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Sensu Brush delivers an authentic painting experience on your iPad. It's truly portable and includes a useful rubber stylus tip.
1,816 backers pledged $65,823 to help bring this project to life.

A Big Thank You to Each of Our 1000 Backers!

Wow! With two weeks still to go in our Kickstarter project, today we connected with our 1000th backer. A giant thank you to each Kickstarter who has pledged to make our dream a reality. So many of you have reached out to your networks and spread the word. We appreciate all that you've done. There's another big number on our Kickstarter page but the "1000" is the one that really gives us the most satisfaction and pride.

Thanks to the 1000+ of you from the 7 of us, Rick, Kent, Trinedy, Marisol, Nicole, Maggie, and Joe!


    1. Creator CONRAD LEYNES on October 7, 2011

      way to AH! congrats to everyone and keep up the good work.

    2. Creator David John Gardner on October 6, 2011

      Can't wait to get this. It will definatly improve drawing on the iPad.

    3. Creator Luke Stevenson on October 6, 2011

      "...our 10000th backer." (One too many zeros, but I like your enthusiasm!)

    4. Creator Matt Brooke-Smith on October 6, 2011

      Congrats - can't wait to get the product!