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Payment Errors and Shipping Addresses

Posted by Katie Tiedrich (Creator)

I've been getting two particular questions a lot this week so I think I should clarify for everybody!

Please make sure your payment went through successfully! I believe either Kickstarter or Amazon should have emailed you to let you know whether or not there were any errors, but if there were, you have until this Sunday to fix it. After that, you'll be dropped from the backer list and won't get your reward. I know you want your reward, so be sure to check that everything's in order!

Don't worry about your shipping address yet! When you pay, Amazon will ask for your billing address, but not your shipping address. You need not be alarmed; I'll be sending a survey email out asking for your shipping address and other pertinent information. Make sure you check your email for that, but don't panic if you don't see it immediately; it might be a couple weeks before that happens.

Okay, that's all I got. GO BACK TO YOUR BUSINESS


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    1. slashmastah on

      It is almost Thanksgiving now, and I have no received a single thing. Please give us an update on the statuses of these items. Thank you.

    2. kikipatamoo on

      Hello Katie, like many others, I was starting to wonder if everything was all right or if an unexpected problem has occured... Either way, a small update to explain where you are in your process would be highly welcomed :)

    3. SaltyBrains

      hey, whats up ?
      your last update was asking us to make sure our payments were in.
      then nothing, do you not feel any obligation to give updates to your backers ? thats not cool ... not cool.

    4. Missing avatar

      Lacey O'Connor on

      Status report, Katie! How's it goin? Got any date yet? :D

    5. Félix Marqués on

      Hello. I haven't received any survey. From what I know, others haven't either. A short update to explain what's going on, pretty please?

    6. Kitty Page on

      @Cassie: If you look at the side bar (with the different backer levels), you can see that the estimated delivery date for the book is October.

    7. Missing avatar

      Cassie on

      has the survey been sent out yet? just curious since it's been a while. and do you have any idea of when the books will go out? sorry to pester you with questions, katie, but i'm just curious :) can't wait for the book to arrive! will show to friends, make them jealous

    8. happypeep on

      Is it october yet?

      Is it october yet now?

    9. Katie Tiedrich Creator on

      Don't worry, guys, I haven't sent it yet. I will post an update when I do so you'll know.

    10. Félix Marqués on


      Shouldn't I have received the survey yet? It's been what, four weeks since this post and I got nothing.

    11. Anna Degnin on

      would you mind posting an update when you send the address confirmation email, that way I won't worry that it got eaten by my junk filter!

    12. daft_inquisitor on

      If it was closer to the funded goal, I'd be worried. But... y'know, with a 1000% payoff... don't think a few failed payments should be much of an issue. :)

    13. Jordan Olling on

      Don't you just hate it when project backers' funds fail?