getting us one step closer to fulfilling our vision for a seamless smart home.

Existing Backers and Beta Testing

The number one reason we're doing this is because we want to solve the problem for people who already backed Nuimo. In an ideal world, we would send you all one of these devices for free, however we simply cannot afford this as a small company. What we would like to do is make sure you have the option to get the hub at approximately the production cost. In addition, we would like to work more closely with a small group of you (a few of you are already doing this) in the last mile of this development - in return we will happily provide a free hub to these ‘beta-testers’. If you are interested in providing feedback to us over the next months as we finish the hub, please apply here.

Sneak Peak of the Electronics
Sneak Peak of the Electronics

We're almost done with the hardware and the first commercial version of the software. Our goal is to make the device available in June for pre-order and ready ship to you this summer. If there are any delays because of certification, we will be open about the development process.

Early CNC-milled prototype of casing
Early CNC-milled prototype of casing

One More Thing.

In addition to the launch of this small hub, we are also developing a new product that will launch this summer at the same time as the hub. We will not be providing any details yet, but as our backers we are excited to share with you the next phase of Senic first. We are really excited to work together to develop the hub and streamline the interactions you have with Nuimo and your smart home.

We are very excited to share this new phase with you and look forward to feedback and ideas. We owe our success so far to your support and hope that you will be joining us in the next steps. We will be giving many more details about this hub over the next few updates right here - including how it will be solving the problems you have outlined - and extending the functionality in really cool new ways.

If you have any questions, please comment or send us an email to and we are happy to discuss or jump on a Skype call. 

Thanks so much! 

Tobias and Team Senic.

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    1. Ingo

      Hoping for simple MQTT support so I can easily integrate with existing systems like OpenHAB.

    2. Senic 2-time creator on

      We'll share all the details in the next post. No, we're not inventing something knew. You're absolutely right. This is also one of our big learnings. Instead we want to become major contributors to an open platform. Actually we intend to be open to several platforms.
      All the best from Berlin! Tobias

    3. Senic 2-time creator on

      I'm sorry you had this experience. Could you please message us at which part if not usable? We've pushed many software updates and have gotten rid of all problems (minus the connection which we're tackling with the hub)
      Please let me know. Thanks! Tobias

    4. Missing avatar

      Kai Kreuzer on

      Can you comment on the "open platform" you build upon? I hope you are not inventing one from scratch as you might easily underestimate the efforts and there is already a lot of choice out there.

    5. Missing avatar

      Someone on

      Seriously? You deliver Nuimo, which almost unusable with the first campaign, and then come up with a "big thing" where you expect backers to cough up more money to buy something that fixes the first product? Count me out. I have learned my lesson with Nuimo and some other half-finished hardware crowdfunding projects, I'll never fund some tech again. Non-tech things maybe, but not hardware.

      (this is a cross-post, I didn't realise I could comment here directly until after I have left a similar message in the comments section)