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Explore why we game, what it means to grow up, and what true friendship looks like in this hilarious and meaningful theatrical premiere

“The world of six thirty-something Dungeons and Dragons players is thrown into disarray when one of them announces he has enlisted in the Marine Reserves, and will soon be deployed Iraq.  In this blisteringly funny and deeply affecting play, playwright Cameron McNary examines why we game, what it means to grow up, and what true friendship looks like.”

About this project
Of Dice and Men has received a significant amount of attention across the Internet since its first staged reading at the 2010 PAX Convention and the members of the Chi Kappa cast of Alpha Psi Omega want to bring this fantastic piece to life not only for our university, but for the entire Atlanta community in this Southeastern premiere.

We chose Of Dice and Men to put onstage this fall as the as the first event of an ongoing project to search out and stage unpublished and unperformed original works.  This project is not only a unique opportunity for the members of APO , but it also gives Oglethorpe students and the community at large a chance to see a piece of theatre that would otherwise be unavailable.  In addition, it will promote the work of playwrights that are trying to get their work published and out to the world!

Let's make it happen!

We have a cast, we have the venue, we have the zeal, and we have a sword!  However, our venue has no lighting or set, and we will need some pretty costumes so that our poor actors won't be naked!  It's just not that kind of show...  We are looking to raise a total of $2,000 by September 1st to cover all of our costs, so this is just the beginning, but any assistance would be a huge help!  Throw us a dollar or two and tell your friends - even if you aren't in the area, we will still send you a bunch of cool stuff!  For information about awesome sponsorship opportunities that are a geared more toward businesses, send us a message.

Our production of Of Dice and Men will run for two nights only - October 14th and 15th of 2011 - on the campus of Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia.  For information on tickets and location specifics please feel free to contact us.

About the show
In his introduction, playwright Cameron McNary writes:

Around my 30th birthday, the following things happened:

I got married and became a father, and moved out of my parents’ house for the last time.

I was in a truly stellar production of a truly mediocre play.

I realized I had never seen any art about tabletop roleplaying geeks that was not suffused with self-loathing, if not just-plain-loathing.

My best friend enlisted in the Marine Reserves, and was deployed to Iraq.

This left me:

An adult, all of a sudden, albeit one with all sorts of childish hobbies.

Inspired to write, as only forced participation in bad art can make one.

Inspired to correct an oversight.

All kinds of conflicted... and with something to write about.

The basic questions I was struggling with are the same ones John Francis is faced with in the play:  How can one be an adult with these goofy, childish hobbies?  How can playing a stupid little game about wizards and orcs and unicorns mean anything in the face of my best friend leaving for war?  Why do I play at all really?

This play is my answer to those questions.

And answer them he does with hilarity and poignancy while taking the utmost care with the sensitive topics of war and enlisting, and the effect it has on those left behind.  This play is a look at a tight-knit group of friends through the lens of their hobby, Dungeons and Dragons.  These are real, well adjusted people, not the non-functional cheeto-stained finger stereotypical “geeks” from high school sitcoms, and their relationships rather than the game itself takes precedence in this strikingly truthful and meaningful work.

About Alpha Psi Omega

Alpha Psi Omega is a national honor society for university theatre arts.  It was formed in 1925 when the first chapter, or cast, was initiated on April 12th at Fairmont State College.  Alpha Psi Omega is today the largest national honor society in the country with over 600 casts and is still enjoying continuous growth.  Oglethorpe University’s Chi Kappa cast of Alpha Psi Omega was reestablished in the fall of 2009 and has been growing as the outstanding theatre students at Oglethorpe put forth their best work, showing true passion and dedication to the theatre arts in all its forms.  We are proud to uphold Alpha Psi Omega’s goals to develop talents in all aspects of theatre and to foster the cultural values that we believe theatre develops.


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