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You can learn and help educate the world about the fragility and perseverence of seal pups in Puget Sound!

You can learn and help educate the world about the fragility and perseverence of seal pups in Puget Sound! Read More
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Last Fall, I journeyed into the world of newly born harbor seal pups. After their mothers abandoned them, these pups found sanctuary on my moored surfboard... and so began a 2 month journey of remotely recording their behaviors and interactions, above and below the surface! In so doing, I learned that many of my perceptions of seals were misguided, and I am compelled to share this with you in the form of an intimate documentary made possible by non-invasive remote videography.

As a professional sports photographer of over 20 years, I have always challenged myself with capturing difficult images. This project required daily trips onto Puget Sound under the cover of darkness (while the pups were out feeding) to set up and retrieve the cameras. I now have 100-200 hours of footage, narrowed down to a rough cut 20 minute documentary. The feedback I've received from my community is extremely positive and has inspired me to present this message in a professional and entertaining way.


By kickstarting this project, you will help me produce a high quality documentary. I want this to be your film, too!  I want the world to see and learn some of the secrets and the fragility of our marine brethren! Even if you don't donate, you can still help by sharing word of this project with others. Your funds will help me obtain higher quality equipment for recording the narrative to this documentary, special software to enhance portions of the video in slow motion (ie-Twixtor), boost the processing speed of my editing computer, and finance a minimum quantity order for DVD reproductions. If your generosity pushes above and beyond my goal, I will use the extra funds to build and maintain a durable raft large enough to support several of our marine friends (note: I have already obtained the building plans and partner for this construction) and keep them safe from the hazards of the beach such as humans and dogs. I will also use extra funds to interview one of the local organizers of Seal Sitters, a group which devotes many hours to protect the seals on our beaches.

Just remember, by backing as little as $10, you will get an early chance to see this documentary in full. Please email me at, or post on the comments page, if you have other inspirations for this project!


The primary goal for this film is to share the world of these seal pups with YOU and the community. Sadly, there has been a multitude of illegal executions of marine mammals in my area this year. This documentary will help educate the public about misconceptions about harbor seals. At least one local television producer is interested in my project and this, too, has inspired me to make a high quality film. This film is an outlet for my creativity and fulfills me. Its success will encourage me to find more ways to explore and share the marine environment that calls to me.

If the goal isn't reached by the deadline, we don't receive any funding, and your donation will never be charged to your account. Without funding, I will remain committed to this project, but without some of the bells and whistles. Everything helps, and you can always adjust your Kickstarter contribution before the deadline is reached.


The goal is to complete this documentary in May or June, prior to the beginning of the next birthing season in late summer.  Two local TV producers have expressed interest and may wish to broadcast some of this work.  If so, they will likely wish to premiere this footage prior to its distribution.  I will try to negotiate early distribution to any backers of this project and I can certainly guarantee distribution immediately after any public broadcast.  Also, DVD orders will likely be fulfilled about 3-4 weeks after the digital downloads are available. When the seal pups return to our beaches in the late summer or early fall, I will release a streaming version (not HD) of this documentary, free for all on the internet!  A higher defintion version will be available to rent or own via Amazon's Video on Demand service.


Though sports photography is no longer my profession, action photography remains a serious hobby for me. The quality of my work is personified in dozens of publications of all types, and I was a contributing photographer with Getty Images until 2011. The realm of video production is new, but has been a natural transition for me during the past 2 years. I am a tinkerer and do-it-yourselfer and built a variety of mounts and devices to help capture the moments of this film. I have always been drawn to the ocean and have been scuba diving and free diving for over 25 years. With this film, I will do my absolute best to convey the quality and passion of my work! I sincerely thank you for supporting my project!


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    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    A HUGE Thank You!... and a low resolution digital download of the completed documentary, suitable for viewing on your iphone, android, or other PDA (mp4 format).

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    Pledge $17 or more About $17 USD

    A HUGE Thank You!... and a 720p HD resolution digital download of the completed documentary in mp4 format.

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    Pledge $20 or more About $20 USD

    A HUGE Thank You!... and a signed 5x7 inch print of seal pup, as pictured on this Kickstarter title page. The print looks pretty phenomenal, considering it comes from a freeze frame of the film! US shipping including, International shipping add $3 USD.

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    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    A HUGE Thank You!... and A DVD of the finished documentary, includes shipping within the USA. Add $5 USD for international shipping. The DVD is great as a gift, but still not the quality of the $17 HD download.

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    Rewards #2 and #3 combined!
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    Pledge $250 or more About $250 USD

    A 720p HD digital download of the completed film, plus a wireless remote control (up to 100m range), cable, and back door system which is waterproof and allows you to power on and off GoPro HD Hero and Hero2 cameras (camera and housing not included). The back door attaches to the GoPro waterhousing. Use this to capture your own remote surfboard footage! Note: I designed this system, including the custom cables and filmed the close ups in this documentary almost exclusively with GoPro cameras. This award ships only to USA addresses. Shipping is included.

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