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Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 is a tabletop roleplaying game that emulates the fun and excitement of the 1980s action cartoons.
474 backers pledged $18,654 to help bring this project to life.

More Stretch Goals to be Unveiled?

Posted by Spectrum Games (Creator)

The Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 Kickstarter continues to roll forward, as the fifth ($7,000) stretch goal was unlocked earlier today.

Now, here's the deal. If we can reach the next stretch goal by tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. (Central time), I will unveil two more brand new stretch goals. One of the stretch goals will be unlocked immediately (i.e., it will be a second "$8,000-level" stretch goal) and the other will be much higher level stretch goal. Neither stretch goal will disappoint! 

One of the things we're doing with this Kickstarter is making it so that people can pledge at the $10 "Avid Viewer" Tier (which grants them the PDF version of the rulebook) and still benefit from the PDF mini-supplements Available as stretch goals. This means that, for a mere $10, backers will get the rulebook and every mini-supplement PDF that gets unlocked. That's a lot of retro-toon bang for your buck!


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    1. Grandpa Chet Cox on

      Aha! I did not make myself clear, and so you (Ms Creator) may think I was referring to the 4C system which may be close, but is not as dear to my heart as the original Four Color booklets. Printed in digest size, I've convinced many people that they were 1977 creations. Now if only I hadn't lost my printed copies, I could live with the nastybad hard drive stealing my PDFs...

      Respectfully and considerately,
      --Grandpa Chet

    2. Grandpa Chet Cox on

      SG: (I assume this is Ms CCM) - Four Colors can still be found online? Where, oh where? The old Homestead site is lost and gone forever! (Yes, I'm still a Huckleberry Hound fan.)

      You wanna get really obscure into 1950s and 1960s cartoons? Remembering that 1950s and much of the 60s were stripped down versions of theatrical cartoons? (Not originally, but parents were terrified that we might learn violence from the same cartoons they'd watched as kids.) and live action serials + TV imitations of said serials. (I'm thinking of the Roy Rogers Show and trying to not think of TV's Flash Gordon.)

      Even remembering that we have cartoons such as Clutch Cargo and Space Angel burned into our heads, no matter whether we want them or not?

      And that the prime-time (night time) cartoons such as the Flintstones and Jonny Quest had their cast hawking Winstons and other addictive narcotics?

      Bring it on!! Sim Sala Bim!!

    3. Spectrum Games 2-time creator on

      *chee coo coo coo chee* :)

    4. Raymond Croteau on

      Kickstarter supporters! Transform and roll out! :-D

    5. Spectrum Games 2-time creator on

      Hi, Chet. Thanks for backing CAH:S3. It's appreciated. If we can unlock the "Beyond the Eighties" stretch goal, there will indeed be a section that deals with 1960s animation (Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, Herculoids, etc.).

      As for the old Four Colors RPG, it can still be found online. :)

    6. Grandpa Chet Cox on

      Argh! Too late to become a guest star ($15 level), and be immortalized in a CAH series or adventure!

      Ah well. To appeal to MY Saturday cartoon memories, you'd have to have a series from 1958 - 1966.

      PS: I don't suppose the original Four Colors RPG PDF is possible for a stretch goal? My drive ate it up.

    7. drporter

      Right back at you guys for this creative KS...I've pulled up so many cartoon memories just thinking about the fun I'll have with these rules!

    8. Spectrum Games 2-time creator on

      That brought a smile to my face. *high five*

    9. drporter

      Awesome...snarf, snarf!!!