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Awkward Zombie is a longrunning videogame humor comic. Hey, let's PRINT A BOOK HOW ABOUT
1,954 backers pledged $89,847 to help bring this project to life.

$40,000 Achieved!

The thing about Awkward Zombie readers is that, when given a challenge, they will punch that challenge in the face repeatedly until it is a wet pulp, and that is EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID. Because of your bravery in the face of terror, all book orders will now come with a sticker sheet! I'm still working the exact specs out, but here's the basic idea of how they should turn out:

  • Each sticker sheet will be somewhere around 5x5".
  • There will be a grid of nine stickers, making each about 1.5" tall.
  • They'll be printed in color on clear vinyl.
  • They'll be really nice.

That's what I'm looking at doing right now, but I might tweak it later to better suit you and me. It's a pretty good guess for now, if you want to get started fantasizing about putting them on your computer or in the middle of your iPod screen or on your cat. Nine stickers doesn't make room for a lot of variety, but if they do well after the Kickstarter I might make other sets later on down the line.

In an unrelated note, the $95 tier was sold out for a little bit! I've added more slots to that tier, so if you were unable to get it before, you can do so now. 

On to the next order of business: our next goal is a staggering $55,000. If we can do it, book orders will also include a Luigi's Vacuums embroidered patch. Wow!

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    1. daft_inquisitor on

      I feel the red-hot excitement of having just punched a bird... y'know, in it's squishy face...

    2. Missing avatar

      neokid93 on

      $133 Remain for the 55k...and 16 more days to go...I hope you have more fun ideas for goals ;)

    3. Elizabeth Jury on

      I am very excited for the book. No more dealing with the internet to get my Awkward Zombie fix!

    4. Dave Huston on

      Lol, I got so used to reading the update and seeing the new goal (in my e-mail), and then when I get to the kickstarter page, seeing that the goal has already been achieved.. that when I came here now, I expected to see 55K already achieved and was going to provide some kind of dismissive comment.. but I see we're just over 9K under that goal. With 20 more days to go though, 55K will be achieved and then we'll all have Luigi badges! Hooray!

    5. DoctorLeft on

      Yeah early comic references!