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An open world, voxel-based, sandbox game blending the best elements of FPS, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games.
13,876 backers pledged $507,612 to help bring this project to life.

Corrections to last post "Surveys and Getting the Game"

Posted by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC (Creator)

Amazon Payment Kickstarter Backers - We apologize as made an error in the last post and have discovered that we can in fact get your survey data anytime. So now we will wait until at least 90% of you Alpha or greater Amazon backers have completed the survey and begin collecting and bringing your data into our system and then sending out emails with a registration key and instructions on how to register and download the game.

 We are processing a lot of data and will get you all up and running as soon as possible! And for now we ask that you please do not email us as answering thousands of additional emails will prevent us from getting you the game. We ask you to be patient a little longer as we get you the game in the coming hours or days!

You stay cool! The Fun Pimps


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    1. Maxeren on

      Stop your bloody whining and moaning and be grateful you will get an alpha so early at all! the devs are doing what they can to get this out!

    2. Chris Bergström on

      we need about 12,488 people to fill out the survey

    3. Eduardo Medina

      Too many people here have apparently never backed a KS project. Learn some patience you pack of re re's

    4. john wheatley on

      of course brad makes another rage comment 2 for brad

    5. Henrik Danielsson on

      @Mikko Sinkkonen A live percentage would be cool, mind waiting a day or two extra for them to set it up and test it before sending out the surveys? ;)

    6. Mikko Sinkkonen on

      Would love to see some update on what the current precentage is. Even better a Live precentage on the 7D2D website, I'd spend the whole night just watching the nuber go up.

    7. Missing avatar

      handyj on

      @Bill Briggs, HAHAHAHA, perfect.

    8. John Boden on

      Anyone who signed into Kickstarter via Facebook would have been sent an email to the email address that your Facebook is registered with. Hope this helps.

    9. Missing avatar

      Franklin Steadman on

      if people don't know how you can select your package on the right and do the survey their. come on people tired of waiting here

    10. Missing avatar

      Brad Timms on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    11. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Cortes on

      I am going to get lunch, and then watch some TV I'll be back in like 30 mins, hopefully someone can tend to the comments, cya guys.

    12. Rowan Nagel on

      @Bill Briggs That was hilarious!

    13. Missing avatar

      Harrison Burke on

      Thank you for giving us an update.

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Robbins on

      @ Brett Kilian, learn to read... they said 60% have already responded to the survey. So they obviously sent it already. It's under Kickstarter, what else would it be under?

    15. Missing avatar

      justin on

      Thanks for the update :)

    16. Dave on

      @brett i got it last night man

    17. john wheatley on

      stop leaving rage comments if you want to rage take it out side

    18. Henrik Danielsson on

      @Brett Lloyd Kilian, everyone has... Just look for the survey link in the right column.... If you've already answered, it'll say so below your pledge level.

    19. Bill Briggs on

      For the Survey Email, the Subject was:
      Response Needed! -- Get your reward for backing 7 Days to Die - Zombie Survival Game by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC.

    20. Syx Tox on

      @Benjamin Cortes
      Well I hope they are not retarded, I writed this cause of their last post about waiting 90%. They never said we will wait 90% for sometimes and then if not we will release the keys even if there is not 90% of people completed their surveys.

      I hope you are right, cause their post doesnt say that.

    21. Bill Briggs on

      @Paavo: They did! "That said all Alpha backers who pre-ordered the game, backed it through Paypal and or Kickstarter will get a registration and download email as close as humanly possible to August 16th barring a network server melt down or losing my fedora hat feather."
      So, while we'd love to get it today (it's only 1300 CDST), don't hold your breath.
      Those of you holding your breath: Breathe!

    22. Missing avatar

      Brett Kilian on

      So, has anybody gotten the survey?
      I'm sort of bummed that we can't play, but I understand and support TFP.
      If anybody can post the title to the survey email, I would be very appreciative.

    23. Henrik Danielsson on

      People read stuff way too literally, if they read at all...

    24. Missing avatar

      Anthony Delgado on

      i still think we eill get the game today they said earlier that 60% answered already that was this morning the survey was handed out at 10pm last night so over night 60% filled out the survey so right now i estimate we need 10% more to get to 90%

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael Robbins on

      I honestly can't believe how many mentally handicapped people are complaining here, first off you didn't buy a game, you backed it, and they NEVER said it was coming out today, they said maybe, and it obviously hasn't. So calm down before you strain what little brain you have.

    26. Henrik Danielsson on

      @Syx Tox, There's no reason we won't get the alpha at all. 90% is a nice amount to collect before _starting_ to send out the keys in batches. Read the earlier comments to see a couple of reasons this makes sense.

    27. Missing avatar

      Paavo Nurmi on

      I appreciate their constant updates. Its not like they left the backers in the dark. And I'm pretty sure they said as close to the 16th as possible. NOT exactly the 16th.

    28. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Cortes on

      @Syx Tox you have access to alpha, beta, and the full game? Also they will not wait mutliple months for others to fill the surveys, they aren't "retarded" as many people would have put it, they will wait at least an extra day...

    29. Missing avatar

      Deano Gilden on

      Shut up Brad you fag, just wait and be quiet, you've payed so you'll get the game when they are ready, your tears won't help.

    30. Bill Briggs on

      And, for those first-timers, keep in mind that it will be Monday, at the earliest, that TFP gets the money. So, that they're trying to get the Alpha out to use, before they get paid, is a very nice gesture.

    31. Missing avatar

      Patrick Shea on

      it will all come in good time. just calm yourself.

    32. Syx Tox on

      Funny we need to wait 90% random people to make their survey that mean... it could take some months to get our alpha, cause yes many people wont make this survey.

      And well for those like me that paid 35$ only to have access to the alpha is kind of cheap shot. I mean we paid for the alpha we have the right to play the alpha but cause of some random people that wont make the survey that mean we will proably have access to the beta and the full game and not the alpha.


    33. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Cortes on

      @Brad Timms : They are going to send out the alpha keys soon enough, just wait for the people to fill out the surveys I am sure they won't wait over a day or two for the others to fill out the surveys... Just be patient we've already waited for the 16th if it takes a day longer than oh well... nothing we can really do about it unless you haven't filled your survey out

    34. Missing avatar

      Jacob Nicholls on

      Do understand that using a mail server for sending out mass emails cost quite a bit, in some cases a couple thousand. The reason for waiting is to save cost on sending out multiple waves of emails. Or do you really want your money being used to email people instead of developing this game?

    35. Henrik Danielsson on

      @Brad Timms, because multiple data exports could mean they either send people keys twice, or even miss someone if they get the cutoff points wrong!

    36. Bill Briggs on

      For those of you for whom Kickstarter Projects are new (and I see a bunch of people who this is their first project), you're not purchasing a completed product.
      I hope that the vast majority of you already know that.
      There are a lot of little things that are going on, in the background, that have to be dealt with. If we don't get the Alpha key today, it's not the end of the world. Games get pushed back all the time. This one will be no different. Delays are common with Kickstarter Projects as production is more of an art than a science.
      If you REALLY can't stand this delay, contact Amazon and get a refund. Otherwise, please, just relax and understand TFP aren't jerking us around, they're trying to make as many people as possible happy. Including themselves. We will get our Alpha Keys. It'll all be okay. Really.

    37. Daniel Johansson on

      IMHO some ppl just need to take it easy , this is an Alpha we all get to enjoy when it´s ready for us to enjoy , so Chill !

    38. Missing avatar

      Brad Timms on

      Why should we have to wait for 90 percent. It sucks that we have to wait on other people. This is my first experience on KS, if this is the kind of bs I'm going to have to put up with I won't be backing anymore games. It's very displeasing to see the devs of the game start out on a note like this as far as not being honest.

    39. Dillon Salzer on

      still no email :(

    40. Missing avatar

      Andreas Dam on

      Hello friends do you have any idea how far they are with the keys?

    41. Henrik Danielsson on

      @Peter Vanusanik, are you volunteering to keep track of who was sent their keys? If not, let them do it the way they see is the least confusing so they can keep focused on delivering rather than troubleshooting.

    42. Doc Hollis on

      Anthony, there is no doubt in my mind the game will come out today. Just do your surveys guys. Mine came on my KS, not my email. Check both.

    43. Missing avatar

      Peter Vanusanik on

      So you can send the keys at any time but choose to wait. Thanks....

    44. DeDMeaT11 on

      Happy to wait!

    45. Bill Briggs on

      @Anthony, I would have recommended taking Monday off, instead. Just in case there are download issues, release issues or other whatnot.
      Sorry you wasted a day though. I've got almost 3 hours before I even have to be at work.

    46. Bivitar on

      @ Anthony,


    47. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Cortes on

      @Bainus "No Whipped Cream" Wil-King: Please do not disrespect the other commenters, you may just tell them to wait and so forth but please do not insult anyone... Be respectful and considerate as it says to the right hand side of Post Comment...

    48. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Cortes on

      @Aaron Jones : Bro, they already have proven that the game is much better than The WarZ or, "Infestation: Survivor Stories" They aren't newbie devs, they have over 10 years of experience, and have actual experience... The WarZ had potential but than SirGay Tit Ov got greedy and just wanted money, and just let the game die...

    49. Anthony Muscara on

      I used a VaCa day so i could play :(