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Awkward Zombie is a longrunning videogame humor comic. Hey, let's PRINT A BOOK HOW ABOUT
1,954 backers pledged $89,847 to help bring this project to life.


You guys, we're making a book!!

I'd like to thank everybody who's supported this project with as much ferocity as I can convey. I was definitely not expecting to be at this point in two days, and I'm GOING CRAZY with excitement and -- and I think I love you?! You guys are definitely the best Internet I have EVER MET.

We've got enough funding to print a run of books, but is that really where we want to stop? This Kickstarter will keep going for another 28 days, and any further pledges we get will go toward making this THE best comic book about videogame comics EVER. 

First of all, if we push it to $10,000, we can add spot gloss to the cover, which would make them incredibly handsome and attractive. We'll see where else we can take it from there!

Thanks again to everybody for helping me try to make something cool!


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    1. Morten Hellesø Johansen on

      Are you going to advertise for this tomorrow on the main site?
      I think more people would join the drive that way.

    2. Nicolas Lachance on


    3. Stephen J Broida on

      Told yah you'd make it in no time! :)

      Now comes the fun part! Hope you got some good ideas for Stretch Funding. If not, feel free to ask your current backers what they'd want to get some ideas. :)

    4. Jeanette Hansen on

      Spot gloss to the cover, is that for the paperback too?

    5. Gary Postlethwaite on

      I mean, yeah, I like you a lot, but I'm just not ready for that kind of commitment

    6. DoctorLeft on

      We love you too. :P

    7. Andrew-David

      Haha, awesome! Congratulations :)

    8. Tim Hely on

      Wow! Congrats!