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An open world, voxel-based, sandbox game blending the best elements of FPS, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games.
13,876 backers pledged $507,612 to help bring this project to life.


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      john on

      wow!!!!!!!!!! just loaded up got my key when woke up it so good guted it took so long but worth the wait hope you guys get it soon

    2. Missing avatar

      Doyle filippo on

      All I have to ask is . have you started sending the the alpha buddies keys that was payed with amazon and you guys are doing a good job with the game that I've seen so far

    3. Missing avatar

      Eric Czimcharo on

      the fact still stands that i work tomorrow and Monday to Friday so i was hoping for it this weekend. or i have to wait till next Friday and Saturday to get more than a few hours play time in.

    4. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Cortes on

      Everyone please calm down, you will eventually get your keys so far to what I know 3,700 - 8,000 people have gotten their keys. No less possibly more I am not 100% sure, We've waited this long for them to start sending out the keys, now it's just a few more hours and possibly another day... They DID say AS CLOSE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO THE 16TH OF AUGUST 2013...

    5. Missing avatar

      john haskett on

      this is BS give me my key plz!

    6. Missing avatar

      Mikkel Nørgaard on

      This is getting ridicoulus!

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric Czimcharo on

      I am watching players on you tube that got the game in there email already, and i hear dogs, and people wispering.

    8. Missing avatar

      Mikkel Nørgaard on

      Oh come on Fun Pimps. enough allready.. Get everyone the friggin game..

    9. Missing avatar

      Suter Samuel on

      i was like the 100 backer and i didn't have the key yet... srsly

    10. Missing avatar

      Mikkel Nørgaard on

      I was like the 160th backer, and 7000 others have gotten their key, while i have not... This sucks! i want my money back!

    11. Missing avatar

      J Stimac on

      Hey guys, as a public service announcement I would like to point out that Kickstarter is not a retail store and pledging is not the same as going to and ordering a digital download of an already released game.

      Backing a Kickstarter project is a great way to support projects that you want to see completed. This was a very successful Kickstart for this game as we have hit all of the developer's stretch goals! Now we need to give those guys time to execute on their plans.

      The devs have been clear all along that everyone who pledged enough for early alpha access would get keys as soon as possible and while I'm sure it's not going as quickly as everyone would like, it is happening and backers who want this game to be a success need to keep in mind that part of alpha testing is testing key distribution and key activation so we're already testing! I am sure if they could just wish the keys into everyones inbox they would.

    12. Andrei Iustinian Tudor on

      this is bullshit! the pirates already cracked the alpha and me who bought the game still dont have it!!! hurry up!

    13. Missing avatar

      Hans Olav Hjelmeland on

      From their Twitter:

      "Sent out another 1000 keys over the night and many more will be going out today

      You stay cool
      The Fun Pimps"

    14. Missing avatar

      Eric Czimcharo on

      Development ‏@7DaystoDie 1m

      Sent out another 1000 keys over the night and many more will be going out today You stay cool The Fun Pimps

    15. Missing avatar

      Daniel Adey on has just tweeted that they have sent out 1000 codes overnight and are planning to send out more today

    16. Missing avatar

      Luke Hardcastle on

      @justin every one here has bought this game + it will stop people whining about not having it

    17. Missing avatar

      Rick Coremans on

      i by accident supported the game normaly so not with paypal cause i prefer paypal and now i have to wait until 90% of the people filled in the survey before i get the game... wel im guessing il get the game after 1 month when the vacation is over...

    18. Untitled Kitten

      Really @Luke Hardcastle? We're here to support this game, don't even mention stuff like that.

    19. Missing avatar

      Eric Czimcharo on

      I hate to just the dev team and stuff but actually starting to loose some interest in the game.

    20. Bryan Nagy on

      Lets get the keys rolling, looking forward to getting the game finally.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mark Williamson on

      Come on guys where are the keys

    22. Mateusz Reglinski on

      Fun Pimps wake up plz :D I need the copy of the game !!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Luke Hardcastle on

      there my be a torrent on piratebay to play ;) (dident upload it)

    24. Andrei Iustinian Tudor on

      we are 10k because 2k went for the 25$ or 15$ pledges

    25. Samy Boumaza on

      We are 13k you just send 2k pls we are a lot ^^

    26. Steven 'Mussels' Musselwhite on

      its 9am in dallas, texas.

      lets get some keys rollin!

    27. Missing avatar

      RobinSwe on

      Instead of speculating about keys, or questioning the fact that they've begun to go out,
      why not check the OFFICIAL info channels and read for yourselves?

      Website & Forum:

      They also have a facebook group though it dosn't seem as updated.

      Here you'll see the local Dallas time btw:…

      You're going to get the alpha, but if you're too damn impatient, go distract yourselves by watching movies, playing (other) games or even going outside!

      You can still check your mail every so often,
      but updating the shit out of your inbox won't make the key appear faster.. =D

    28. Timothy on

      I like turtles! XD

    29. Andrei Iustinian Tudor on

      they are posting on twitter when keys are released:

    30. Missing avatar

      Sean Baade on

      as much as i'd like my key now, i really just want some update as to the status of keys. that would pacify me quite enough. either way i'm happy. can't wait to play, going to be good stuff.

    31. Missing avatar

      Andrew Porretta on

      There are so many users just whining on here about not having a key yet like a bunch of kids. It concerns me about the people I'll end up playing with in game.
      Seriously, it's an indie game with a very small team and it's still in Alpha. Yes you'll get the Alpha access you paid for, just hold your horses, there's a lot that goes into the logistics of handling everything post-Kickstarter. There's no magic button to send out all of the keys. Just calm down and be patient. Be glad that there's actually going to be something to get this close to the end of the Kickstarter, most have nothing for months.

    32. Shane Williams on

      the way they have gone about releasing this is pathetic 2 day way so far for something released on Thursday hmmm if i see this on steam early access in a few weeks im going to be very pissed
      they should have managed this alot better im a bit disappointed that kickstarter essentially lets programmers do this ...having a solid policy on making sure games dont take money without immediate (or at least within 24 hours) is cause enough to be ready for release as an alpha they should have spent more time on sorting this out

    33. Missing avatar

      Shayne Cameron on

      I'm also impatiently waiting (for 3 keys, actually) but they can't work day and night. It takes time to process so many people, I guess.

    34. Missing avatar

      Lamorta on

      I was Teasing them but I am really Old Muhahaha, You guy have no idea what waiting is I'll give you one example world of warcraft it took them 14 day to get it out pass release date server crashes and game bugs at the end of the it was 39 day before I had a copy that would really run and could play more that 15 minutes. Be glad They have a Alpha copy we can play.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ethan on

      god its taking them a long time I really want to play in the morning tomorrow I really hope I get the email

    36. Missing avatar

      Sean Stanley on

      I feel like a unicorn, being one of the rare patient people who are happy to wait for something I know will be awesome n_n You already know these guys are working very hard to get everyone on, so be cool, like The Fonz. EEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH

    37. Missing avatar

      Lamorta on

      What is taking so long they have roughly just 14000 backers are they doing them one at a time ? I'm old I could drop dead anytime and my one wish is to just play 7 days to die hurry guys hurry!!

    38. Missing avatar

      james on

      there taking there time now the system there using to give keys out sucks ass

    39. dylan cole on

      i wonder how much percent has done it?

    40. Missing avatar

      mathewkraft on

      i like ice cream

    41. dylan cole on

      if you can answer your survey and it just takes you back to here, look on the right hand side of your screen were it says how much you can pledge, go down to the amount of how much you pledge and on the bottom of that box it will say " response" and you can do it from their.

    42. Missing avatar

      Suter Samuel on

      omg Marc you are fucking retard

    43. Missing avatar

      Tyler Whipple on

      People need to learn to be patient. While I suppose they could have done this in a better way, it's not the end of the world. Just be patient so they can do what they need to do to get the game to all of us. They worked hard on this game for us, and up until now you all were stoked. No need to get pissed at them now

    44. Missing avatar

      Tobias Lauridsen on

      yes Marc just put the game on torrent site so any can download the game.... the day today's stupidest comment.

      just take the time guys:-)

    45. Marc Pedersen on

      Ore just someone who has the game can uppload a torrent so thats is no problem to downloading it. so no server crash!!!

      GO SWEDEN GO!!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Eric Czimcharo on

      pass the time watching and listening to this… It is Dear Esther

    47. Missing avatar

      Sam on

      If they released the game in a torrent file there would be absolutely no issues with their servers crashing.. It's not like piracy is an issue because they'd need a key and there's not a lot you can do to stop it anyway.
      Not to mention everyone would be able to play by now. Just a thought.

    48. Andrew Thompson on

      this is around the time that they are working on so watch time past if u must