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Awkward Zombie is a longrunning videogame humor comic. Hey, let's PRINT A BOOK HOW ABOUT
Awkward Zombie is a longrunning videogame humor comic. Hey, let's PRINT A BOOK HOW ABOUT
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    1. happypeep on

      Fan fiction theater - One day Norrin was eating an apple. The apple said, "Ow."
      Then Norrin realized he had blacked out and engaged on a 5 county murder/destruction rampage with light bits of cannibalism. He apologized to the museum curator he was eating but continued as he was hungry and the curator tasted like spicy potatoes.

    2. Andrew Gossen on

      An email I've just sent to Level Up Studios Support,

      To Whom It May Concern

      On February 22nd I contacted Support for Level Up Studios to inquire about the delay of the shipping of and shipping info for my order of Katie Tiedrich's Kickstarter; Awkward Zombie: Volume One book. I was assured by an Holly that I would receive my shipping info via email in a weeks time.

      I did not....

      On March 15th I wrote too Support a second time, asking why I had not received an email confirmation of my order being shipped. I was promised by Holly that my order was shipped THAT VERY DAY and apologized that because mine was an international order, mine was the last to sent out of the $45 tier.


      I have not received my Kickstarter order NOR any form of confirmation email, Tracking number or shipping manifest since our last correspondence. I don't care if its an Fucking International order, Its only CANADA you are shipping too; not to the UK, not to China, not too parts unknown. You dim, idle collection of reprobates, you have NO RIGHT too try to defend yourselves by saying this was out of your control. I paid an premium on top of my $45 tier order because of the International Shipping and contacted you in confidence that my matter would be taken care of in a satisfactory frame of time, and all I've gotten from was hollow words.


      I demand a REFUND, deposited back into either my original method of payment or by cheque Expedited to me complete with tracking number at your express. As well as compensation for the cost of shipping my order back to you, if by some miracle I do receive it.

      I will be forwarding this email to Katie Tiedrich and posting this onto the Kickstarter page. I would say good day to you, but to quote Shakespeare "You are not worth another word, else I'd call you knave."

      Andrew Gossen

    3. Missing avatar

      bucen on

      So, how long should I wait until I should get worried (or less pissed) that I still haven't got a mail nor a package. What should I do?

    4. Iain Hanks on

      Felix, I got a shipping e-mail about 5 days before I received my package. I would have thought if you contacted Level Up Studios they would have sent you a reply e-mail. If you've never gotten any e-mails from them then you might have given them the wrong address so they're not able to contact you.

    5. Félix Marqués on

      You guys who already got the package—did you get the shipping confirmation e-mail?

      I haven't. I contacted Level Up Studios about a week ago and I've received no reply yet, I'm concerned. I'll wait a bit more, though.

    6. Anikó Tóth on

      Got my $35 international tier package today, I'm from Hungary. Thanks Katie, these stuffs are awesome! :-)

    7. Missing avatar

      Ian Arentz on

      Just got mine in Australia. Cheers. Looking forward to volume 2 when it comes out. :)

    8. Iain Hanks on

      Just got my $35 package here in the UK and it is awesome. Good job Katie.

    9. Teddy Eddy

      I got mine! :D

    10. Missing avatar

      bucen on

      still...... waiting .......

    11. Adam 'Anouilh' Davies on

      Still waiting on my $135 tier (international postage was added) but I guess us Welsh people will have to wait a little longer. :)

    12. Bisylizzie on

      Mine arrived on Saturday, and it is GLORIOUS.

      Looking forward to Volume 2 xD

    13. Matt Kennedy on

      My $45 tier gubbins arrived today here in the UK and I am now the envy of my friends and co-workers. Those that know what's good for them.

    14. James Hovell on

      Just got my $35 stuff! Just wanted to say a big thank you and congratulations again on the book! I can't wait to get home from work and read it :D

    15. Natalie Fraser on

      I got my $35 tier level stuff in (^_^)

    16. The Dungeon Rat on

      Contacted Level Up Studios with concerns about the $35 tier not being sent out yet, they contacted me the next day to let me know we would be getting them soon. The day after that, my order was being shipped! It arrived in a timely/safe fashion!

      My only complaint is that I did not recieve the promised embroidered patch with my book order. I will be contacting Level Up Studios about this, however.

      Otherwise, everything looks/smells/feels and probably tastes FANTASTIC!

    17. Missing avatar

      Brandon on

      Just got my book! AWESOME

    18. Missing avatar

      Alex Caligiuri on

      Oh my god it's here it's here it's here!
      Ah, that new book smell. I'm going to get these prints framed.

    19. Missing avatar

      Neal on

      Got my $45 package today. Katie, this is super awesome and the prints are GORGEOUS. Congratulations!

    20. Steven Scibetta on

      Holy crap it's being shipped.

      5 months of waiting, AND I'M FINALLY GETTING THINGS

    21. Ethan Lee on

      Got my $35 package today! In MD, took about 3 days after the shipping e-mail was sent.

    22. Stephen Cowart on

      Just got an email saying mine is shipping. $35 pledge and I live in AZ

    23. Aleksei Kosozhihin on

      Just received my $25 stuff, thank you so much!

    24. Bisylizzie on

      Mine has been shipped, too! ^^

      International pledger, at $45 ($60)

    25. Fae Daunt on

      International pledger here, $35 pledge. Just got the email to confirm my stuff had been shipped, so excited! Just wanted to let you guys know that they must still be processing through the massive lot.

    26. Missing avatar

      Rythen on

      Still waiting on my $35 package. No prints or book.

    27. Dark

      Still waiting.

    28. Missing avatar

      David Mucha on

      I'm also still waiting for my $35 pledge.

    29. Garrett Orth on

      35$ backer here, received nothing yet :[

    30. Iiris Korpi on

      got my 45$ tier and everything is super cool! :D

    31. Steven Taarland on

      Still waiting on my $35 ($50 with international shipping) order, I don't mind waiting, but an update would be nice :)

    32. Octavio Arango on

      God my book, prints, and pins! :D

    33. Stephen Cowart on

      I am waiting for my $35 package as well, while I understand that things do come up that delay shipping a mini update would put a lot of us at ease.

    34. ash_attack_rawr on

      Still waiting for my $35 package. Haven't heard a word on any possible shipping times and have yet to even receive an email with a tracking number. What happened to having these all sent by the end of January?

    35. Bisylizzie on

      My $45 is still not as dispatched either... :/ Odd that some people have receieved theirs... Gonna wait a while before following up, if they've not all been shipped yet...

    36. Missing avatar

      Seth Riegert on

      FYI for all those who are still waiting like me, I just talked with Level Up and they are still working on sending out all the $45 tier and told me to check back in a few weeks if I do not recieve a shipping notification. So I am assuming other tiers are prolly in the process as well.

    37. David Arkema on

      I got my rewards!!! the books is amazing

    38. Stephen Cowart on

      Are the $35 rewards still being sent out? Haven't heard anything about mine yet.

    39. Missing avatar

      Konadust on

      I contacted Level Up to inquire on my status as well. Best online customer support I've ever gotten, and they're so nice :) Glad to see places like that are still around.

    40. Michael Dyson on

      My $60 ($45 for all you non-International people) package! Super happy!

    41. Missing avatar

      Daniel Watson on

      My $95 package arrived today in the UK!

    42. happypeep on

      Received my $45 package! Level up studios support was super polite, especially after I realized I came off sounding like a whiny ass.

    43. Nick van Vugt on

      I received my hardcover today! It looks amazing - thank you for putting so much time and love into it :) Looking forward to Volume 2!

    44. Alan on

      Got my stuff! Everything looks great. Can't wait for volume 2.

    45. Missing avatar

      Amanda Pirrone on


    46. Nick Johnson on

      I just got my hardcover and everything! Radical! *Guitar riffs*

      Turned out great looking, now to decide what needs pokemon stickers on it.

    47. Jeremy Cooley on

      YESSSSHHHH!!!!! Finally got my $95 package in today (it shipped 3 days ago) and IT. IS. AWESOME. Thank you so much, Katie!!! You're the best!!

    48. Missing avatar

      sqwarlock on

      Came home to see my book (with sketch and signature), pins, patch, stickers, and prints sitting in my mailbox. Everything looks great. Thanks, Katie!

    49. Leng Yang on

      Got my book, pins, patch, stickers, and prints in today!

      Best Kickstarter rewards yet!

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