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An open world, voxel-based, sandbox game blending the best elements of FPS, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games.
An open world, voxel-based, sandbox game blending the best elements of FPS, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games.
13,876 backers pledged $507,612 to help bring this project to life.

Alpha 7.2 patch is out!

Howdy Survivalist, Alpha 7.2 patch is out with now many changes, tweaks, improvements and bug fixes and options

Note: Some users have reported they need to delete local content and re-install for Alpha 7.2 to work. Also as always this not backward compatible with Alpha 7.1 and older versions of the game.

Official alpha 7.2 Release Notes! 

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    1. Neil Broadley on March 5, 2014

      Getting bored of getting these pointless updates in my mail. They're pointless because, despite backing for Linux, there's still no ETA for a Linux build. When is it happening? When can I care about the money I pledged to this project?

    2. Alexandre Kikuchi on March 4, 2014

      The game is much more survival now and needs much more thinking from the players. Playing together with others now is much more fun than ever. I really like how the game is improving and how the devs are listenning. I am not a "every day" player, I am also a game developer professionally and this is one of the 3 games that keep me playing. We also started a nice game server.

      Keep it up devs. Keep it also with the "survival" genre ;)

    3. Dell Goodman on March 4, 2014

      I'm unsure if the feedback would be read. I tried out 7.1 and I did like the new sound system, but just think it's a little tedious when it comes to salvage missions on looking for things in buildings and what not.

      Not played the game much during any of the releases, but when starting of in 7.1 it was either get extremely lucky and find fire arms while aggroing the zombies. Or suffer and have a pretty miserable time.

      On my best attempt of surviving (before logging off) I managed a good 40 mins or so, turning off the timed looting etc. I found that every building I went in, any time I looted something it would ring out a massive area of noise. It's nice to attract things from time to time. But each new building, I would be visited by a lot of zombies on the way out.

      I did find one great encounter, which was a zombie making a lot of noise, and when I went to check him out, I didn't find the source of noise, but found a slim figure, that when killed made a huge scream which alerted a huge noise zone.

      This was a really nice surprise as it felt more panic as it was unexpected compared to "ok, no zombies are within range of me, let's loot this table."

      Plus, I would like a easier crafting design. I don't want the need to tab out of the game to find out how to make a spiked club, an axe and so on. I know the crafting area shows you the blocks to use. But there's been times when I've tried to replicate the position of metals and wood, the item comes up with a blank, that I've just given up on the idea and moved on.

    4. Liam Dawe on March 4, 2014

      Can we PLEASE get a Linux update.