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An open world, voxel-based, sandbox game blending the best elements of FPS, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games.
An open world, voxel-based, sandbox game blending the best elements of FPS, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games.
13,876 backers pledged $507,612 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Marcus44 on


      I'm one of the many backers of the game, and would like to know, when this fucking complet game will be delivered, and the rewards too????
      5 years, FIVE F...ING YEARS!!!! And a game still in alpha.....
      I pledged 90$, and can't have more rewards than a steam buyer....
      You stole the money from all the backers.....
      Shame on you...

    2. Missing avatar

      Manuel Moran on

      I can only imagine how the 1 $5,000 backer feels.

    3. Missing avatar

      Chung Pu Pao on

      Lol, estimated delivery for warrior package was Oct of 2013, 4 years ago. And the game is still in alpha.....

    4. Missing avatar

      RENEGADEXT88 on

      Yo, 4 months without any updates.

    5. lokiracer on

      Never received a key. Tried your website, received: Hey there, here's the key you requested: Unable to parse request.

    6. Marcus44 on

      Same as you Connor Attix, i pledged 90$!!!! And nothing more than steam buyers....
      It's a fucking joke!! We never see any reewards, they had stolen our money.....

    7. Missing avatar

      Connor Attix on

      Yay for the beta backers! I pledged $25 3 years ago to not get a game that sells for as low as $8 now!

      Maybe I'll get it by the time it's a dollar on steam in 3 more years WOO!

      I regret ever contributing to you.

    8. Missing avatar

      Manuel Moran on

      Finished game? This is still in alpha.

    9. Brad Caldeira on

      Hi, does anyone know how to get the finished game?

    10. Sean Pincombe on

      Same msg "Hey there, here's the key you requested: Unable to parse request."

      Not happy.

    11. Nelson C. Chen on

      Same message. "Hey there, here's the key you requested: Unable to parse request."

    12. Missing avatar

      Chung Pu Pao on

      Lost key link does not work for me. "Unable to parse request"

    13. Marcus44 on

      @Manuel Moran, sorry but forgot this game, i pledged 90$, and nothing happened, only an alpha game.... no goodies (no tee-shirt, no map etc...), no finish game, they have stolen our money.

    14. Missing avatar

      Manuel Moran on

      Is there an update of any kind from the dev team? I had high hopes for this game, I even pledged $100.

    15. Malcolm Butler on

      I don't want an Alpha or a Beta...... just the finished product. PS4 version would be nice.

    16. Missing avatar

      Alex Clark

      Hmmm... weird. I was a "finished game" backer ($15) and as it was "finsihed" on PS4/XB1 I thought I would click on the link in the message below ( Ping 2 mins later - Steam key in the mail for the game. Start it up and I get Alpha 15.2 (b6) - despite not entering any keys under the "Beta tab" on Steam.

      Being given the game is good, the lack of communication about this fact is unforgivable.

      Why not tell folks they can get the game, rather than let folks rage here on the comments thread... you really are trying to shoot yourself in the foot for no reason whatsoever. Madness!

    17. ravenge on

      For people complaining about keys, try this - it worked for me:

    18. DWM Kickstarter on

      I am not gonna report them, but I eally would encourage them to give the kickstarter backers of any level access to the game.

    19. Bruno Parenteau on

      This is still a joke, Alpha after 3 years. Ridiculous, no respect for their customers and people who allowed them to get where they are.


      reported +1

    21. Bruno Parenteau on

      I suggest to everyone to go to the "Campaign" tab (right above the comment box), scroll down and click on "Report to Kickstarter" since these guys are clearly not delivering, not answering and pretty much stole from us at this point with the joke of consoles coming out and backers not getting what they paid for.

    22. wiande on

      Thanks for nothing

    23. Missing avatar

      eric audette on

      And I understand it's in ALPHA still But come on I pledged 25 Dollars and it's being released on console. This was 3 years ago.

    24. Missing avatar

      eric audette on

      I'm yet to receive this game when I pledged for beta I tried messaging them no response 6 months ago..what gives

    25. Marcus44 on

      @Kenny Thank you ;)

    26. Kenny

      @Marcus44 - You go to the main campaign page and scroll all the way to the bottom.

    27. Missing avatar

      Christopher Carlsson on

      Wow, it's been three years now and I still haven't recieved any of the stuff that I pledged for.

    28. Marcus44 on

      Personally, i don't give a F... of a consol key, i'm on PC for this kind of game, best experience is on pc, so just a consol key for those who back the project on first is not sufficient :/

    29. Tony Roberts on

      Yep, I also think it is reasonable to get a console key (XBox in my case) for all those who backed the development of the game in the first place.

    30. Marcus44 on

      @Werner de Vries How can i report the project please?

    31. Missing avatar

      Werner de Vries on

      I reported the project for not delivering. They just messed up by releasing a full blown console version and letting the original PC version backers down. If you all report, Kickstarter might look into it and contact the developers...

    32. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      Yeah this is pretty sad, I don't think it's unreasonable to get a free key for the console version. Especially since us original backers allowed the game to made in the first place.

    33. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      I would also like a free key for the PS4 version as well.

    34. lokiracer on

      Joel Huenink is too busy posting photos of his house to be troubled with making a game:

      Looks like both Richard and Joel live in NE, not Texas where they state their LLC is registered.

    35. lokiracer on

      Kickstarte TOS required campaigns to deliver pledges or make every effect to refund backers. I am officially requesting a refund. There were enough funds to create console version of the game, there should be enough funds to issue refunds.

      If I do not receive a refund within 72 hours, I will be filing a complaint with the Consumer Protection department with the Texas Attorney General (

    36. Heiko Tobola on

      Good to see you have enough time for the *#++´ß0 Console Release.

      We PC Gamer can wait......

    37. Marcus44 on

      @Matthew Williams I backed the project when it first started too, 90$, i have my steam key, long time ago, think it was on the official site.
      In january i ask them this:
      Hi, in an old message you sayed that: "T-shirts , map and character poster this year".
      It was in February 2015.
      We are now in 2016, and no T-shirts, no map, no character poster, and a game still in ALPHA...
      Is there any BETA planned one day? a finished game? or a game like minecraft with always and always more added things?

      Answer: Later this year barring any setbacks

      Wait and see, but for the money i spent it's very long to wait......

    38. Missing avatar

      Werner de Vries on

      Are they even replying to all the questions and comments related to their Console update? They are simply abandoning their loyal Backers, and not even respond to their complaints... They are also not responding on Twitter. Any other ways of reaching them?

    39. Missing avatar

      Matthew Williams on

      I was wondering if there is any way to get my steam key for 7 days to die? I backed this project back when it first started and I played the early builds. Did backers receive steam keys or not? Thanks for the info!

    40. Jason B. on

      @ Fun Pimps, I think you guys need to right the wrongs and at least give the backers a free key code for PS4 & Xbox users that backed you from the start!!! I can't even play the P.C version and now you guys have it coming to consoles next week� that's a head scratcher....

    41. Bruno Parenteau on

      So I paid for your game 3 years ago and you guys are still in ALPHA (at this point you really have no clue what should be considered Alpha or Beta obviously). And now, people will get on on console before US? Wtf kind of mickey mouse company are you guys operating. Get your heads out of the sand and set things straight.

    42. Kyle Cross on

      Since this is coming out for PS4 and Xbox one are we able to have the option to get it for console?

    43. Malcolm Butler on

      Since this is coming out for PS4 and Xbox one are we able to have the option to get it for console?

    44. DWM Kickstarter on

      Beta backers on this Ks need their stuff first, absolutely.
      Second, fix whatever you did wrong so that people can play 7 without reinstalling the game, updating drivers and deleting obscure files.

    45. DWM Kickstarter on

      I use a windows machine with a Japanese OS and there is no such thing as
      that I can find on my machine. I deleted the gmae and reinstalled and it has not helped. Wehre is this data stored on a Japanese machine?

    46. Missing avatar

      Timothy Oakley on

      This is bullshit, I paid 25$ 3 YEARS AGO, and have yet to get access to something that was promised to be delivered "2013" Not even granting Beta backers Alpha access after all this time is disgusting.

    47. Marcus44 on

      Anyone as received T-shirt, map or character poster? ^^
      HAHAHA! it was a joke xD
      2 years and a half, and a game still in ALPHA \o/

    48. PemrichT

      I'm with Marcus. However, I am afraid that this project is one that will never see a "final" release. The team will keep finding things to update or never find a way to implement one or too things they always wanted and this will stay alpha (possibly beta) forever until the team moves on to a new project or splits up.
      So, I will
      Continue to wait until we get the most final version.

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