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Nuimo is a universal controller for the internet of things. Control your music, lights, locks and more.
Nuimo is a universal controller for the internet of things. Control your music, lights, locks and more.
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March Update: Something Big is Coming!

Posted by Senic (Creator)

Hey Backers! 

You've probably noticed we've been pretty quiet for awhile - but its not because we have forgotten about you. The truth is that we learned so much from you guys that we have been getting to work thinking about the next stage of the Senic journey and how to improve Nuimo. We are excited to involve you guys from the start for the next steps. 

You've taught us so much as we developed Nuimo, we can't wait to share what we've been thinking about over the last months.

But first a quick recap:

We've now shipped thousands of devices to backers, pre-orderers and users since the Kickstarter campaign. This has been a totally overwhelming and amazing thing because we have had a chance to talk to hundreds - if not thousands of you over Skype, through surveys, social media, e-mail and even a few in person over coffee in your homes. 

Just a handful of the Nuimos in the wild.
Just a handful of the Nuimos in the wild.

A lot of the decisions we made for this product are a direct result of conversations with you. The software, functions and features we built out were suggested and prioritized by the backers of this campaign. 

From the beginning, our mission has been to make our interactions with technology more seamless - a mission that our backers have played in hugely important part in. This next step is not only for us - it is also for you.

Given the shear amount of feedback we've gotten, it has become clear that there are still so many things we want to do with Nuimo and channel into the next stage of the journey. 

As most of you have probably spent some time with the Nuimo - a few of the existing challenges are probably familiar: 


When we ran the campaign, we fully intended to launch with an entire array of integrations from the obvious (music and light) to the obscure. Even with a lot of experience, we were surprised by the time investment required to provide each individual quality integration - an issue that many IoT startups and large companies face. We have become very well acquainted with the industry-wide issue of few standardizations and low interoperability. 


We found the majority of our backers and customers are users of a iOS or Android device and a handful use other platforms. The issue as we've said before is that for each integration we are also building for at least two different platforms (iOS and Android) which doubles the need for developers, time and problems. This is one of the key issues of us needing to heavily prioritize and not add platforms without serious consideration - meaning some of our backers aren't able to use Nuimo with the freedom they'd like. It also means that updating integrations across platforms is literally double the work. 

Android Hardware 

Another major issue that we've had with the development overall is that in terms of connectivity for Bluetooth Low Energy (which is different than classic Bluetooth, often used for audio streaming). Not all Android hardware works the same. For this reason we have had a lot of issues with our direct connection to android devices. This problem will also likely not disappear - making excellent support for Android a difficult issue to tackle. 


We heard from a lot of you that there is frustration when you are required to use your smart phone or tablet to run Nuimo. While it has worked fine for many we want to streamline this experience so that we can fully provide the best user experience as our vision has stated from the start. 

On the heels of the issue of connectivity, we have discussed with a lot of you the idea of interfacing with several protocols in order to use Nuimo together with more devices and without the phone or computer in the middle. 

A Problem For Us... and the Smart Home Industry 

While all of these things we are facing as we continue to work on Nuimo - we're not alone. These problems of protocols, connectivity, platforms etc are huge issues for us, other startups, big companies like Apple and Google and consumers alike. We've talked to a lot of people working in the IoT space about this and we think that as an industry some things need to change for IoT and Smart Home to truly take off. 

We're Building Something New  

With all of that in mind, and a few new team members in place we have been building something new that will be an important addition to the Nuimo experience that embraces the diversity in the smart home system instead of working against it. We also want to build something that adds quality of life for our users and works seamlessly and magically with design and experience at the forefront. We are still finalizing the details, engineering timelines, final prototypes and design but we are already hoping you can be a part of this exciting next step.

With your help, it will be an important moment for Senic and an important addition to changing how interact with technology. 

Tell Us What You Think 

Please fill out this short survey (~3 minutes) and let us know if you're willing to discuss further the next steps over a Skype call. We want to talk to as many of you as possible since you've been with us from the start and your advice has always been the most important. 

Click to take the survey!
Click to take the survey!


Thanks again for your support and feedback so far, we can't wait to take the next steps with you! Looking forward to the next three months for a wild ride. 

Team Senic 

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    1. Michael R. on

      Sounds very interesting. I wonder what it will be. It sounds a bit like the missing link.

      Note to the Survey: The question "What brand of speaker?" is a bit useless if it is a good old speaker connected to an external Amp. Especially if the manufacturer also has 'smart' speaker (e.g. Bowers & Wilkins) you can't distinguish if it's a connected speaker or just a wooden box with one or more drivers. ;-)

    2. Ingo

      I second Adam Vine's comment.

      Plus supporting MQTT.

    3. Senic 2-time creator on

      @Laurence - can you shoot us a message at and we can help you out?

    4. Laurence Wayne Lee on


      What is the status of the solid wood stands? Did I miss my package it are these still on the way?


    5. Missing avatar

      viktor on

      "How far away from Nuimo is your router?" Not a wifi nuimo please...
      I hope is a physical and/or software Bridge like Nuki Door Bridge. As Android TV user i preffer App Bridge.

    6. Senic 2-time creator on

      @Adam I think you will like it. Please make sure to send us your contact info so we can get your feedback within the design process.

    7. Adam Vine on

      I hope that this "something big" is either some sort of gateway device that connects multiple nuimos centrally in the home, is socket powered, and can actually connect to the internet / LAN properly and can connect to Smart home automation platforms like Smartthings, Wink, Vera & Control4 so that this device can actually be useful and not just a beautiful paperweight. OR it's just a new nuimo that has wifi