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By Jamie england
$0.00 pledged of $50,000 goal


The next generation is going to be called generation V. Which stands for generation virtual. This made me realize that the future is going to be awesome and different then we could even imagine. Imagine you don't have to drive to the grocery store anymore to buy your groceries. Or imagine your body walking through any department store while your sitting on your couch at home. I want to create an application or experience that will give you the sensation of actually being present in a department store. You can see, feel and touch the items you want to purchase. Put them in your basket and purchase them all with virtual goggles. Your items will be delivered to your home when your done . My goal is to eventually create cameras that allow you to be somewhere in real time while your actually sitting at home. I can see the future. The future is virtual reality. 

Risks and challenges

Risks are not getting the grocery industry to support the application. However I work in the grocery industry so I think any sale at home is good. There will be obstacles along the way. Perhaps not enough delivery drivers yet. This is a new project but I see it as the future of shopping.

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