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Time Flux, a card/board game based on time travel.  NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD: 2 FREE PRINT AND PLAY VERSIONS!!
Time Flux, a card/board game based on time travel. NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD: 2 FREE PRINT AND PLAY VERSIONS!!
76 backers pledged $6,804 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Urutsini

      It's been many months after you said the art prints would be shipped in "a couple of weeks". Don't mind the wait too much but I would really like to know when they are going to be sent?

    2. Urutsini

      I love the simplicity of the game with scope for further strategy as more cards come out. There are good similarities to Netrunner which is big at the moment. Any news on expansions? Also, is there an ETA on the prints?

    3. Time Flux 3-time creator on

      Awesome! I can't wait to get some feedback from you on how the game play is! =)

    4. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      I got my package yesterday. Everything looks great. Thanks, guys!

    5. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      That's cool. Glad to hear they're shipping!

    6. Time Flux 3-time creator on

      I am shipping product out to everyone this week. I agree it's terrible. I wish there was something we could have done about it, but the way the ports were set up and where our product went first we didn't get it until after it was shipped to stores. Stores aren't getting any of the promo cards though and every backer is getting a full play set of those! =)

    7. Missing avatar

      bsiepert on

      Do you guys have a ship date for us? Stores already have the game, but backers don't? That kinda stinks.

    8. Time Flux 3-time creator on

      Nathan, HAHA, good one!
      David, an update will be posted today, sorry for the delay.

    9. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      Are we going to get a new update soon?

    10. Nathan on

      So are you still expecting to ship if February?

      (time traveler dry humor)

    11. Time Flux 3-time creator on


      Yes it would appear you did miss something.
      Update #10 went over the name change and why. Here is a link to update #10:

      Unfortunately when the name changed, didn't transfer the contest over to our new page and the thread was deleted for some reason. We did make the announcement on Kickstarter for all of our backers. Sorry for any confusion!

    12. Keith Koleno

      I'm confused! Is the new name of Time Flux:Origins of War now ARC? I didn't see any announcement of this, just the name change between update 18 & 19. Did I miss something somewhere?

    13. Time Flux 3-time creator on

      Another update has been posted on our website here:…

    14. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      How about an update? It has been over a month since we had any status. Thanks.

    15. Time Flux 3-time creator on


      There haven't been any decks picked as of yet. We will be releasing a spoiler so you know exactly which deck you want to pick.


    16. Lyle Williams

      ...and American businesses wonder why so much of our manufacturing is sent overseas!!!

    17. Aaron Belmer on

      So just to double check, you guys haven't sent out any emails or anything requesting which factions we want right? I'm a 'dueler' backer and haven't picked which 2 of the 5 yet, right? Thanks in advance!

    18. Time Flux 3-time creator on

      Thank You All! =)

    19. Kerry Harrison on

      Congrats on exceeding your funding goal guys!

    20. dummiesday on

      Wow, they made it already! Congrats, guys! :D

    21. Greg Miller on

      I decide to check in on the project this morning, and what do I see, but FUNDED! Congrats guys!

    22. GWM28 on

      Just got home from work to find this one is over the line!! Well done lads, looking forward to getting the finished product in 2012. GM

    23. Time Flux 3-time creator on

      Mercedes, yes they definitely will! The last 2 weeks we have been working on getting that finished actually :)! I will post some pictures of our progress in the next few days.

    24. Mercedes (Mandy)

      I was wondering will the grey borders on the card have a patterned design?
      To make the cards extra awesome looking? :)

    25. Time Flux 3-time creator on

      I like that idea a lot! :)

    26. Game-O-Gami on

      For the playmat image, the most suitable artwork so far would be Hidden Portal, Fire Fight, or Lightning Storm. Have you thought of blending multiple images together, from left to right, to get that "traveling through eras of time" feel?

    27. Missing avatar

      Micheal Maurici on

      I am very happy to back this game, it seems very creative and interesting. I hope you guys get this off the ground and get it shipped to Australia (where I live), I will be pushing for this in my local card stores. Micheal

    28. Urutsini

      In regard to which artwork to use on your playmat, I looked at your selection with an eye toward which image best encapsulates the game. And that, for me, is Hidden Portal.

    29. Time Flux 3-time creator on


      Email questions to
      I am available now to answer any questions.

    30. Kerry Harrison on

      Okay, I finally got a couple of copies of the demo deck printed and sleeved and played a couple of games today. Overall I really like the game's resource mechanic and the rest of the gameplay, but I've got some questions about the actual rules, where's the best place to ask them.

    31. Time Flux 3-time creator on

      Aaron and Michael, we are excited to hear your enthusiasm! I hope this gets funded as well so we can release the game!

    32. Michael Gabriel Coop on

      This is a game my girlfriend loves to play - you gotta release this! :D

    33. Aaron Belmer on

      Man this game seems so awesome, come on we need some backers!!!!

    34. Time Flux 3-time creator on

      All of the decks share a few cards, however a majority of the cards are unique to each deck. They can be mixed and matched of course, but they all come with their own playing style! =)

    35. Aaron Belmer on

      Hey guys! Ok I have two copies of the cards printed out and cut, as well as the rules copy and pasted in a word doc, and ready to teach to a friend. A few questions for you: In each of the 5 factions, are the main 60 card decks the same cards? I realize that the time traveler and the era cards will be different for each faction, but will the main 60 cards be the same card, so as to play from an 'even playing field' or will they be completely different decks with different feels and strategies to each one. I guess I should ask if the art is different in each one as well.

      Thanks in advance!

    36. Time Flux 3-time creator on

      Aaron, thanks for the feedback and your support! Be sure to download the print and play file! =)

    37. Aaron Belmer on

      meant to say mTg player, apparantly we can't edit these posts

    38. Aaron Belmer on

      Hey guys, the game looks great. As an ex-mgt player, I really dig games like this, and yours looks fresh and innovative. If you get a chance, check out: Omen: A reign of war. Made by an indi game designer as well, and it scratches the same itch, I think you guys would dig it. Also (shameless plug if I may) check out my game Sanitarium, here on Kickstarter as well.

      For now, I'm going with 2 decks, fully expecting to love them, and will pick up the last 3 once we've mastered the game. Good luck guys, looks great!

    39. Time Flux 3-time creator on


      One will be up tomorrow! =)

    40. Ernie Barrett on

      20 Days to go and halfway there!!!

    41. Chris Merrill on

      They should have one up sometime tomorrow for the multiplayer diagram

    42. Kerry Harrison on

      Any chance you guys can post a play diagram for a multiplayer game?

    43. Time Flux 3-time creator on

      Eric, Thank you so much for the awesome feedback!

    44. Missing avatar

      Eric Roesler on

      The quality of work that you have put into this game rivals that of MTG. To be fair MTG has the entire market on lockdown. Games come and go (pokemon, yugio, etc). This game is so different that it has true potential. There are some aspects of MTG built in, but I think that people playing MTG can make an easy transition. For someone like myself what turned me off about Pokemon is that I liked the MTG environment and play system. This is just similar enough to make me want to learn more. When you learn more you see how vastly different it is and how easy it is to understand.

      The game can be as simple as you want OR you can make it complex by finding combos. If you want to play casual with friends it can be simple and work.

      The problem with MTG if you didn’t know what you were doing you could make an incredibly slow deck that would lose to the simplest of pre-constructed decks.

    45. Time Flux 3-time creator on

      Thanks GM!

      We are doing our best to streamline everything. I can't wait until we hit $3,500 on here so we can release the second pre-con!

    46. GWM28 on

      The new youtube video is great gents, I grasped the game very quickly after reading this -…

      The geeklist on BGG has picked up a little interest, here's hoping this translates to some more backers.


    47. Mercedes (Mandy)

      I love the art from the tattoo artists :) such a great concept. and it's so great they are all donating their talents.

    48. Time Flux 3-time creator on

      Thanks Nicholas! We are working on getting the rest of our game updated in the system and in the next few days we hope to have a print and play version available for download! =)

    49. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Witchey on

      The game is in the BGG database now. Here's a link to my geeklist entry:

    50. Time Flux 3-time creator on

      Whoops! KERRY! :)

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