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Nuimo is a universal controller for the internet of things. Control your music, lights, locks and more.
Nuimo is a universal controller for the internet of things. Control your music, lights, locks and more.
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Oct 19th: Amazon, Gesture Updates and New Office!

Posted by Senic (Creator)

Hey Guys!

We have a lot of exciting things to share with you from the past few weeks. There have been some big changes for Team Senic including a new website, office, Amazon launch and software / firmware updates.

Amazon Launchpad x Kickstarter

We're really excited to take the first big step towards bringing Nuimo to more people since our campaign on Kickstarter. We launched on Amazon Launchpad UK - a huge step for our small team. We also want to share this with you guys because you've been with us since the beginning and the reason we are able to take our product to a wider audience is because of the feedback and support you've given us - during the campaign and after. 

One of the reasons we think that Amazon is a good place for Nuimo is because they also really care about the startup/crowdfunding communities. Just today they launched their Kickstarter store in Europe showcasing products (like us) who have been crowdfunded - you can check it out on Amazon UK, Amazon DE or Amazon FR

Nuimo Meets Kiën

We've also been working together with our friends at Kiën to build an integration with their smart lighting system that they just launched on Kickstarter. We're pretty excited for them because, like us, they are building everything in Germany and care deeply about design and quality. 

New Senic Office 

On top of a lot of marketing/business projects for Senic, we also moved offices! As some of our Berlin-based backers might know - for the last 2+ years we have been working out of an apartment in Kreuzberg which was starting to get quite small. We are now sharing a space with our friends at German Auto Labs and are looking forwarding to this big next step. 

For backers in Berlin, we are planning an office warming in the next weeks so stay tuned. 

Website Feedback 

We have been working hard to integrate your feedback into a new website design. Please check it out and if you can spare a minute to fill out this quick survey, we would love to hear what you think so we can keep improving.


Software Updates

We are in the process of pushing new updates to the Android and iOS app as well as a firmware update. iOS and Android updates will be available tomorrow - so look out for them! 

  • Fly gestures got much easier: simply place your hand close to Nuimo to decrease volume, hold your hand lifted to increase volume. 
  • Nuimo reconnects much more reliably to your iPhone/iPad
  • Firmware updates are now performed more reliably
  • Battery consumption is improved. You now get a notice when Nuimo is at 1% and will go into low power mode
  • Improved quality of brightness between white and black Nuimo.
  • Coming next: Raumfeld speaker control and Philips Hue grouping control

As always, if you see any bugs in the new updates or have requests please let us know at 

Till Next Time,

Team Senic

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    1. Steve Sebban

      Will do!

    2. Senic 2-time creator on

      Hey @Steve - sorry we dont have a time frame yet. If you're keen please shoot us an e-mail detailing what product in the Yamaha line youre interested in, this will help us better prioritize and also make sure that its technically possible.

    3. Steve Sebban

      Do you have any ETA for the Yamaha?

    4. Senic 2-time creator on

      ** list of integrations we are working on!

    5. Senic 2-time creator on

      @steve, both NEEO and Yamaha are on the integrations list. We are doing our best to put forward the Apple TV but unfortunately Apple is still blocking us. We will keep you posted as soon as anything changes!

    6. Steve Sebban

      I'm looking for more integration too, especially with Apple TV 4 (if you can solve the issue with Apple) and Yamaha receivers (I have the 3050)

      Maybe NEEO will do the bridge between all the devices and Nuimo... who knows?

    7. Senic 2-time creator on

      Thanks so much @sylvain! We are working hard to keep coming up with integrations so yes, please stay tuned! We really appreciate your support :)

    8. Sylvain Harent on

      Amazon & new office, it's really cool for you.
      Happy to have backed you for your first campaign, and i wish you the best for later.
      i don't use nuimo anymore but i'm keep looking at your updates and i'll certainly give it a try in few weeks/months when/if you add some more apps and interactivity.
      i tried some kickstarter's campaign, and you're in my top3 for your work, product and communication.
      Have a good day and thanks to keep us in the loop :)