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Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 is a tabletop roleplaying game that emulates the fun and excitement of the 1980s action cartoons.
474 backers pledged $18,654 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You!

Posted by Spectrum Games (Creator)

Unfortunately, I will not be at my computer when the Kickstarter actually ends, so I figured I'd make this update before I had to leave. 

At any rate, I'd like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for making this Kickstarter campaign wildly successful. When we were gearing up for it, I was going to make the initial goal much lower and go light on artwork because I wasn't sure if we could raise anything higher. I had doubted the popularity of Cartoon Action Hour. Fortunately, my staff talked some sense into me and convinced me to increase it so that we can have a lot of beautiful art. I'm glad I listened.

Now, we must get to work, finishing up the rulebook and such. 

I'd like to show you a couple more illos that I just received from Billy Gilson today. This kind of gorgeous, cartoon-rific art is where your money will go to. I hope you enjoy it. 


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    1. Grandpa Chet Cox on

      Yipes! It zipped past eighteen grand before I got home! Looks like we'll see and hear about Hanna-Barbera type cartoons...Maybe even an episode of Tomfoolery or "Make a Wish."

      Man, if only Kirby was still here to see how well his final works (visual concepts for animation) are remembered.

    2. Randy Woods

      The art looks good but the lizard men could use a spear, knife, improvised club or a breast plate to show they are an intelligent threat. The barbarian really needs a weapon, a glowing mace would be nice. There should be holes in the stop sign where the straps of handle could pass through.
      The action team should fire a different color laser than the bad guys, and missile man should have missiles that don't look so out of control. A little smoke coming from blaster girl super weapon would be a nice touch, A team logo on their armor would be nice, an eagle would be fierce and patriotic symbol