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An open world, voxel-based, sandbox game blending the best elements of FPS, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games.
13,876 backers pledged $507,612 to help bring this project to life.

Surveys and Getting the Game

Posted by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC (Creator)

Hey Survivalist’

There has been a lot of confusion how and when you Alpha Pledge Backers will get the game so here’s the skinny on it.

Amazon Payment Kickstarter Backers - Everyone who backed the game by Amazon payments with an Alpha pledge of $35 or more should have received a survey email last night. If not look in your spam or make sure you know what email is tied to your Kickstarter account. We sent them out and have received responses by about 60% of you on every pledge tier. Our understanding of the this is that all of the surveys must be completed and turned into the good folks of Kickstarter before they can give us your information. That said please fill out your survey promptly, thoroughly and accurately as a simple email typo, wrong name or address can prevent us from getting you the game. And if you bought one of the Alpha packs please know your friend’s emails and names as this can prevent us from getting you the game.

Paypal Payment Backers - Everyone who backed the game by Paypal with an original Pre-Order purchase or an Alpha pledge of $35 or more will receive in the coming hours or days an email with a registration key and instructions on how to register and download the game. We have not sent these out yet so don't think you've missed it. And you will not receive a poll email this is for amazon payment backers.

Emailing US - We apologize for any confusion on this and assure you that getting the Alpha download to all of you is our top priority! We are processing a lot of data and will get you all up and running as soon as possible! 

And for now we ask that you please do not email us as answering thousands of additional emails will prevent us from getting you the game. We ask you to be patient a little longer as we get you the game in the coming hours or days! 

Paypal Buy Page - And for those of you who have asked our PayPal Buy page will be back up today or tomorrow and stay up after Alpha release for everyone to still buy the pledges they want including Alpha.

 You stay cool!

The Fun Pimps


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    1. Missing avatar

      Dustin R. Hunt on

      I know you guys are only trying to help, but the novel you wrote below only fuels the fire, there is no reason for you to cuss and spit at the 12 year olds that are only excited about the game. This is an amazing concept and an anxious wait for all of us, I as well as all of you are very amped to get some Zombie killing in but the wait is worth it.

      To all those who are just very excited about the game, don't worry just keep checking your Email occasionally, The Pimps will keep you all updated on what's going on, but continuing to post isn't going to help they aren't even on the 7d2d website right now because they are busy sorting through Email, after Email, so just be patient, because this is some tiresome sorting they have to do.

      To the people who are bickering at the 12 year olds, just don't worry about it guys the world isn't going to end because they posted something, this is the internet after all. that is of course why they made the scroll wheel so as to ignore such things, commenting only feeds the troll.

      To The Pimps, I love you guys and I expect good things to come out of your projects you literally took everything cool about games nowadays and pumped them full of Pimpin steroids and then crafted them into the sharpest Zombie killing experience of our time. Your making history here my friends, History....

    2. Cameron (BLINK) on

      If your crying about not getting the alpha yet, deal with it! You didn't 'BUY' anything if you used Kickstarter! What you did was 'PLEDGE' to an idea, and as a reward for your generosity, the creators of the project are going to give you things. In this case, a game. They DO NOT HAVE to give you anything at all, regardless of what the reward tiers said. Read Kickstarters rules for more info on that...

      But as I said, and read this carefully...


      THAT is how Kickstarter works, if you don't like it, don't use it.

      And the creators are doing their upmost best to deliver the alpha to people as soon as they possibly can, despite the fact they are under NO obligation to. They can take our money and go retire on an island of they want and not a damn thing you, me or anyone else (including Kickstarter staff) can do about it. As I said earlier, want more info in that, read Kickstarters rules/policies.
      ALSO, the devs are not getting a single cent from Kickstarter for 14 days! But they're still diving the alpha out before that huh?... So how about all the people bitching about not getting it, just stop! It's pointless and you have NO grounds to argue with. Read the fucking rules!

    3. Missing avatar

      Ieuan on

      Will you please just release the Alpha to the none retards? Would be great. Just release it to them when they have done it.

    4. Missing avatar

      kyle on

      @neutronis, What fucken promises and shut the fuck up!

    5. Neutronis on

      The Fun Pimps have left clear instructions on what to do, yet a small percentage don't understand, why do these people even have a computer??
      I know everyone is excited, just calm down READ the instructions closley and carefully, if you can't read get someone to do it for you.
      The sooner everyone does what is instructed the sooner you will get alpha.
      I'm happy to wait for a couple of weeks if need be, but don't whinge and whine it will not get it to you any faster.
      This is actually one of the best kickstarters I have been on, and they have fulfilled all their promises so far, I have been on other kickstarters where the developers wouldn't even acknowledge the pledges suggestions and comments.
      Keep up the good work Fun Pimps and take your time, Don't worry about the crybaby's you have plenty of support from the majority of us.

    6. Jalister on

      Your email has to be correct, that is where the instructions will be sent.

    7. Jalister on

      Yes, you have to complete the survey. If you are only getting digital rewards, just get an address in there, no matter what.

    8. Missing avatar

      Liam Alexander Stoughton on

      Do I need to complete my survey to get the game ? Because its telling my my E-mail is not found, when its 100% correct. Will I not be able to get the game now?

    9. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Walters on

      @Rich S Thank you I was really confused on that ill go check again for the email and I don't understand why everyone is freaking out the pledge obviously says Estimated delivery: Aug 2013 so untell they hit September they have promised nothing besides an estimated delivery

    10. Rich S on

      @Nicholas Should be Amazon. Amazon should have sent you payment authorized and payment received emails.

    11. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Göksu on

      The only thing that sucks with the thing that they have to get 90% some bullshit from kickstarter is that the longer it takes the less i actully wanna play the game :S.
      Really sucks to be waiting like this esp after your money has been withdraw, less but not least i would be starting to get worried as a Producer when people thing this is getting draged out just to buy some time to get the "Buy" section on their website working.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Walters on

      I am very confused this is probably a stupid question but if you backed the project on kickstarter is that amazon or paypal???

    13. Missing avatar

      Liam Alexander Stoughton on

      The survey is telling me that my Address is wrong. I looked it up on Google maps. and its 100% correct. What is going on ? Am I not going to be able to get my Alpha because of this ?

    14. Jalister on

      How about this idea. Set a time that the surveys will be processed, regardless of whether the 90% has been reached or not. Process all the surveys that were turned in. Then wait 72 hours to process any new surveys that were turned in after the deadline. This should appease the backers that rushed to turn in their surveys quickly because they wanted the game quickly, and it will prevent you from having to process the surveys on a lot of small chunks.

    15. thepronto on

      I also bought before the KS too but know we will get it guys, just a little longer so be patient! I wish I could edit my last post that I botched so badly! ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      TheLocalMilkMan on

      just recieved..
      Amazon Payment Kickstarter Backers - We apologize as made an error in the last post and have discovered that we can in fact get your survey data anytime. So now we will wait until at least 90% of you Alpha or greater Amazon backers have completed the survey and begin collecting and bringing your data into our system and then sending out emails with a registration key and instructions on how to register and download the game.
      We are processing a lot of data and will get you all up and running as soon as possible! And for now we ask that you please do not email us as answering thousands of additional emails will prevent us from getting you the game. We ask you to be patient a little longer as we get you the game in the coming hours or days!
      You stay cool! The Fun Pimps

    17. thepronto on

      @Wolfgang, You address is needed because you have been added to the names for a drawing of a your own personal live (well, used to be live) "zombie" to be delivered at your home! ;p
      Night delivery only! LOL

    18. Missing avatar

      TheLocalMilkMan on

      @Rich S
      4 minutes and 23 seconds of my day well spent.. thanks Rich S.. I needed that.

    19. Rich S on

      @Alexander Yes you can. I posted that question in the 7 Days To Die forum under the Questions sub catagory. The staff answered me. Here's the link:…

      Cheers! :)

    20. Andrew Pyhtila on

      I can't help but check on the site and my email every 20 mins to see whats up. Gotta convince myself to be patient. It probably isn't helping not having anything better to do..... I don't remember the last time I was this anxious to play a video game!

    21. Rich S on

      Or this:…

      The survey has been out, what, fifteen hours? People donated from all different time zones. Some of them have JOBS today. Some even like to get some sleep now and again. The Fun Pimps have not broken any promises that I can see and were pretty careful about leaving themselves some wiggle room.

      As was said earlier, you did not buy a product, you backed a project (and an Alpha at that). Settle down Beavis... (written to the general din of reflexive entitlement in this thread, not to any individual)

    22. Missing avatar

      Brad Timms on

      I am getting to the point that I won't put any money toward a game before the game is in atleast beta for this reason here. It's always broken promises. Next they will start with micro transactions

    23. Wolfgang ten Weges on

      The survey was a bit weird : there's no physical good to send in my tier, yet I had to provide my address.

    24. Missing avatar

      Petter Tallhed on

      Devs, this might help you out. you dont have to wait for 100% or any% to see peoples Surveys!! :)

    25. EX DE on

      I wish there was a way to just send the code to whoever filled out the survey and got verified or something.

    26. Missing avatar

      Krom on

      Speaking for myself, I prefer not to be called stupid, illiterate and being a spoiled brat.
      Thank you kindly.

    27. Anthony Muscara on

      There's a reason they havent given it to us yet...It is not Fair

    28. Trow on

      Erm, for amazing payers, do we have to wait for these other people? As they may be away on holiday, or forgotten about it, etc, so that wouldn't be fair on the rest of us if someone does not answer the survey? What's going on with this? Is that what you meant?

    29. Missing avatar

      TheLocalMilkMan on

      They addressed the issues they seemed to be having 2 hours ago..I wonder if they have time to post a new update for us... I know... it's only been 2 hours.. but still.. I'm sure it would help all of us out to have some understanding of the issues they still face in getting our information. I also don't see it hurting to have 13.8k backers trying to help either.

    30. Anthony Muscara on

      I guess unlike you Owen...I payed good money, I dont care about you kickstarter guys. I payed when the game was just being sold on the site. I want the game. Its the 16th at 12:38 pm...Still waiting pimps

    31. Luke Esslinger on

      What worries me is that you say you only have 60% of the info, so does that mean that other people have forgotten about it or don't get you the info that the rest of us have to wait until you get 100%?

    32. Owen Turk on

      Are you people stupid or just illiterate? Never was it promised on the 16th. It was as close to the 16th as humanly possible. Just relax and play a different game for a few hours or a few days. Stop being spoiled brats.

    33. Missing avatar

      Krom on

      @kyle: my concern is, that, as it is right now, it reads like "it might take even weeks before you get the alpha". :(

    34. Mario Swagler on

      send the keys already you have all the info

    35. Missing avatar

      kyle on

      @Krom, There are 24 hours in a patient.

    36. Missing avatar

      Petter Tallhed on

      Brandon David Bomar, to the right u can se which pledge you selected. at the bottom of that pledge you will se something like this " Survey sent: 08/15/13 • Your response " Click on the " Your response " link to see the information you sent them :)

    37. Steven 'Mussels' Musselwhite on

      gaaaames, gaaaaaaames

      neeed gaaaaames.

      or was it brains? or alpha codes? damnit.

    38. Missing avatar

      Brandon David Bomar on

      I don't remember the survey asking for my email address... I hope I didn't just screw myself.

    39. Missing avatar

      Krom on

      Well, can't say that I'm suprised we have to wait a while to get the alpha, while you said 16th.
      Yet I really hoped I could spend my weekend with it. :((
      Would be really cool if you still can make it happen somehow...You know, when you get told you get something cool on day X, you look forward to that day so much and the disappointment when you don't get it that day is naturally very high. So either promise no date or make it happen, otherwise people are of course and for a reason disappointed. Who can blame them?

      For those who did not chose any upgrades or stuff, you already should have every information you need from KS to deliver the alpha - I backed a lot where I got all of my rewards and never filled out a single KS survey for them. If you wait for everyone to fill out that survey, it will take ages and even beyond that! And what about the pledges that did not went through? Those will delay things for at least a week anyway, no? :/

      As for the game, take your time, I think no one is in a hurry here. But as for the alpha, please deliver as fast as possible - we need zombieees and it's really hard to wait for them even further! ;))

    40. Jonathan Lee Merideth on

      @Daniel Evans That's handing out codes to 2-3 people, not 13 thousand.

    41. Missing avatar

      Robert Keller on

      I agree Jalister, there is no way all surveys will have to be turned in for them to get our info, that is just ridiculous. I'm sure on every kickstarter some people don't complete the survey.

      And to JTC21B, well spoken ;-)

    42. Missing avatar

      Jacob on

      @ryan j burke dont think for a second you represent us and dont act like it choose your words carefully before you speak.... Thanks dev's for the clarification

    43. JTC21B on

      @Ryan j. Burke Careful buddy you head is lodge pretty far up there right now might get stuck in their ass...

    44. Ryan j. Burke on

      To the backers chill out and stop complaning.

      To the dev team. I'm very sorry some of your backers are being a pain. Please don't read the comments under your updates they will only make you upset. Please take your time.

    45. Aaron Dunik on

      i`ll be happy whenever you guys send it out, got too many games to play as it is.

    46. Missing avatar

      daniel evans on

      come we just want access to the game WE payed for! the alpha is already out youtubers like frnakieonpc/psisyndicate have got the game so its READY for us (the backers) to play so give us the game!

    47. Missing avatar

      Thrak on

      Seems a lot of folks are missing the point - it is NOT about the DEV's, it is NOT that I MUST HAVE THE GAME NOW! The issue is that the paypal supporters get in early. The easy fix is to not distribute it to them, and do them all together (once kickstarter releases the data).

      For me I am not upset, but in the future if there is an option i will not use kickstarter and will use Paypal because of this issue.... and yes I see it as an issue.

      I will be happy to get the game when I get it - just concerns me that I need to wait for 13,876 people to fill out surveys and whats to say some of them never do?

    48. Missing avatar

      Cristofer Axelsson on

      Even if i get the game in an hour or in a week, it'll be worth the wait. Really exited to play this, those geniuses at the Fun pimps deserve all the praise in the world for thinking of, and making, this. So i'll just kick back, and be glad that i have something as good as this game to look forward to.