Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3

by Spectrum Games

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    1. Randy Woods

      The art looks good but the lizard men could use a spear, knife, improvised club or a breast plate to show they are an intelligent threat. The barbarian really needs a weapon, a glowing mace would be nice. There should be holes in the stop sign where the straps of handle could pass through.
      The action team should fire a different color laser than the bad guys, and missile man should have missiles that don't look so out of control. A little smoke coming from blaster girl super weapon would be a nice touch, A team logo on their armor would be nice, an eagle would be fierce and patriotic symbol


    2. Grandpa Chet Cox on

      Yipes! It zipped past eighteen grand before I got home! Looks like we'll see and hear about Hanna-Barbera type cartoons...Maybe even an episode of Tomfoolery or "Make a Wish."

      Man, if only Kirby was still here to see how well his final works (visual concepts for animation) are remembered.