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An open world, voxel-based, sandbox game blending the best elements of FPS, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games.
13,876 backers pledged $507,612 to help bring this project to life.

Surveys and Getting the Game

Posted by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC (Creator)

Hey Survivalist’

There has been a lot of confusion how and when you Alpha Pledge Backers will get the game so here’s the skinny on it.

Amazon Payment Kickstarter Backers - Everyone who backed the game by Amazon payments with an Alpha pledge of $35 or more should have received a survey email last night. If not look in your spam or make sure you know what email is tied to your Kickstarter account. We sent them out and have received responses by about 60% of you on every pledge tier. Our understanding of the this is that all of the surveys must be completed and turned into the good folks of Kickstarter before they can give us your information. That said please fill out your survey promptly, thoroughly and accurately as a simple email typo, wrong name or address can prevent us from getting you the game. And if you bought one of the Alpha packs please know your friend’s emails and names as this can prevent us from getting you the game.

Paypal Payment Backers - Everyone who backed the game by Paypal with an original Pre-Order purchase or an Alpha pledge of $35 or more will receive in the coming hours or days an email with a registration key and instructions on how to register and download the game. We have not sent these out yet so don't think you've missed it. And you will not receive a poll email this is for amazon payment backers.

Emailing US - We apologize for any confusion on this and assure you that getting the Alpha download to all of you is our top priority! We are processing a lot of data and will get you all up and running as soon as possible! 

And for now we ask that you please do not email us as answering thousands of additional emails will prevent us from getting you the game. We ask you to be patient a little longer as we get you the game in the coming hours or days! 

Paypal Buy Page - And for those of you who have asked our PayPal Buy page will be back up today or tomorrow and stay up after Alpha release for everyone to still buy the pledges they want including Alpha.

 You stay cool!

The Fun Pimps


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    1. Techntux on

      @ Victor Melgaard Nielsen i agree with you i can wait :D . Wow other people need to chill :S

    2. JTC21B on

      @The Fun Pimps You guys have options. Email template that is linked to excel file so that one field pulls a email next field pulls a cd key. Or and this is probably the route I would have gone with a new game release there are companies that do this stuff for you.

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrés Óskarsson on

      Man, i feel so bad for the developers right now reading the comments. I'm at a loss of words.

    4. Jani on

      Damn, some people are so impatient. Do something else than sit front of the screen - do sport, go out to pick up girls, play other games... whatever rocks your boat. The game will come when it will come and I'm certain The Fun Pimps are working hard you to get them.

    5. Missing avatar

      Harrison Burke on

      My buddy's kickstarter just finished yesterday and he is getting his survey info back as the backers send them in. Its either a complete lie or just plain incompetence that these guys think they need 100% survey completion to see any of the surveys.

    6. Missing avatar

      Martin on

      Does anyone know when the alpha Will be out ?

    7. T. Varga on

      I know it's spam, but. Got to hammer it in to make sure they see:

      This is how you get the information of your backers:

    8. Giovanni Starita on

      Guys seriously if you think this is like warz you have serious problems: the fun pimps are a group of serious developers and if they are having this problemi is only for kickstarters terms, they aren't stealing your money like some dayz clone creator

    9. Missing avatar

      Harrison Burke on

      Has a single gaming company kept their word ever? EVER? This just in, Gaming companies are the new politicians, they make empty promises, take your money and then have no follow through..

    10. Missing avatar

      handyj on

      GEEZ, Enhance your calm folks. You are not going to die if you don't get the game this minute. Give the devs a break. They are probably dealing with a company that handles this confusion all the time. It was most likely a misunderstanding or communication break down issue between the devs and KS. The funding has been closed for 1 day. If we don't have the game after a week or so, then let the bitching begin. For now, switch to de-decaffeinated and calm down.

    11. Missing avatar

      Karol Tiits on

      omg my card expires tomorrow can i still get the game?

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Papaspyrou on

      @Fun Pimps, Doesnt seem to make sense as seems to state the info can be exported and doesnt say anything about numbers.

    13. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      There's nothing that says you need to wait for all surveys to be answered. Where did you get that incorrect information from??? Go and read the Creator FAQs.. It's all there in simple instructions on how to access the information and export the data etc

      As per others, there have been many projects that have begun fulfilling rewards long before ALL the surveys were completed.

    14. Missing avatar

      Brad Timms on

      This is BS because I have to wait on some asshole to send his survey back that could be on vacation. That's why I hate dealing with anyone other than PayPal. See now they have your money and its war z all over again.

    15. Lars C. on

      And the nerd rage begins...
      They don't need all surveys to be fulfilled to send out the game. If KS is that bad, I'll back every project with $1 and never answer any surveys. Then nobody gets their products and KS is bust. So NO IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY!

    16. Missing avatar

      Austin Michael Miller on

      Guys it said august delivery... they said their aiming for 16th holy shit we can wait for a fucking game... one do you know hard it is to process all that fucking information. Give the boys time they have already stayed up all night for you ungrateful people...

    17. The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC Creator on

      Guys I don't know exactly what happens to the surveys or if all backers need to complete them or they wait until 95% are in. All I know is I can't get your data form Kickstarter yet. This is the truth. I am emailing Kickstarter on this feel free to do so as well to speed this up.

      Our apologies as this process is new to us too and there's not a lot of information on it

      The Fun Pimps

    18. T. Varga on

      I'm not saying torrent sites are a solution but...

      We all got charged for the Alpha. So if someone from the Paypal backers uploaded the game to certain sites, well. I'm not saying I condone piracy but... we basically have the right to download that version and play it. Now I'm not saying we should do this. But...

    19. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Lantz on

      Yeah we really hit the rock bottom on this one since their Paypal preorder will be up today again including the alpha package the best and fastest way would have been to wait and order the game from their website..

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael Lowe on

      My issue with the fact that it takes time for them to get the keys out, it's with the fact that on Kickstarter they need 100% replies. Screw it, I'm going to bed

    21. Missing avatar

      Cameron Serena on

      Come On.... I was even planning on streaming today as well welp forget about that...

    22. Missing avatar

      Flavio Rizzi on

      kickstarter is bullshit... now the paypal guys get it earlier and they said it's better via kickstarter.......

    23. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Lantz on

      That sucks balls... I used Kickstarter because the devs wanted that and only Paypal if you have no other solution.. Trying to help and be nice bites me in the ass again.. No more Kickstarter, only Paypal from now on... This sucks so much :( Really disappointed really hoped to be able to play today or at least before the weekend is over and I'm going back to work..

    24. Missing avatar

      mdzcpa on

      I have to agree with Fredrik. If we all have to wait for every survey to be completed that's total BS. Common sense says there will be scores of folks that don't respond timely. We're talking thousands of backers here so there will be numerous folks unwilling or unable to respond. This HAS to be a mistake or misunderstand. I can't believe something so doomed to epic fail could be true.

    25. Space Monkey on

      Yep, same here, I'm a bit worried about the fact that it seems likely that at least one person might not answer the survey for days, a week, or more. If I would have known that, I would have gone for paypal of course. It's not your fault The Fun Pimps, but I'm really not impressed by Amazon/Kickstarter regarding this...

    26. Missing avatar

      Raph on

      When are we getting the game today? Also why do we need everything %100 right? What if I changed my address name to my name? Or if I changed the email to mine? Would that change anything?

    27. Missing avatar

      David Dunnell on

      I wish would have waited till the alpha released , Kickstarter has a silly system going, by needing all responses from backers....... Can I still pull out my pledge ????

    28. The Inner Geek on

      I've never seen a KS that worked that way in the past. I have a friend who ran a KS that ended last fall (2012) and he still hasn't got all the surveys back. His KS was fulfilled months ago, on time. I think there may be a communication disconnect somewhere.

    29. Missing avatar

      Magsy on

      It does look like they didn't realise how this survey worked when they made that promise of the 16th. This is going to take days unless Kickstarter have a change of policy but it is not really the pimps fault :(

    30. T. Varga on

      That's fucked up. I'll only back projects through paypal in the future. Never realised Kickstarter has such a badly designed system.

    31. Missing avatar

      Liamb2179 on

      For everyone who is complaining: shut the fuck up. You have no clue how much work they are going through or how long it takes to send out tens of thousands of emails to get people registered (especially since they most likely didn't anticipate this amount of support) be patient. You are not 12 years old, drop your sense of entitlement and wait a few more god damned hours or days to get your game.

    32. Missing avatar

      Andrés Óskarsson on

      Don't be so impatient. People preorder games all the time and developers delay them just as often. Just be glad that we're talking about days instead of months which is much more common.

    33. Missing avatar

      Portrius PlaysStuff on

      Ohhh, goddd, now I'm really scared!

    34. Christian Pfisterer on

      @ Frederik - man that Scares me !!!!

    35. Missing avatar

      frank on

      Yeah that's unfortunate we have to wait on every single person :(

    36. Missing avatar

      Anders Naismith on

      @Fredrik Lantz That's exactly what I'm worried about.

    37. Missing avatar

      Thrak on

      So paypal get in and kickstarter (amazon) has to wait for all the people who have not responded to the emails? *mental note - always use paypal in the future.

    38. Mathew Fuller on

      You guys made a public announcement that the game would be released on the 16 which is today and now i saw that you guys said,"Pre-Order purchase or an Alpha pledge of $35 or more will receive in the coming hours or days", i am just getting worried that when you guy ssaid that we will get it in hours or days i hope u meant hours, i pre ordered it before kickstarter and we were supposed to get it in july, then it was made 16 august and if it gets delayed again im gonna be incredibly annoyed.

    39. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Lantz on

      "Our understanding of the this is that all of the surveys must be completed and turned into the good folks of Kickstarter before they can give us your information."

      That's fucked up.. So if people are lazy or want to troll and don't respond with their information we will have to wait?!?!