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Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 is a tabletop roleplaying game that emulates the fun and excitement of the 1980s action cartoons.
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After These Messages...

Posted by Spectrum Games (Creator)

The original plan was to, once or twice a year, collect all the smaller PDF supplements together (along with some brand new material) into a printed book called "After These Messages". Originally, it wasn't going to be represented in this Kickstarter.

However, I've had a handful of backers request adding such compilations as stretch goals. And we are firm believers in listening to those who have supported us, which is why we are seriously considering doing exactly that.

Now, we could do this one of two ways and we would very much like your input on this matter.

Method #1: This method would place the compilations as pretty low-priced stretch goals; possibly as low as $9,000. Once the compilations were ready, all backers would be given the opportunity to purchase the printed books at production cost (which should be somewhere in the $8 range, as they are full color and will be pretty beefy in size).

Method #2: This method would place the compilations as high-priced stretch goals (at least $30,000) and once the books were ready, we would send them to you.

Please let us know your thoughts on this. 


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    1. Missing avatar

      James Husum

      I'm a bit confused on how you worded this. If I add to my pledge to get the book as an add-on, but then the stretch goal is reached, the wording you have says I'll get After These Messages without having to pay anything else. But if I've already paid, then how am I not paying anything else? Would the amount I increased my pledge to cover the add-on be subtracted from the total of my pledge?

    2. Spectrum Games 2-time creator on

      Thanks for all the input. I have decided to use both Method #1 and #2, as many of you have suggested. I'll update the Kickstarter page accordingly within the next 24 hours.

    3. Chris S. aka Pepsiman

      Method 1 sounds good.

    4. Darren Bulmer on

      Method 1 sounds fine.

    5. Jason Martin on

      I like roberts idea, make some of the after these messages books purchasable at certain goals and a special issue or two as an award for certain pledge amounts at a high stretch goal.
      If I had to choose I think method 1.

    6. Charles E Miller

      Both if can't do both than 1

    7. Curt Meyer

      I'm for method 2, only because I've already pledged my max, and the free prints might motivate people to up say from $10 to $30, etc. I'd only suggest that backers get free PDF access to these compilations, as we're unlikely to pay full price for them, even with the new material.

    8. Nohwear on

      I wonder if both would be feasible, but if not than method 1

    9. Missing avatar

      Ron Kirkley on

      I would vote for adding the printed compilations as an available add on at certain stretch level. Then I would have a second stretch goal,much higher, where people funding at the top end ($50 plus? I'd need to look at the math) receive it free.

      So, yeah, I guess I would kind of do both. ;)

    10. Missing avatar

      James Husum

      So these compilations would be all the mini 'series book' PDFs that are being generated as stretch goals in this Kickstarter, plus some new content, put in dead tree form? I think doing both would be a good option.

      Offer it as an add-on, to be chosen during or after the campaign for an additional cost, so patrons could be sure to get the book in case the higher stretch goal is not met. This also lets those are happy with just the PDFs keep their pledge amounts as-is.

      Then, if the stretch goal is hit to offer it free to the patrons who have backed the campaign, then great! Win-win for everbody.

    11. drporter

      Method 1 sounds good to me.

    12. Missing avatar

      billk on

      I'm more of a fan of Method 1 - I'd be happy to bump up my pledge to get the supplemental material. [I would recommend you bump the price up so that you make a little profit - just to sty n business]

      My theory is this - the more you can get various settings into people's hands, the greater the 'buzz' ("I wasn't interested in GI Joe, but Jem, OTOH, that would be awesome!" - I had this conversation at work)

      I also like the 'hybrid' idea mentioned by @John - have it as a lower stretch goal, and reduce the cost/increase the content at the higher level.

    13. Cameron Mount on

      I think John Roberts has hit the nail on the head - do both!

    14. Michael "Maikeruu" Pierno

      A low stretch goal or immediate addon. Say around ten dollars to cover your bases. Another idea is a "season pass" styled option to get multiple books with one up front payment.

    15. Grandpa Chet Cox on

      I'm no help at all, because I see the upside of each of these methods.

      #1 - You'd not make money on the printed books, but customers would get a pretty good deal - and their choice(s) of which to buy, if any.

      #2 - Hopefully, you'd make enough profit from the higher-reached goal -- but I'm not at all certain that the addition of these compilations - even free - would affect the amount pledged in a significant way.

      I rather like John Roberts' suggestion below, and would like to see it on the table. Failing that, I'd vote for #2 -- because if Spectrum loses money on the deal, there will be no more Spectrum products. Yes, I am a capitalist (though a poor man) because I get all sorts of things which wouldn't even exist if someone didn't make money by creating the things to begin with. Especially nonessentials such as RPGs, though I'd argue with the nonessential label.

      Darn it! Now I have to be respectful and considerate again!

      *jeep! & God Bless
      - --Grandpa Chet

    16. John "King" Roberts on

      I say do both, we we only reach the 9k level you allow us to buy it later or if we make the 30k goal you give it to the backers for free. Sounds like a win for all.

    17. Bryan Beyer on

      I think I like method 1.