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Awkward Zombie is a longrunning videogame humor comic. Hey, let's PRINT A BOOK HOW ABOUT
1,954 backers pledged $89,847 to help bring this project to life.

New Backer Levels

Posted by Katie Tiedrich (Creator)

Friends, good morning! There are two new ritzy high-end backer levels for those of you who really enjoy the idea of giving your money to The Cause. Let's take a look:

  • POKEMON SPECIAL: for $300, you will get all the top-end rewards (both the hardcover and softcover AZ books signed and sketched in, the print set and the PDF) and you will also get a commission of you with your Pokemon team (sort of like this picture but better).
  • COMIX CORNER: for $500, you will get all the top-end rewards (both the hardcover and softcover AZ books signed and sketched in, the print set and the PDF) and you will also get a custom comic made just for you. YOU get to write it and I get to draw it! It can be about whatever you want, but please keep it no longer than an Awkward Zombie comic might be.
Both of these have only five slots! I HOPE THEY APPEAL TO YOUR REFINED TASTES


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    1. Missing avatar

      Alexander Schroeder on

      Ah man, just saw this update and of course the Pokemon pledge is sold out. Fingers crossed that more slots are opened because it would totally be worth upping my pledge for.

    2. Leng Yang on

      $300 level sold out before I got home from work. =(

    3. Chris Thorburn on

      Of course the pokemon special is sold out before I get back from work :(

    4. Missing avatar

      Bryce Nickerson on

      Dammit... I was all, 'Just 50$ more and it's me and my top 6 pokémon? Hell, I was gonna ask for that anyway!"

      Then you say I could get an entire *comic* of that. I hope you're happy, Katie. It took a while for an unemployed seventeen-year-old to work up 500$. I demand additional awkward with my pledge, preferably in sprinkle form. And don't just try to fool me with regular sprinkles, I can tell.

    5. Missing avatar

      Edward Febres on

      Same, come on Katie, increase it please!

    6. Kirk Johnson on

      I want the 300.... :'(

    7. Jeff Torres on

      Damn it Katie. ;_; Your Poke'mon level pledge is the best and now I wish I were made of money so I could afford it. At the very least you should considering doing commissions of that type of thing after this book so I may throw more money dollars at you to get great things.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeff Powers on

      Oh jeez. With these rewards, you probably just unleashed a horde of internet beasts all hungry for their own Pokemon picture upon this kickstarter page.