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Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 is a tabletop roleplaying game that emulates the fun and excitement of the 1980s action cartoons.
474 backers pledged $18,654 to help bring this project to life.

Huge News!

Posted by Spectrum Games (Creator)

With only one week remaining of the “Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3” Kickstarter campaign, the folks at Spectrum Games have pulled out all the stops by adding some new goodies for backers… including participation from a true legend from the retro-toon world!

“Mini” Series Book by Flint Dille ($14,500 stretch goal): Cartoon legend Flint Dille (of GI Joe, Transformers, Visionaries and Inhumanoids fame) will write a PDF mini-supplement that presents an all-new ready-to-run series! This man has done it all, from retro-toons, to video games to films to roleplaying games… and now, he’s lending his talents to Cartoon Action Hour! 

CAH:S3 Mega-Pack ($20 Add-On): This new Add-On is a PDF that gives three versions of a printable GM screen, a random character creation system and dozens of character templates that can be chosen and modified by players instead of creating characters from scratch. Plus, it includes a detailed system for a fun meta-game in which players attempt to make their series successful... and keep it that way. 

Please spread the word however you can. Thanks for everything! :)


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    1. Brian Rosenberger on

      Thanks Shane. That was totally unexpected

    2. Shane Hensley

      Hi Brian, Spectrum crew, and everyone else--yeah, we'll do that. :)

      I'll have the announcement put up this Tuesday.


      --Shane Hensley

    3. Brian Rosenberger on

      I also sent PEG a request for a plug on there main page. Really hoping it will help

    4. Brian Rosenberger on

      I posted it in the Break room under a new thread called Kickstarters. I hope it gets a few looks and helps out.

    5. Brian Rosenberger on

      I actually left it on the Facebook page. I completely forgot of the forums. I'll have to take care of that very shortly

    6. Spectrum Games 2-time creator on

      That's it, for now at least. Once the Kickstarter campaign wraps, I'll send out a survey to the backers. On the survey, there will be an area for backers to let us know what add-ons they had purchased. Just fill that in and you're ready to roll. :)

      Thanks for supporting CAH:S3.

    7. Mike Healey on

      So... how do I get the Mega-Pack Add-On? I'm guessing I need to up my pledge by $20 (already done) but what else do I have to do?

    8. Spectrum Games 2-time creator on

      I wish I had thought about that ahead of time, to be honest. Unfortunately, once a project goes live, the tiers can't be modified. However, if you figure out the tier you want, subtract $25 from it and pledge that amount. Once the Kickstarter campaign ends, I'll be sending out a survey to the backers; make sure to mention that you don't want the physical copy of the book. =0)

    9. Missing avatar

      Jack Kessler on

      Is there any way to get the Secret Series PDFs without getting a physical book?

    10. Spectrum Games 2-time creator on

      Which sub-forum did you post it in?

    11. Spectrum Games 2-time creator on

      Good call, Brian. And as of today, we have passed the $12,000 mark, which means that Shane's stretch goal has been unlocked. :)

    12. Brian Rosenberger on

      I left a message on the Pinnacle site mentioning Shane writing a small supplement to the CAH:S3. I "think" I mentioned it was on kickstarter. Maybe we can get some rabid Savage World fans here to pledge too....bwahahahaha

    13. Spectrum Games 2-time creator on

      No. Those are exclusive to the backers who pledged to those Tiers. They are technically not "released to the masses". However, if we ever decide to make them available for sale (which is highly unlikely), they would become available to those who are lifetime subscribers.

    14. Curt Meyer

      Does the lifetime add-on also include the secret series PDFs?

    15. Spectrum Games 2-time creator on

      Yes indeed.

    16. Curt Meyer

      Does the lifetime PDF add-on level include these?