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An open world, voxel-based, sandbox game blending the best elements of FPS, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games.
13,876 backers pledged $507,612 to help bring this project to life.

Corrections to last post "Surveys and Getting the Game"

Posted by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC (Creator)

Amazon Payment Kickstarter Backers - We apologize as made an error in the last post and have discovered that we can in fact get your survey data anytime. So now we will wait until at least 90% of you Alpha or greater Amazon backers have completed the survey and begin collecting and bringing your data into our system and then sending out emails with a registration key and instructions on how to register and download the game.

 We are processing a lot of data and will get you all up and running as soon as possible! And for now we ask that you please do not email us as answering thousands of additional emails will prevent us from getting you the game. We ask you to be patient a little longer as we get you the game in the coming hours or days!

You stay cool! The Fun Pimps


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    1. Missing avatar

      RobinSwe on

      I don't see how we're being "punished" by having to wait a little bit..
      (especially since its still the 16th in Dallas, Texas..)

      Anyway the ESTIMATED date for release was 16th, and the general estimate was august..

      As long as it comes out in august, it should be okey with people,
      although I'm also eager to play it, if they need more time to release it to us..
      We'll just have to deal with it..

    2. Missing avatar

      Eric Czimcharo on

      @Sol Brooks, make sure you send them an email with that cause that may be what is happening to the others that aren't filling out there surveys.

    3. Missing avatar

      Brian Lerias on

      People need to calm down and relax. All we can do is hope everyone fills out their surveys and wait. The Fun Pimps group are doing the best they can to get everything ready for us and send us out our keys. Ive been in the game industry for a while now and I know how much work is involved to get a game out to the masses. Whining and complaining isnt going to help one way or another. I've been waiting just like everyone else and another few hours or even days isnt going to kill me. It will all be worth it once everything is up and running. So until then, learn to be patient.

    4. Missing avatar

      Devon DiGangi on

      I don't think some of you realize that they need to wait till they have the full 90% of backers info from the surveys. If they just started sending out emails now and the others end up never sending their surveys back, The Fun Pimps could get screwed out of some money by people who's payments never go through.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sol Brooks on

      I got an email from amazon with order number and payment successful and an email from fun pimps with a button saying they need my info but when i hit the button it just takes me to their kickstarter page, wheres this survey?

    6. Andrew Thompson on

      i feel sorry for the ppl who pledged more thn $100 for them and thy are made to wait myb coz of ppl who payd $35

    7. Andrew Thompson on

      so true ron i knw thy hav alot of work to do and have done alot of work but for those who jave waited alnite and so on tp get the key and didnt feel like there been punished coz of the ppl tht arnt tht exsited to play it or are to buay atm to check emails and i understand that aswell and im glade to hear tht thy hav 75% so far we all hope wr can play the game b4 the weekend is up me more so coz come monday i wnt b able to till the weekend coz of my workin hours theres no time to do anythn but eat wash n sleep so plez fun pimps let us hav fun

    8. Ronny Bangsund on

      They've got over 10000 survey responses to go through. If I understood the explanation from other campaigns correctly, they get a big chunk of tabulated data and have to actually filter through that one way or another. Kickstarter's system doesn't automate everything, so they have to filter out the roughly 3000 people who aren't getting alpha version, generate keys, possibly prepare a system on the website for said keys, and preferably test it before the masses are let in.

      I'm glad I'm not running something like this.

    9. Missing avatar

      Brodie McDonald on

      Eh, why don't we just call 75% good enough? The other 25% can wait till there is 100% submissions.

    10. Missing avatar

      Eric Czimcharo on

      still dont know why we are being punished for others idocy.

    11. Paul Marks on

      Amazon Payment Kickstarter Backers - Everyone who backed the game by Amazon payments with an Alpha pledge of $35 or more should have received a survey email last night. We sent them out and have received responses by about 75% of you on every pledge tier. So now we will wait until at least 90% of you Alpha or greater

    12. Andrew Thompson on

      i think it wrong and unfair of them to make those who have been waiting 4eva and have full out the survy to wait 4 those who havnt fulld out the survy for whateva reason

    13. Missing avatar

      Eric Czimcharo on

      Dont know about you but i work 5 days a week and i would like time to play the game, before i go to work for the week. not so much whinning as bored and waiting for the email to pop up.

    14. Missing avatar

      Paavo Nurmi on

      You are one of them

    15. Missing avatar

      Eric Czimcharo on

      Amen to that Kyle!

    16. Missing avatar

      kyle on

      Tomorrow is my birthday and i am going to go on a cruise for a week so hurry up and release the game so i can play it before i leave!

    17. Missing avatar

      Eric Czimcharo on

      I just saw the trailer for Dying Light, and holy crap that looks awesome, it is a mix of mirrors edge parkour, and zombies. Really is nice looking.

    18. Cameron Reading on

      I checked and its said Its Authorized, so i assume its confirmed and what not?

    19. Cameron Reading on

      Ill go check right now

    20. Missing avatar

      Brad Timms on

      @aaron i have really been watching it today, i knew the alpha would not get to me yesterday. They say 500 keys have already been released. i did not get one yet and i pledged when there was only 1200 dollars funded. I filled my survey out quickly so I know i had to be one of the first is a good thing though to release in groups because if you have 25000 people trying to dl thats where you will run into problems. I know I was giving the fun pimps some crap earlier but i think they are some smart people and are doing everything they can to make the alpha release as smooth as possible

    21. Missing avatar

      Eric Czimcharo on

      Why cant they just give us the keys already, screw the dumb asses that didn't fill out the survey I did, WE did and I/WE want the game. I wont play with those other 40% other people anyways!

    22. Missing avatar

      David Sneddon on

      How many % are we currently at?

    23. Allen Baynard

      I'm so ready to play this game!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Brad Timms on

      @cameron, if you got an email from amazon for your reciept you can sign in and see if your payment was accepted. thats what i just done and its confirmed

    25. Missing avatar

      Aaron Ginn on

      have you guys been waiting for 2 days aswell?

    26. Missing avatar

      Brad Timms on

      yes cameron its still pending on mine as well. I think if you got your survey though you are good. Could someone please confirm that if you know the answer

    27. Cameron Reading on

      Well i'm just worried the payment didn't get through because its still saying pending on my side

    28. Chris Garver on

      I wish we could filter these comments by age. I guarantee every person having a schizophrenic panic attack still lives with their parents.

    29. Ryan j. Burke on

      We will all get to play soon enough. All will be good

    30. Missing avatar

      Brad Timms on

      so if you recieved your survey that means amazon got your payment correct?

    31. Payden K. Pringle on

      @Fredrik, Maybe you need to stop being temperamental?

      It's an indie game. I expect problems. Maybe they want to be fair. It's their game. Yes we are backers, but the pledge stuff is effectively a donation and we are to trust that they will not betray that donation.

      That is the nature of kickstarter.

    32. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Lantz on

      .................. I must say the way you handled this is not what I expected.. Why not send out the email to the poeple who were quick? All you do is torture your own backers who REALLY want to play, the ones that sent back the email quick..

      Maybe you should think twice before you buy this game

    33. Missing avatar

      Brett Kilian on

      @Henrik Danielsson I actually didn't I realized Amazon was withholding payment, a quick phone call and it was all sorted out, Thank you.

    34. Missing avatar

      Brett Kilian on

      @Michael Robbins Thankfully I'm literate, but It would be much more appreciative of you to be more polite in your response.

    35. Trevor A Green on

      I think my kids are going to push me in the spike pit if my key isn't in my email by the time I get home.

    36. Shane Gorrell on

      opps you have to be logged into the forums to see that link. Sorry

    37. Shane Gorrell on

      The Keys are going out according to the 7DTD forums.…

    38. Missing avatar

      Brandon J Duke on

      calm down guys there broke some thing and now they can do the survey when 90% of the survey is done the will start sending out the game key and download for you hoping that it will be later today if now to night so just play games and shit idk

    39. Missing avatar

      Logan Wheeler on

      i've been sitting on youtube watching stupid shit for a loooongggg time i cant take this stupid shit anymore i need da game.

    40. Joseph on

      why havnt i got the game yet :(

    41. Henrik Danielsson on

      @Joel Pålsson Because Kickstarter locks the Home page once the counter goes to 0. No campaign can edit them after being completed.

    42. Avery Byington on

      submit your survey so we can play the game already!!!

    43. Finite True on

      FragHard is starting to look bad. This confirms that he was being dishonest to get stream viewers and followers.

    44. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Cortes on

      Update: They aren't at 75% anymore, they're at 85% [Roughly] 5% more people to fill out the survey... C'mon guys fill them out! The rate at which the surveys are being submitted... I think we will get our keys tomorrow or in around 3 - 5 hours from now. Sorry guys but we all have to wait on behalf of the others... I am also waiting for my alpha key but rushing won't do any good, we need to actually tell the people who haven't submitted their surveys "Hey dude submit your survey so we can play the game already!!!" That's what is needed. Hopefully fairly soon is when we get our alpha keys, I've waited since I woke up, at 60% 12:53PM EDT and now at 6:56 PM It's only at 80 - 85% [Ratio] So yea, we have some more waiting.

    45. Daniel Leger on

      Playing Dead Rising 2 To pass the time, be patient guys they will send the keys when they can.
      Just wait it will come.

    46. Missing avatar

      Cyle Pleiness on

      @Samy Boumaza, we all have to wait until they get roughly 90% of the surveys they sent via e-mail to everyone get turned in before they'll start sending keys, cmon people! Turn in those surveys!

    47. Joel Pålsson on

      Why does it say that 500,000+ have been pledged but the last stretch-goal is still locked?!