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Blood & Dust is a character driven short horror film about one young girl's struggle to survive in the midst of apocalyptic events.

We here at Trickster Moon are dying to bring you our first short film, but we're going to need your help turning our baby into a killer. Not only did we witness the revolutionary rebirth of in 2006 from the inside, but we met in 2003 thanks to a chance encounter on a horror website from which DC evolved.

Since we lived over a thousand miles apart at the time, the two of us can truly attest to the unholy power of the internet... and to the power of a shared love of good horror.

Now, inspired by the amazing fundraising feat of political campaigns and charity organizations over the last couple of years, and by sites like this one, we want to try a new and exciting experiment in interactive filmmaking. We are asking you to donate whatever you can - as little as one dollar or as much as your dark heart desires - towards our short film fund.

Bookmark this page and return as often as you'd like to follow our progress as we climb towards our shooting budget of $25,000... but it won't end there. Once you've helped us to reach our goal, you'll be able to walk right with us through every step of the production via our website You'll follow us on location scouting expeditions; watch casting sessions and participate in polls on which actors you think do the best job; and even assist us in our decisions regarding the purchase of equipment, seeing where every dollar goes. And that's still not all!

You'll be able to view exclusive web content like blogs and behind-the-scenes videos focusing on the cast and crew, from the special effects team to the sound designers; even listen to narrative- based podcasts which expand and explore the world of the short film. You'll be able to send us e-mails, to leave us voicemails telling us what you think - or at least to warn us about that guy lurking in the background with the axe - and we'll respond to every one we can.

Think you know some actors or crew in the area, or a film festival where we might be able to show the finished product? Recommend them to us. Be as much a part of the filmmaking experience as you want. Short films do not generally see a return of capitol, so this is not about us making money. This is about making a horror movie that other genre fans will enjoy as much as we will. This is about the horror movie that you're going to help us make.

We're not just asking you to take our word for it... as proof that we have the chops (and the creativity) to pull this off, we took two days, a group of friends and family, a camcorder, and a couple hundred bucks in food & effects and shot the trailer you see here.

Just imagine what we will do with the full budget of $25,000! We will be able to purchase professional level equipment, pay our actors & crew, create bloody good quality practical effects, and deliver a product that is entertaining, imaginative, engaging and worth every penny!

Dean Sasser & Morgan Elektra
Trickster Moon Productions


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