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An open world, voxel-based, sandbox game blending the best elements of FPS, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games.
An open world, voxel-based, sandbox game blending the best elements of FPS, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games.
13,876 backers pledged $507,612 to help bring this project to life.

We’ve reached our first Kickstarter goal!

Howdy Survivalist’ 

This is a special announcement!” 

Today thanks to the pledges of our fantastic fans, the hard work of our team, our families and our friends in the media we’ve reached our first initial 200k goal on Kickstarter. Folks we still have 9 days left and we’ve got some fantastic stretch goals with some great features. Let’s keep it rockin! 

After 21 days we’re still number #1 of 1,410 games on Steam Greenlight with nearly 70 thousand Yes votes! 

 Our good friend rhinoCrunch has posted the first video of a 7 part series covering our game. The first is very entertaining and well be doing an MP one next with him.

Check it out now funk soul brother The Fun Pimps !


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    1. Michael Highfill on August 9, 2013

      Laughed quite a lot at Rhino's vision and commentary of the game. Bought my son a copy of the game. Great job!

    2. Missing avatar

      alex on August 8, 2013

      Rhino is probably the worst commentator to cover this game imo. Frankie and Psi did great jobs.

    3. Missing avatar

      Hasnan Hussain on August 8, 2013

      Rhino and Frankie both did a wonderful job of showing off the game. I pledge 35$.

    4. Adam Hardy on August 8, 2013

      loving the Prodigy reference.

    5. Missing avatar

      Wesley Bridges on August 8, 2013

      Northern Lion: (Indie games)
      Rock Lee Smile: (Indie Games) (Minecraft, Last of Us, among others)

      May be users who might be interested in looking at this if you want more advertising. They may not be major YouTube celebrities, but Beef has nearly 600k subs, NL 200k and RockLee only about 33k, but the latter two specifically look at indie games which means their subscribers are interested in indie games. Plus, they have friends who like to play indie games and that's nothing to sneeze at. YouTuber networking can do some amazing things.

    6. Missing avatar

      kyle sabala on August 8, 2013

      when does the pre alpha come out?

    7. Missing avatar

      Timothy R Jackson on August 8, 2013

      7 days left.. the anticipation is killing me!

    8. B1-66ERDK on August 7, 2013

      You guys sould have TotalBiscuit look at the game and make a video about it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Timothy R Jackson on August 7, 2013

      RhinoCrunch is freakin annoying...

    10. Missing avatar

      Quirky on August 7, 2013

      I've got to agree with the comments about rhinoCrunch, ended up getting a Few copies thanks to De4dCert and Frankie, looking forward to testing. Looks like its going to put my Rust experiences to shame, Congrats on hitting the target.

    11. Missing avatar

      Dylan Naylor on August 7, 2013

      Hell yeah cant wait Frankieonpc's Youtube vid got me over here. It already looks great guys

    12. Missing avatar

      George on August 7, 2013

      Congrats on hitting the base goal. Watched Rhino, I would like a refund of my life back please. Completely useless video.

    13. Wolfgang ten Weges on August 7, 2013

      congrats ! Outlook seemed pretty bleak 2 weeks ago. It's a great news

    14. Patrick Stein on August 7, 2013

      Love the update, However I have to 100% agree with Casey and Michael... Rhino is a bad idea.

    15. Missing avatar

      Harrison Burke on August 7, 2013

      I was very worried that it might not make it. Now I hope that it hits at least the $250K mark. Expanded world and more items/weapons are the top of my excitement list. Keep it up!

    16. Missing avatar

      deleted on August 6, 2013

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    17. Missing avatar

      Michael Lowe on August 6, 2013

      You know RhinoCrunch will bad mouth you the first time he sees something he doesn't like. Look what he said about DayZ.

    18. Edward Biglen on August 6, 2013

      OMFG sweeeet =) <3 this shizzzz

    19. Missing avatar

      Avalonerkey on August 6, 2013

      How many yes votes do you have to get on STEAM to be allowed on there? Seems ridiculus that you even need more then 70k. Many more obuscure games would not stand a chance at passing that. At anyrate glad this is going to get funded, really looking forward to it.

    20. Greg "Scorpio" Myers
      on August 6, 2013

      Congrats on the funding Pimps! I hope by the end you guys end up at least doubling your goal. A bigger and better game is always a good thing.

    21. OtakuKnight on August 6, 2013

      Congratulations on getting the game funded!

      Great to see such a promising project get kickstarted and I can't wait for the alpha! :)

    22. Styxx42 on August 6, 2013

      Congrats and WOOOO HOOOOO.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kendal Thompson on August 6, 2013

      Hmmm. DayZ+Minecraft+Rust+Tower Defense? This game just jumped to the top of my most anticipated list. This game looks AWESOME!! Want it. Need it. Gotta have it. Can't wait till i get access to the alpha.... well there goes my social life.

    24. Eddy on August 6, 2013

      it's funny. i want this to end as soon as possible so i can start playing, yet i want it to go on longer to make sure it gets all stretch goals. just upgraded to get the alpha. cant wait!!

    25. kainetucker on August 6, 2013

      you guys did a great job nice work

    26. Missing avatar

      Karl-Johan Sjunnemo on August 6, 2013

      This is just an totally Awesome game!
      Had the idea myself for a while but don't have the knowledge to follow it threw and now you guys have done it!
      Keep up the good work and you will go faar!
      Many thx for the awesomeness you've brought to the world!

    27. Missing avatar

      Daryl Wiley on August 6, 2013

      @chase you could be right but from what I have heard there will be multiplayer but no player hosted servers. That was from a dev don't remember which one though.

    28. EX DE on August 6, 2013

      Thank God Frankie showed me this game. I am so excited for it to come out! Keep up the good work "The Fun Pimps!"

    29. Missing avatar

      pyroferusgaming on August 6, 2013

      Looks like your efforts and hard work are starting to pay off. Hats off to you!

    30. Raven Blackheart on August 6, 2013

      I blame Frankie for this, I never thought I would pay for something like this but if what he showed on youtube is correct, this is the game I have been waiting for since season 1 of The Walking Dead. I even bought a new video card just to make sure I had the power to play this. My only regret is I only had 35 dollars to spend. If possible I will be sending another 35 next month. good luck guys

    31. Julius Beronio on August 6, 2013

      I was actually freaking out that we might not make it! Lucky this project has so much media exposure.

    32. ZombieTom on August 6, 2013

      Ye-haa! Well done Fun Pimps Awesome achievement (can't say I'm that surprised though as the game was looking so good from day one). Hope we reach all the stretch goals!!!

    33. Roar M. Stene on August 6, 2013

      A super huge congrats to you guys! 6 days ago when i joined in on this, i was afraid you would'nt make it, so im super happy you reached the first 200k goal! :D
      Now lets reach some more goals, and make it a super awesome game!

    34. Typhi on August 6, 2013

      Humble Store is nice, because you can pay with any thing you want, creditcard, amazon, paypal. :)

    35. Typhi on August 6, 2013

      After the Kickstarter you should keep working towards the stretch goals, with a humble bundle like approach. Just like a lot of other Kickstarters, Castle Story for example. (

    36. Tobias Schaffner on August 6, 2013

      thx for all other backers like me :D

      and also dont forget to give a like on steam greenlight :D

    37. TimbyTim on August 6, 2013

      Congratulations Fun Pimps on hitting your 200k mark and im glad to have helped XD, i just cant wait because after watching Frankie on PC in 1080p video on this and watching the game play i cant wait to get my copy !

    38. Perry on August 6, 2013

      Such a shame you're doing the colab with rhino, he's not my type of youtuber so I am gonna give your playthrough a miss. Well done though guys

    39. Chase Wallace on August 6, 2013


      I heard there wasn't going to be server support on the initial release.

    40. TanC on August 6, 2013

      Congratulations on being a full-grown zombie! :D

    41. Chase Wallace on August 6, 2013

      They grow up so fast.. *Gives a Pimp Hug to the computer screen*

      Congrats on your journey! Though there is still a while to go, you now have the base to build off of :P

    42. Missing avatar

      Thomas Skarshaug Todal on August 6, 2013

      Wow! Congrats guys! Can't wait to get my hands on the alpha. I'm hoping we reach as many stretch goals as possible :)

    43. Missing avatar

      deleted on August 6, 2013

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    44. Cameron (BLINK) on August 6, 2013


      You probably already know this, but the guys over at 5 Lives Studios (Satellite Reign game) just gave a shout out to your project. Hopefully a few of the backers from that game can pledge for this project too.

      Turns out that one of you gave one of them their first real gaming industry job... Small world huh.

      P.S This game STILL gives me a Postal 2 kinda vibe... I really don't know why??
      (Not that I'm complaining though, LOVED Postal 2).

    45. Zombiefilmfan on August 6, 2013

      Congratulations guys! I can't wait to see the development journey.

    46. Timothy Thomas on August 6, 2013

      Awesome! Congratulations!