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Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 is a tabletop roleplaying game that emulates the fun and excitement of the 1980s action cartoons.
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Two Fun Surprises for You!

Posted by Spectrum Games (Creator)

Before you read further, please look at the stretch goals, particularly at the $25,000 spot. That was where the "Complete Guide to Warriors of the Cosmos" was. That's right -- it's not there anymore. Now before you freak out, go up the list and look at the $12,500 spot. See anything different? That's right -- the Complete Guide has been relocated to a more accessible price point!

We received a lot of comments, emails and forum posts from backers and would-be backers alike who really, really want this book to be a reality. Initially, we had to stick to the $25,000 price point due to the insane amount of art that it would require. However, given that we like to give our fans what they want, we devised a way to produce the book in a cost efficient manner. Huge props go out to our Art Director, Stephen Shepherd, who stepped up to the plate and agreed to handle most of the art himself. 

This move enabled us to place the product at a more reasonable stretch goal amount!

Now, on to our second surprise for you. In the "Downloads and Videos" section of our KS page, you'll find a brand new video. It's a fun little commercial starring Stephen Shepherd's cute and charismatic daughters and the voice of his roommate. Huge props to them all, along with Stephen for filming it and our Talent Coordinator Barak Blackburn for putting it all together. We hope you enjoy it!


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    1. Spectrum Games 2-time creator on

      As it stands now, "Beyond the Eighties" will remain where it is. My apologies.

      As for a POD version, you can bank on it!

    2. SE Weaver

      Absolutely lovely. If it gets funded, be sure to make a POD version available, I want it on my bookshelf!

    3. Missing avatar

      Łukasz Korzeń on

      Any chance that "Beyond the Eighties" will also get a "cost efficient version" ?

    4. John Gabriel on

      Oh, that book looks a lot more likely now!

    5. Spectrum Games 2-time creator on

      As do I. :)

    6. John "King" Roberts on

      Excellent, now i hope we reach the new goal.