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Awkward Zombie is a longrunning videogame humor comic. Hey, let's PRINT A BOOK HOW ABOUT
1,954 backers pledged $89,847 to help bring this project to life.

$25,000 Achieved!

Posted by Katie Tiedrich (Creator)

Guys, you are amazing! I hope you like NEW COMICS, because that's what is going to be inside this book! The bonus comic will be a few pages long and will star some friends we haven't paid enough attention to lately. I think maybe you will like it!

Next in line is $30,000: if we can get there, anyone whose order includes a book will also receive a ridiculous Entei button. I KNOW I WANT ONE

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    1. Luca Shoal on

      Sleeping Entei pin maybe? And/or some other fan suggested/requested ideas?

    2. Dave Huston on

      With 25 days left, and we're oh so close to 30K, I wonder how much more Katie will have thrown in when time is up..? And will Norrin throw anything in? I vote for a piece of his beard!

    3. Missing avatar

      Alent on

      I keep throwing money at my screen BUT NOTHING IS HAPPENING!

    4. Missing avatar

      Bryce Nickerson on

      I was just about to buy this shirt, too. I wouldn't be surprised if this book hits 50k, the way it's headed. Some day in the not so distant future, every Awkward Zombie comic will be preserved in extremely sexy book form.


    5. Kyle Emch on

      At this rate, that pin is going to happen.

    6. Anna Ziesak on

      This...this is love. I know it, Entei knows it, and when I get the book I shall show it to the world and proclaim my UTTER JOY.

    7. JoshMeske on

      I think at this point, you need to start making new levels at multiples of +$10,000, as we are crushing your puny +$5,000 levels much too quickly Katie. ;)

    8. Hanna Coder on

      I think this is the best kickstarter ever. It's like, the longer it goes, the more stuff you get.

    9. Aaron Wauters on

      That is totally going in my hat.

    10. Katsu on

      A keyring could be better I guess. But nice job !

    11. RevolutionsIX on


    12. Morten Hellesø Johansen on


    13. Patrick Naish on

      I absolutely require one of these.

    14. Andrew-David

      OMG I WANT IT.