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An open world, voxel-based, sandbox game blending the best elements of FPS, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games.
13,876 backers pledged $507,612 to help bring this project to life.

Corrections to last post "Surveys and Getting the Game"

Posted by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC (Creator)

Amazon Payment Kickstarter Backers - We apologize as made an error in the last post and have discovered that we can in fact get your survey data anytime. So now we will wait until at least 90% of you Alpha or greater Amazon backers have completed the survey and begin collecting and bringing your data into our system and then sending out emails with a registration key and instructions on how to register and download the game.

 We are processing a lot of data and will get you all up and running as soon as possible! And for now we ask that you please do not email us as answering thousands of additional emails will prevent us from getting you the game. We ask you to be patient a little longer as we get you the game in the coming hours or days!

You stay cool! The Fun Pimps


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    1. Marc Pedersen on

      Give them your money. So i can play ;)

    2. Samy Boumaza on

      Where are our keys??????????????

    3. Missing avatar

      Garason on

      Realy looking forward to playing this game just wish i would get it sooner then later

    4. Connor Garrett on

      I'm so ready for the game!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Finite True on

      Because that's life, Darrin. People suck, and affects even those who don't suck.

    6. Missing avatar

      crazy D on

      Tell me again why those of us who promptly submitted our surveys have to wait for those that haven't? It's not like any of us know any of them and can put the squeeze on them, 'blanket party' style. Why punish the whole for the deeds of the lame and tardy?

    7. Missing avatar

      IceBlink on

      What I will do in-game? Wikipedia "Mir mine". I will do exactly that. :3

    8. Missing avatar

      James Dunnahoo on

      @payden. The character you play as is immune to it.... Maybe they will add that feature later.

    9. Payden K. Pringle on

      Guys, you have 7 days before you turn into a zombie *after you get bit by one*.

      That gives you 7 days to find a cure, if there is one. And the McGraff thing makes me think there is.

    10. Missing avatar

      joshua on

      awww i didn't get they key :(

    11. Mettmatt on

      So excited for the game can't wait I hope it comes out in the next hours >.<

    12. Missing avatar

      joshua on

      exactly, got things going on next week, want this weekend to be a 7days to die weekend xD

    13. Missing avatar

      Carl Nepveu on

      ahhhhhh can't wait ! lol wish we ad this for the week-end!...

    14. Missing avatar

      joshua on

      @cyle we are chill, just discussing the current situation and giving each other ideas for in-game things :D

    15. Missing avatar

      Cyle Pleiness on

      Just chill out people, bombarding this page with questions isn't going to get anything done any faster, as it says, they're waiting for 90% of people to complete the surveys to start sending keys. SO if anything, BUG THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE NOT TURNED IN SURVEYS YET. D= We all want to play!

    16. Missing avatar

      joshua on

      @emillo check out the livestream if you havent.......

    17. Missing avatar

      Emilio Filippi on

      please give us an update :)

    18. Missing avatar

      joshua on

      @andrew ahh yes now i see your idea. that will sure put pressure on making a well made fortress xD, maybe when you get hit by a zombie you have a small chance to become infected, and thats when the timer ticks down from 7 days.....:P

    19. Andrew Pyhtila on

      @Josh I see what your saying but you could play forever and not get infected. I'm just saying that once and if it happens you will have 7 days to find a cure or whatever. I like the idea of having that desperation if I was to get infected.

    20. Missing avatar

      Maztrim on

      I'm pretty sure the "7 days to die" refers to the amount of time it takes a person to become a zombie after being infected, not the amount of time you have to survive.

    21. Missing avatar

      joshua on

      i loved watching rhino, when he was mining and say that zombies nearly broke it ahaha, was sooo funny. guys if u havent seen his series i suggest you check it out xD

      part 1 of the series ---->…

    22. Andrew Pyhtila on

      I just want to roam the map and see places rhino didn't go yet. Making a crap load of spikes is a must it seems

    23. Missing avatar

      joshua on


      yea thats was my idea :D seems zombie proof....i hope

    24. Missing avatar

      joshua on


      then there wont be any kind of challenge to see how long you can survive :/ i wanna live for atleast a month in-game xD saying that, i will most likely die in the first coming days ahaha

    25. Robbyy Stankowska on

      @joshua my first night i plan to collect lots of wood amd scavenge for torch crafting materials. so i can craft lots of wood spikes and torches than surrounded myself with spikes and dig a hole and start mining for my first night.

    26. Missing avatar

      Steven Fuhr on

      I saw a huge Building on Rhinos last Youtube Video. I will get some crops and items and then i will make my fortress up there so i will get unlimited food :D

    27. Andrew Pyhtila on

      @Josh you could play for a long time before you get infected. I think you will have 7 in game days until the virus takes over.

    28. Missing avatar

      joshua on

      ahh well its good just to talk about it :D so what you guys gonna have planned to get done in the first day in-game?? its good to share ideas :D

    29. Andrew Pyhtila on

      I'm not too certain. That's all I know, sorry

    30. Missing avatar

      joshua on

      i dont think you will die after 7 days, then it will ruin the game having a limited amount of time to play tbh......

    31. Missing avatar

      Steven Fuhr on

      @ Andrew that means its over after 7 Days or what ??

    32. Joshua Lester on

      @ Brandon - If you look at your pledge at the bottom there is a survey link and you can see what your response was. Check it to be sure you didn't mess up. :)

    33. Andrew Pyhtila on

      You have 7 days after getting bit before you turn.

    34. Missing avatar

      joshua on

      @steven, i dont actually know xD. i think its just a name and nothing to do with the actual in-game days. idk but thats my guese

    35. Missing avatar

      Steven Fuhr on

      Hey guys I have a stupid question. What happens after the 7 Days???
      Because the games title is 7 Days to Die so i hope i wont die after these days :D

    36. Ryan j. Burke on

      @Henrik its a name recognition on my phone it goes to the default hendrik. As in jimmy I think.

    37. Missing avatar

      joshua on

      @ Dylan Duff-Gray

      i read in on many different comments on the livestream being held now.
      here's the link mate --->

    38. Missing avatar

      Brandon David Bomar on

      I hope I didn't do something wrong in my survey... I'd hate to be screwed out of my copy of the game.

    39. Missing avatar

      Dylan Duff-Gray on

      Where did you read that josh

    40. Missing avatar

      joshua on

      just read they send 3k emails an hour :/ i hope amazon gets that 90% now :( gonna have to pass time watching this livestream xD *listening out for that new email sound :D*

    41. Mild on

      cool - I look forward to playing :^)

    42. Henrik Danielsson on

      [random though]Hmm, I've noticed several people reply to me as @Hendrik, is that a common spelling outside of Sweden?[/random though]

    43. Henrik Danielsson on

      @Brent Copeland, that's pretty much what they have said already... They thought they had to wait for something before Kickstarter would release the data, but recently found out they did not have to... Simple mistake, but they are still on schedule considering they said they would try to deliver _around_ the 16th. And the estimate says August, giving them a couple of weeks before even breaking that...

    44. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      @joshua Hopefully so. :)

    45. Missing avatar

      James Dunnahoo on

      @hendrik yeah. There ups and downs to everything lol

    46. Dead Workers Party on

      well.. besides the grammar mistakes lol :)

    47. Dead Workers Party on

      it has nothing to do with entitlement. it's bad pr/decisions honestly. All they had to say, was -- Hey guys! can't wait to get you into the game. We're working on getting everyone into our system from the kickstarter spreadsheets -- this is taking more time than we though. We hope to get you in by the end of the day ... please bare with us, we appreciate everyone one on you and want to give you the best experience possible! ---

      no one here would be pissed about that.

    48. Henrik Danielsson on

      @James Dunnahoo Having the developers mail out keys as each survey response comes in would be extremely stressful task. Much easier/cheaper/safer to download the backer addresses in bulk and put them into a mass-emailing system (for which they may be paying per batch) and send them out in a controlled way to not double-send or miss anyone.