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Diskordia is an ongoing surreal fantasy webcomic. Help fund the printing of the first Book as a deluxe limited edition Graphic novel.
Diskordia is an ongoing surreal fantasy webcomic. The Kickstarter for book 2 is live! You can also get book 1. Link below.
Diskordia is an ongoing surreal fantasy webcomic. The Kickstarter for book 2 is live! You can also get book 1. Link below.
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Diskordia Book 2 kickstarter announcement!

Diskordia book 2 hardcover
Diskordia book 2 hardcover

Ok guys I'm officially announcing the kickstarter campaign for Diskordia book 2 which will launch in September. 

*Read this section if you aren't caught up on things.*

Now, let's explain the current situation for those that  aren't up to date and are wondering what has become of book one. Currently those books are printed and safe with the print company in China which has been gracious enough to hold onto them. The reason why they are still in China is because importing them to my country of Barbados which I found out after the campaign will incur a fee of 60% value of the cost of production including shipping. I spent the last several months pursuing several avenues to try to get those fees waivered believing (Due to being told by my agent) that it would be practically a formality and the only cost would be time. Unfortunately this was not the case and I was met with several brick walls of 'NO'. While not all options and hope are completely exhausted on that front I think it would be stupid of me to keep pursuing it as a primary option as time just ticks away.

So enter this option which was suggested by a pledger. I ran this by backers a couple months ago. I had always planned to continue using kickstarter to print more books in the series of Diskordia and book 1 is only half of the first volume. So this campaign's goal will be to print Book 2, the second half of 'Feels like Falling' and cover duty expenses incurred on both books.


New info

I've been crunching the numbers and I really don't want to go over $18,000 as a goal. I want the goal as low as possible while at the same time guaranteeing I can fulfill the project. For those who don't know things like fees and cancelled pledges tends to take a HUGE chunk out of what the campaigner actually gets. A goal of $18,000 will guarantee around $15000 of actual funds. I managed to keep the goal relatively low by making my goal fulfilling backer rewards rather than importing ALL the books. So I can save money by importing only what I need to complete the campaign while worrying about the rest of the books afterwards. If the campaign raises more than the goal I can start thinking about extra things like including a box set for everyone who gets both books. I'll have to do a mock up of that for the campaign but here's the general premise:

 This post is public so everyone can be informed. Feel free to share it. I now leave you with pics of the cover I designed. Book 2 will be 200 pages just like book 1 printed in high quality.



Cover Design
Cover Design


Again I have to thank you guys for continuing to support and believe in me despite all these obstacles. I won't squander the immense amount of trust you have placed in me.

I urge you to pledge to the next campaign not to help me out but because you genuinely expect to get a couple kick ass books out of the deal. This August marks a whole year this project is overdue. This is totally unacceptable to me. I'm determined to get both books out by the end of the year. Together we can make this happen.

P.S random note. I just released issue 17 which brings the grand total of pages of this comic published exactly 600. That's crazy. Aaaannnd that's books 1 to 4 already done and ready to produce. So you understand why it's so important for me to fulfill the book 1 pledges? This is a train you've all embarked on and it's still going. No stops intended.


Check out the series and read it all in your browser and SUBSCRIBE: Official website

The kickstarter is all about getting the books produced and to you, none of that money is going into my pockets. (unless we somehow raise a million dollars) If you want to support the production of the series and myself (Diskordia is my fulltime job)  then consider pledging to my patreon page: PATREON

Instagram is big these days. Please follow me on there: INSTAGRAM

And of course Twitter: TWITTER

You'll all be hearing from me again soon.


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    1. Missing avatar

      pushback on

      I pledged 40 on the last book and I'll pledge for this one because you have good talent in drawing and I want to see what the end result is so ill help you in the next

    2. Melissa Bryan

      I'm sorry there have been so many problems. Can't wait for this book and will pledge on book2. Melissa Bryan

    3. Rivenis 2-time creator on

      @Dominic Nelson. At the beginning of September most likely.

    4. Dominic Nelson on

      any eta on when we can expect book 2 up on kickstarter? Gonna bring in the squad on this one

    5. Jeff Constable

      With you all the way buddy :)


    6. Rivenis 2-time creator on

      @Holocat Zer0 Thanks so much for your support. I'm doing everything I can to make sure things do work out.

    7. Holocat Zer0

      I'm really looking forward to this. Book 2 will have my pledge the second I know it's up.

      I really hope things go more smoothly this time. Good luck!