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An open world, voxel-based, sandbox game blending the best elements of FPS, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games.
13,876 backers pledged $507,612 to help bring this project to life.

Keys are still rolling out stay cool!

Posted by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC (Creator)

Hey Survivalist’

We've rolled out nearly 7,000 keys and will continue to keep getting more out today and the rest of the weekend until we a fulfilled all purchases. We've added additional download servers to alleviate the stress for more people to authenticate and download. This is the price we pay for being a small company and growing so fast.

If you haven't gotten one yet don't worry you're in our database. And for you Kickstarter backers who completed the survey we won't be waiting on a percentage to get you going. I would urge all who haven't done the survey to do it asap as extracting the customer data a 2nd time will not be our highest priority. We thank you for your patience, and understanding as it has been very tough on all of us working around the clock to widen our server capabilities to accommodate our new found huge fan base.

We ask you to be patient a little longer as we get you the game in the coming hours or days! 

And for those of you who have asked our PayPal Buy page will be back up today or tomorrow and stay up after Alpha release for everyone to still buy the pledges they want including Alpha.

 You stay cool!

The Fun Pimps


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    1. benjamin ladieu on

      I remember doing the survey, but now I think maybe it screwed up? Is there a way to check if you actually did the survey or not? Still no key, that's why I'm asking.

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris andre munthe on

      Still no key :-( my friend have playeid for 12h. I want to

    3. Marc Pedersen on

      i did get my key it was in the spam folder so check the spam folder ;)

    4. Sébastien Place on

      I've preorder by the dev webstie and I still havent got anything...

    5. Matthias Hädrich on

      Still haven't got anything...

    6. Missing avatar

      Trevor Doucett on

      Check the email you signed up with Brandon (including the junk folder)

    7. Missing avatar

      Brandon J Duke on

      hi I would like to do the survey but I just can find it am I looking in the wrong place or do u have to go through a site?

    8. Missing avatar

      Trevor Doucett on

      I am guessing that many of you are new to game development, I was expecting there to be some snags in the release of the game. Happens all the time. I will just go about my business and check things out now and then to see if I received a key.

      Now to those who are complaining about the complainers......well I hope you never run a business because that is what you will have to deal with. People want what they want and they want it NOW. They maybe wrong with that expectation but that is all part of running a business. The only thing I wish game developers would devote more time is into the social media side of things. Have someone update on a consistent basis, it keeps the majority satisfied that progress is being made (yes some will continue to bitch, but nothing is going to stop that)

    9. Marcos A on

      i can barely wait lol i constantly check my email just to see if i get my key, i wonder how they are sending them out is it randomly sending them out to people who completed the survey , is it based on who pledged to buy the game the earliest?When they first sent out the surveys i remember completing it within the first few hours. anyways i cannot wait to see how this game develops keep it up it has looked promising so far and i cant wait to get my hands on it! this is definitely something i will continue to support!

    10. Missing avatar

      Nosferatu_UK on

      "And for you Kickstarter backers who completed the survey we won't be waiting on a percentage to get you going. I would urge all who haven't done the survey to do it asap as extracting the customer data a 2nd time will not be our highest priority."

      So if i read between the lines.. you haven't extracted the first lot of names yet? And then the ones that haven't filled in the survey will wait even longer?.. So in other words no KS has a key yet only the pre-purchase ones before KS?

    11. Adam Hardy on

      Wow, thanks for the update guys and all your hard work.

    12. Jacob Mendez on

      For those of you who are complaining about having to wait, remember, this is an early Alpha game. Also even if you get the game next month sometime, you are still getting it early because it wont be released to public yet. It is in ALPHA. Plus stuff like this takes time, let the professionals take care of what they need to. A rushed game often times isn't the best anyways, so give them some time. Great job The Fun Pimps! keep the good work up!

    13. Arno Thys on

      Hey guys, just here to say thanks for the updates!
      Good luck and don't let the trolls get to ya ;)

      You're doing great!

    14. Missing avatar

      Logan Mace on

      @TobiasLauridson It's*, an*, indie*, it's(again)*, alpha*, wait*. Not to mention the horrendous grammar.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jayson R. Lawson on

      Keep it up TFP, you guys are doing great. There will always be people QQing, even if things are going perfect.

    16. Lasse Thorup Jensen on

      Hey Pimps can we get an update?

    17. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      Was hoping to wake up with a dl link and key in my email but nothing yet. I have 2 days of summer left and I wanna play atleast once before school starts D:

    18. David Trout on

      Man I really hope we get the keys soon. I'm so bored! :D I wanna feel like dying in a voxel based game and Minecraft isn't challenging enough!!!

    19. deekan on

      But I can't stay COOL!!! I want my keys NOW!!! ANGRY TROLL FACE!!!!!!..........jk..

    20. Bryan Nagy on

      Some people on here are so ungrateful for how much time goes into releasing this game, and it is still in Alpha, so shut up and wait patiently for your key. Complaining is getting the company nowhere closer to getting your keys.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ieuan on

      Give me my key please!!!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Tobias Lauridsen on

      Why so much whining get a life kids . It a game from a indi studio give the Guys time it alfa you can also just wate to it get out

    23. Rowan Shaw on

      Fuck. Still no motherfucking key. Another nights sleep and still no key f f f

    24. Maxeren on

      @Dwayne: youre entitled to waiting for your key, so shut your trap

    25. Missing avatar

      Dwayne on

      If I don't get this key today I expect to have the beta key instantly because this is starting to get annoying!

    26. Missing avatar

      Paul R on

      Please stop complaining... It'll happen soon.

    27. Maxeren on

      The whining will stop once the children get their toys... god im dissapointed in people in here... fucking ungrateful whining children...

    28. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      This is honestly the best support I've had from any of the games I've backed on this site. I love the constant updates by you, TFP. Keep it up. I don't mind waiting for my game if it means a smooth download.

    29. Adam Danielski on

      Yeah not very cool to take your Kickstarter backers and slap them in the face. Definitely makes you appear ungrateful for the support you have gotten from us. Especially when Kickstarter is the reason you are even making them game.

    30. Pablo Moysés on

      I hope there's much less whining on the comment section after this update.

    31. Jalister on

      Nice move TFP. That should make a large group of backers happy.

    32. Missing avatar

      Dylan Duff-Gray on

      Eric they can't resend the survey

    33. Mathias Berli on

      we all get it when its done ;) dont hurry them up maybe some misstakes where produced with the stress ;)

    34. Eric Bruss on

      **Can you guys please resend the email to my account? i changed me email to the right one (my other email is locked me out) i've already told kickstarter yesterday but i haven't heard anything

    35. GamerForLifepc on

      I think I might be last I think they send them like if your the first one to give them money they give you the key first..

    36. Missing avatar

      BO J ENGLE on

      7,000 is about half of what was on kickstarter, I pledged when there was only 3000-4000 people. I guess I'll patiently wait some more and hopefully get it soon.

    37. Missing avatar

      Connor Temple on

      its not alphabetical, cause im c, i think they did pre-orders first, then paypal then worked from highest to $35 on the kickstarter page

    38. Ian J. Allen on

      @cheney orwig I agree entirely.

    39. Tommy Sell on

      I hope I didn't screw up the survey :'(

    40. Missing avatar

      cheney orwig on

      I wish this generation of gamers knew what it was like way back when (1990's- early 2000's). back then you had to wait for a full, finished game. I donated because I believe in the company. The game was a bonus.

    41. Justin Trychel on

      Keep up the hard work guys, you've made an awesome game and we know you're doing everything you can to make us all happy

    42. Missing avatar

      Aaron Stratton on

      @Joshua Holder im worried aswell i put only 35$ lol... =\

    43. Enigma on

      Same here Marc lol

    44. Cody Rauh on

      @ Peter - It def isn't alphabetical. or I wouldn't be on to reply to you.

    45. Zhen Wan on

      If it is alphabetical, I ain't getting mine anytime soon :P, 7000 keys aren't that bad, considering the funding ended very recently.

    46. Missing avatar

      Joshua Holder on

      I'm worried that I filled my survey out incorrectly. I put THE SUNRISE SURVIVALIST 35$.

    47. Marc Pedersen on

      HEHE i was one of the first 1000 people who supporting this game and im one of the last whos get to play it :(

    48. Ronny Bangsund on

      @Petter: Or more likely T ;)

      I haven't received anything yet, either. I don't think they sort it, just grab them in the order they get the list from Kickstarter.Fortunately I have other games to play, like the "restart Origin downloads when they break" game.